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This is an absolutely gorgeous park. It represents about 25 to 30 nations. Each represented country has their own small part of the park and it is unique to their culture. Truly spectacular and I highly recommend everyone goes if you can.
When you hear international shit on the news it feels like all countries are in upheaval… But in reality we have more in common with each other than not. Being in a place like this shows real brotherhood of nations and of people. I have even visited several of these nations and I have always felt at home… i’ve been to Germany, Panama, Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Hungary, and Iceland (not to mention the countries I’ve deployed to in the military) and I’ve loved every single country and I felt that each place loved me too. There is a huge international brotherhood and this park displays that love of nations.

Great place to walk during the day...view is pretty and the path goes all around the lake.

So Peaceful!

Great way to explore other cultures and get to see other people from Salt Lake.

Trail almost completely covered in ice right now so it is a little hard to navigate.

1 month ago

Really nice little trail. Pretty much a scenic walking path that follows the path of the river. Especially nice in the fall.

This is always a fun trip. Very scenic. We drive from Evanston, WY and hit the Mirror Lake, Provo Falls, Bald Mountain, etc. On the way back to Ogden. One of our favorite drives.

2 months ago

pretty little park and very easy walk. either paved or a trail. short and takes less than an hour. most people use this as a dog park

Fun place to go for a nice walk with kids.

Not a hike, but a gentle walk. Beautiful perfect for elderly or little kids. 3 loops to chose from. Lots of benches to rest and Rockwall areas to sit on too.

Super easy walk to the falls. Great hike if you have little ones!

My dogs love being off leash here!

road biking
3 months ago

A beautiful lake in the city. Mostly flat terrain for a fun ride. I felt i had found a peaceful gem in the middle of the suburbs.

I brought my family from out of town on this hike and it was sooooo beautiful. There’s a dirt trail next to a paved one so you have options. 10/10 recommend the dirt trail. Just some challenging parts for the little ones but definitely do-able.

Very easy hike, good for all ages.

Easy walk to view the falls.

3 months ago

Very pretty during the fall with some great views. The trail gets a little rocky and loose but overall it was fun and short.

this is not a trail. Its a park. Its lovely

Early October colors were the best I’ve ever seen. So much beauty in a extremely kid friendly hiking location. After we left here we took the Alpine Scenic road over to Sundance for lunch at the deli. Incredible place and highly recommended.

I really wanted to love this trail, and I did! great for beginners and photographers who want lots of little streams and mini waterfalls.

This was an amazing hike. My 4 & 6 year old even hiked straight up the waterfall to the pool where the main fall lands. Incredible views, very fun, and did this while holding my 2 year old in an ergo. *I wouldn't recommend everyone attempt that, but I feel pretty confident in my hiking abilities.

My brother-in-law did the same with his and there 3 & 5 year old did great too.

3 months ago

Such a nice easy hike! Great if you have dogs :)

I love this place. I always bring my dog and boyfriend to this trip whenever we are available. It’s a very peaceful place to walk around and see pretty plants around the water.

3 months ago

First of all, this is a walk not a hike. Second of all, if I could give a trail negative stars, this would be the one.

The road that leads to it has two lanes separated by a double yellow line legally indicating two way traffic and there is no signage near the trailhead indicating otherwise. But the road is used as a ONE WAY. It’s a total death trap for drivers, walkers, bikers...

Classic SLC Trail ! In many ways, this trail opened many other adventures for me ! Great trail for beginners, kids and offers the opportunity get to see other locals

The pave path most of the way makes this a much less strenuous hike until you get to the trail. There are many rough trails up marked by trail signs. I took the most eastern (up canyon) trail near the picnic table. It seems to be the best trail from what I saw

great trail for casual biking or walking.Fall colors are coming in.

did not expect as a challenging trail but surprisingly amazing place...very relaxing. for sure I'm gonna bring my family next time for new adventure.

trail running
4 months ago

Pretty views of the canyon. Decent amount of other people on the trail on a Saturday morning. Walked about 3 miles up and ran the way out. Good trail if you want something nice and easy to get used to trail running on.

beautiful falls and shaded paved trail to the base of the falls. just pass the falls there is a bridge to the left with port-a-potties..to the right of the bridge is the safest way up the falls. it is dirt narrow trail that then turns to gravel and rock. Very narrow all the way up but not strenuous. Just nerve wracking that you could slip! We took our 12 yr kld daughter and I was so afraid she would slip. people were carrying babies and toddlers and i think they were nuts!! once to the falls it ia gorgeous and fun!

We “hiked” the paved one mile loop around the lake and then fished. Really beautiful and not that busy, even for Labor Day. I personally think Tibble Fork Resevoir is more beautiful, but it’s also windy and sand gets blown everywhere up there. Big East Lake was quiet and not windy. Really loved it, as did my three kids!

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