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Super gorgeous views! Very muddy and somewhat crowded but still worthwhile

2 days ago

Accidentally ended up on this trail! Great hike after wandering the bike trails for an hour. Eventually found or way down. Nice moderate hike, nothing too extreme. Just watch out for bikes!

Fantastic trail with glacial caves, alpine meadows, incredible vistas. Fairly difficult ascent. Plan on 4 hours up and 1.5 down. Bring lunch! You will need the fuel.

Bring Lunch! Beautiful trail, captivating the whole way. The lake and glacier were such an amazing prize to reach.

Gorgeous trail and lakes, but SO CROWDED. Even on a Tuesday in mid September.

6 days ago

A great hike! Definitely not an easy hike. Did with a friend as an overnight camp, so had our packs which added a little difficulty. Took us 3.25hrs up and 2.75hrs down. Was the 2nd week of September and the lake was clouded in and it snowed, temp was hovering around 0 degrees so layers were helpful s when you stopped it got cold quick.

Hike itself is a near constant uphill at most points and a steady pace ensures no burn out (i.e. don't rush it at the easy points as the steeper points will take more out of you.) Take your time on the last 500m or so as it is an open, steep climb along large rocks and slippery gravel.

12 days ago

Amazing trail!

12 days ago

The most beautiful hike!

Cute trail, great for families. The map here is somewhat misleading as it does not start at the “official” trailhead. And the trail is not 2.8 miles, more like maybe a mile and a half round trip. I think there is a newer entry in the app for this trail called the Whistler Trainwreck Trail via Sea to Sky — that one has the correct trailhead marked which is actually easy to find. There’s even a small parking area for the trail (on Jane Lakes Road.) Basically, from the 99, go south on Cheakamus Lake Road (by the Whistler Interpretive Forest), keep right to Legacy Road (for a short distance) then to Jane Lakes Road. You will see a small parking area shortly, and the trailhead will be near a stop sign.

13 days ago

This is a mountain biking trail, but it’s pretty enough for a hike if you’re just looking for a little bit of exercise. There are some hills, and a loose rocky patch where it connects to the Centennial Trail, but generally a nice walkable surface.

Great little hike! The train wreck is really neat. Instead of following the man made path, you can cut down to the river and follow a dirt trail that has a some pretty sweet views of the river/cliffs. Parking is really easy and straightforward if you follow this site: https://www.whistler.com/pdf/maps/whistler-hiking-trail-head-map.pdf. Trail head is well labeled.

17 days ago

Sad to see this trail so crowded, can do with high heels on as the trail is much easier than years ago. Didn’t see any rangers , outhouses stink and even the area around middle lake near outhouses smells like urine. Overcrowded parking lots and the experience now “speaking for myself” is a major turnoff in the summer months.
Suggest going in the off season mid-week. Views are spectacular just minus the huge amount of people and slinky outhouses.

18 days ago

We arrived at 9.10 on Thursday morning and the car park was barely 1/3 full. The hike to Upper Joffre was moderately difficult for this 54 year old but certainly doable. It took my husband and I around 75 minutes to make it to Upper Joffre after stopping for many photographs of the spectacular lakes and surrounds along the way.

There are people coming and going from the car park so hang around and wait for someone to leave, it will probably only be a 5 minute or so wait.

A must do hike if you’re in the area - each lake is a beautiful turquoise blue colour.

20 days ago

I love steep hikes, and this one definitely satisfied. As a day hike, this took my sister and I 6 hours total (3 hours up, 2 down, and 1 to enjoy the stupendous views at the top).

Even though I did this hike in regular running shoes, I would recommend using proper hiking shoes/boots because of how steep it is. Also, be sure to bring extra layers because it was quite cold at the top.

I noticed lots of people commenting about bugs so we made sure to use bug spray and we encountered hardly any. Not sure if this was because the bug spray worked or because of the cooler weather.

21 days ago

Great hike

on Joffre Lakes

22 days ago

Joffre Lake was breathtaking as usual. I recommend to arrive before 9 am for a good parking spot. The hike was enjoyable but it was over crowded during the long weekend. I would recommend going on a weekday if possible.

Hiked this beautiful trail today. no more smog and the air is 100% clear. The city started to force no parking rule along the highway. I arrived at 10:15 this morning and got the last spot at the overflow parking spot. People were forced to drive 2.5 to 5 km further and walk back to the trail head.

nature trips
23 days ago

I backpacked this trail over Memorial Weekend and it didn’t disappoint. There were few crowds since it was shoulder scenic which I prefer. Scenic views with a very rewarding end at Upper Joffre Lake. There was still quite a bit of snow heading towards the upper lake and while I always wear gortex boots in these conditions, my microspikes made a huge difference in my experience. I took a risk and hammock camped and got really lucky to find a spot near the lake as there are very few trees around conducive to hammock camping. I’d highly recommend at least a night of camping because it truly is beautiful and you can spend a few hours hiking up to the glacier but I’d bring a tent so you’re not limited in options.

Fabulous! Did this hike last weekend. Was still bit smoky but still beautiful! Hiked to the campground and back. With breaks and photos was 3hrs.

23 days ago

Great hike! Views are stunning.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike. Worth the almost 3 hour drive from Burnaby. We hiked Joffre lakes during the week when the area was experiencing poor air quality due to the many forest fires. Could not see clear views of the glaciers and lakes but still gorgeous views seen through the smoky haze.

Great intermediate hike with lots of scenic points along the way. Even in the drizzle today, the views we're spectacular. Our favorite was the 2nd lake. Such an amazing turquoise colour.

27 days ago

Started at 8:15 on Tuesday. It was perfect and absolutely stunning. Next time will do overnight

Enjoyed this hike, very easy and a lot to enjoy for the short distance.

29 days ago

Each lake is prettier than the last. Definitely don’t stop until you get to the Upper Lake! That being said, it has a steady uphill climb for about half of the path and as it was drizzling when I was there, it was extremely muddy. Plan accordingly!

1 month ago

I would call this a more intermediate hike, especially compared to Wedge. It’s a nice hike with a few steep parts. The meadows up top near the lake are full of wildflowers, it’s stunning. Went swimming out to an iceberg.. had to be done!

1 month ago

One of the more challenging hikes I’ve done in Whistler. Pretty relentless in regards to incline most the way up. The waterfall you catch a glimpse of is epic. Took just under 3 hours to get up there one way. Camped up there - it’s August and it was absolutely freezing! It rained all morning so made for a slippery, soggy descent. Saw lots of people starting their hike after 1pm, with only small day packs.. I wouldn’t do this as a day hike that late

Did this hike with my 6 yr old daughter. The trail head not very well marked on the Whistler web site and the trail itself was not marked at all other than a small sign for the trail head. We ended up running into a Harrison Ford movie set and the security guy wasn’t sure what to do and he had us going back and forth until we were finally able to pass through. Their movie set took up the best view of the falls so we missed that. Other than that the train wreck hike wasn’t bad the rest of the way and the wreck itself was pretty cool. We found a different way to go back which was much easier. I’ve been on better hikes.

1 month ago

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