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No drinking water anywhere, bring your own gallon jug, ticks everywhere. Will not do again.

Moderate trail with pretty views of the valley. Appropriate for children, too. Closed until sept 2018.


This trail is CLOSED for rehabilitation until September 2018!

Love this trail, sad to see it close as they have to rebuild it due to extreme fire damage.

Love this trail! Easy hike and the waterfall is beautiful! My son got a tick on him so be sure to do a body check

2 months ago

This is one of the first hiking spots I went on once I moved to California. I love it !! it's great for beginners and experts alike.

3 months ago

we camped at westside campground so it gets you into all the county parks make sure you go during the week you have the beach to yourselves sand dollars everywhere nice quite walk and they allow dogs on leash so nice to walk a beach where our dog does not try to get attacked by other dogs

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, great views, easy hike , lots of wild flowers, saw at least 10 sea lions, lots of birds

Short, semi steep, beautiful falls. Ticks. Park in front of open field on the left side, across from Salmon house on the right side. Follow the bike trail just next to the salmon colored house, and then after you walk a bit, you’ll find the trail head. With a big sign and a map. We had a dog whose older and legs are a bit sensitive and it was very bad for him. But it was fine for us humans who are avid hikers. Quite short. You could probably do both trails, you’ll see when you get there. The whole Linda falls took us only 1 hour round trip with hang out time.

Very short hike and difficult to find trailhead. You have to look for the salmon colored house on the main road (across from baseball field) and near it will be a sign that says ‘Bike Route’. Follow that and it will take you to the actual trailhead which is clearly marked.

Ummmm Rattlesnake. Ten minutes into the trail. It was a warm day of 86 but I was absolutely unprepared for such things!! Do be careful. She was laid across the trail so I heeded her kind warning and headed back with a quickness to the vehicle. Where I'm from....the State/County/City typically posts a warning of: Bobcat, mountain lion, whatever might be in the area. No rattlesnake warning in sight but now I know...and now you do too..!

Great way to start the day and earn your wine!
Two pointers:
- If you start on the right fork along the water, look closely for the sharp left turn to bring the loop around for the second half. If you reach another fence, you’ve missed it.
- Do a tick check after! We found three, yuck!

Very green with great scenery

A very underrated or somewhat lesser known park with a handful of trails including Salt Point Trail. If you arrive at low tide you'll get access to tide pools and see lots of amazing creatures. One highlight are colonies of Purple Sea Urchins and Bat Stars. Yes, Bat Stars are a thing, apparently. They are mollusks similar to starfish, but with much shorter arms. Who knew?

As expected, since the park isn't that visited, mainly due to the secluded location on HWY-1 North, as opposed to the heavier traveled southern stretch below the Bay Area, you have a solid chance of seeing seals lazing on the rocks at a close distance.

The rocks! The rocks are fairly unique looking. Go check out dem rocks on dis trail.

This hike is beautiful and worth the drive. The only disappointment was that lake Hennessey has strict laws about dogs being off leash and heavy fines ($350 per dog) if dogs or humans get in the water. The whole lake is fenced around by barb wire and is such a tease on a hot day. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog and don't risk having them off leash.

The Brushy Peaks trail, along with a few others are still closed because of the fires last year. However, Team Sugarloaf has done an awesome job with rebuilding, so I don't expect the trails to stay closed for much longer (fingers crossed). I ended up doing Bald Mt trail to Grey Pine trail to Meadow trail to do a loop.

Despite the inclement weather and heavy cloud cover, the 'views' were spectacular. The rolling fog passing over the charred manzanita scrub on Bald Mt was almost surreal.

trail running
4 months ago

Great beach to run.

5 months ago

Short and sweet :)

5 months ago

A little tricky to find as you have to park on the street and walk in. We took the entrance closest to the ball field but across the street. Pretty easy hike most the way. When you get close to the waterfall it gets steep and is worth the climb down! Water was flowing beautifully. Visited on Feb 24 2018. The kids had a blast climbing rocks. We all did! Didn’t take the trail back up. Climbed up all the rocks instead.

5 months ago

Really nice hike. A bit rocky to be rated as easy. We encountered probably ten deer, none of them seemed to care that we were there.

That was a nice and short hike. Cute falls.

Just hiked this trail. It was the first time I did the full trail. I am a hiking guide for over 23 yrs.
Have hiked all of the trials in Napa this is by far has the best views.
The trail is great for mid to advance hikers.
Would do this first thing in the am.

6 months ago

Great little hike with some nice views! Went mid-morning during the week and only saw a handful of other people.

Ok so I never actually made it to the trail! I could not find the actual trailhead! Can someone please give me some advice as to exactly where it is located? Thanks so irritated with myself.

6 months ago

Beautiful mellow hike to some waterfalls. The trail was to the base of the waterfalls is rather short and totally worth it. There is the main waterfall at the end of the trail and multiple falls upstream. If you are wanting to go on more trails you can and still hear the waterfalls in the distance.

6 months ago

Short but sweet.

Nice! start with the uphill part first so you aren't exhausted at the end like we were!

Did the steep climb first, started at 9:00 finished in 3 hours. Took it slow and enjoyed the views. The last 2.5 miles along the lake were kind of boring, but still pretty. Outhouse near the trail head is the only opportunity for bathroom facilities.

This trail is closed for a year due to fire damage.

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