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Long hike, lake was packed with campers and hikers, took the loop up through the meadows by black tusk, flowers just starting to come out. I imagine in a week or two the colours will be lovely.
View to the Barrier was taped off as part of the bridge warning and kept many from going to see that view, however lots of toilet paper on that part as people now use the unused path as the john. Common people leave no trace and bury your leavings if you must go on the trail.

22 hours ago

Please don’t miss this hike. Get there early, be ready for a strenuous first half of the hike. Incredible beauty will be your payoff! Take the time to hike through the campground and up to the second waterfall. It’s heaven!! Pack water and lots of bug spray. Enjoy!

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been!

Crowded but unbelievably beautiful. Pack bug spray!

3 days ago

Amazing. Since drugs are not aloud. Haha

4 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes I’ve ever done. The views are amazing! Make sure you hike all 3 lakes. It’s steep in some areas, but it’s worth it!

5 days ago

It’s so beautiful and worth the hike once you get up to the third lake. I wish I can do more to go up to the glacier so I can see the three lakes from the top.

One star since dogs are not allowed!!!!

8 days ago

Very steep terrain but the reward is spectacular! Totally worth it!

Great early season hike. Pretty easy going apart from one or two bits that get the blood going but nothing hectic. Some really nice views of Black Tusk & Loggers Lake.

10 days ago

Great hike! We went past the 3rd lake up into the glacier. It was definitely worth going the extra mile, you can see all 3 lakes in a line from up there

Not technically difficult but it’s a long hike. A few muddy sections but it’s well worth the effort. For someone who rarely hikes it was an awesome day.

12 days ago

One of the most incredible hike I’ve been in BC . Amazing view and great to enjoy the day there.

Awesome find. There are definitely some difficult sections where it is difficult to find ones way back into the forested portions of the trail..... The APP was a life saver and would strongly recommend its use. ... The Train Wreck site and the suspension bridge really made the trek worth while.

After the hike a stop at the nearby #WhistlerBrewingCo is a refreshing touch .

12 days ago

This was a gorgeous payoff. It’s definitely doable without a lot of skill but I warn, it’s pretty much killer switchbacks the whole way up...however..it means pretty much down hill the whole way back! Will definitely come back and camp up at the lake and head on to the ridge the next day!

14 days ago

Easy family hike

Great hike and the lake was spectacular, even on a rainy day. Snow was pretty much gone on the trail but the bridge is still washed out so you have to take Taylor Meadows at the T. Which adds an extra bit to the trek. Will do it again for sure!

16 days ago

It's a must do to check off the list...but if crowds frustrate you, plan to do this non prime times, super early or in winter...weed out all the tourists.

16 days ago

Beautifully colored lakes, great views, not too many bugs... it’s a great hike. Make sure to visit the camp grounds for more views of the third lake. It’s well worth it and makes the hike a bit longer.

to the person below- I called the office and high note trail is still closed. looks like all trails are closed in that area except Matthew's and Pika's Traverse.

Wonderful hike! Excluding the lake relaxing time, this took us 2 hrs up and back with some running. Between the lower and middle lake its definitely not easy. Its a continuous steep hike up. But totally worth it. We jumped in the upper lake. It was ICY but incredible.

Lots of different terrain, very beautiful. Once the trail brings you down by the lake, it makes for a great lunch stop!

Beautiful views & time well spent!

20 days ago

Best hike in my life, and I am European! Me and my wife had the kid (1 yr) in the backpack carrier / hike pack and enjoyed the awesome lakes, the amazing forest landscape and the view up to the glacier as we ventured to the upper lake. Middle lake by afternoon sunshine is my fav, I’m tellin’ you. We did this hike mid June, pretty late in the afternoon so shirt and shorts are enough.

Lots of tourists walking about, pretty interesting as we met Brazilians and Chinese visitors.

It took us 50 mins to the Middle Lake from the parking lot. Another 20 mins to the Upper Lake.

Enjoy it. Even w/ kids!

Can anyone tell me if this is open yet this year? Would like to take it the first week in July.
Do u take the gondola to start the trail?
Or is there another trail that is called high note?

Easy trail, flat all way long. Although the lake is indeed pretty, there was no awesome viewpoint.

22 days ago

It took us 2 hours to complete the round trip from the parking lot to the 3rd lake (we sometimes run). Although the route from the first lake to the second may be steep, the view of the second lake is totally worth it.

23 days ago

Did this as an overnight hike the same day I completed an overnight at Elfin Lakes. Was exhausted from the Elfin Lakes hike, but managed to get to Garibaldi in just under 4 hours. First 6km is neverending switchbacks and there isn't much to see. At the junction, you'll have to take the Taylor Meadows route to get to Garibaldi since the bridge is out. Snow starts about 1km after the junction and is patchy throughout and muddy in some areas. Wore boots/wool socks. The last 500m of the trail you'll need to walk along rocks/snow on the lakeshore, so be careful and mind your footing. Campground is full of snow and there were only a couple tent pads uncovered probably from people digging them out themselves. Ended up camping along the rocks/lakeshore since there were some flat spots--way better view than in the tree-surrounded campground anyway! Another group of two did the same as me. No ranger was on site so we got lucky. Beautiful lakeshore view and caught the sunset. Too tired to wake for sunrise but I imagine it was stunning. A quiet and peaceful overnight hike and worth the tiring switchbacks going up.

23 days ago

The lakes are as beautiful as I expected. TURKWAZZZ blue colour. No snow on trail. Definitely go on a sunny day, as the lakes will be at their bluest with the sun shining on them. Took a couple minutes from parking lot to Lower Lake, followed by 40 min to Middle Lake, and 25 min to Upper Lake. Time estimates to each lake are definitely on the conservative side, so if you're a decent/fast hiker, it'll be much faster than what's posted. Get here early because it's a very popular hike, even on weekdays. Started at 7:45am and spent 6 hours here. On our hike back, there were lots of people at the lakes/hiking up.

My first time on bike trail. It was awesome!

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