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Great mountain to hike! All different kinds of terrain. Summit is awesome and plenty of room to stretch out and have a snack!

Did this hike with snow and ice on the ground but the trail was well packed down. I wore ice cleats and I’m glad I did as there were several steep sections where it was slick ice. There were some steep inclines where I felt very winded but overall a moderate hike. Well marked trails and gorgeous views at the ledges.

28 days ago

The South Face Loop is VERY challenging in snow shoes for a newbie!
I will return!

Short hike with one steep area, we brought snowshoes but left them in the car. Trail is well marked, parking lot is not plowed.

Amazing, beautiful hike! Very ICY! Take proper precautions

Was a nice hike! I would say moderate is correct, rock scramble may be a little challenging for some but do-able! Went up the Blue and down the Yellow, yellow trail is marked very poorly so give yourself time to walk down. Have to stop at each yellow marker and find the next at a few points on the way down making it very confusing due to the logging that was done...

The views are incredible. Be advised that currently on the southwest trail it’s slabs on slabs of ice. You will want micro spikes for sure. Great challenge though. Definitely going back

Don’t write this one off because it’s short and easy. The view of surrounding mountains from the top is well worth it.

Sad to say we lost the trail log container at the summit to the recent wind storm. It now lays on the ground near its original location. The booklet is now exposed to the rain. If someone would like to bring some tools and a new notebook to place the container on a new tree then that would be great.

I've done this one twice. In the fall it's absolutely gorgeous. Plenty of beautiful overlooks and we'll marked trails. I highly recommend it!

Could have used microspikes on the top 1/2 of the trail as ice has appeared on the ledges. Managed to travel around the icy areas. Be careful if traveling up this time of year.

trail running
4 months ago

the trail was pretty technical due to ice and storm damage. a few trees across the trail but only one you have to bushwack around. This trail has a much more forgiving grade than others on the mountain.

We went up Sabbatus mountain on Veteran’s Day. Leaves down and a bit slippery on a few icy spots and with leaves. There is a sheer cliff on top so use care with kids. Dogs should be on a leash at top. Westerly views but trees on summit are growing in.

4 months ago

Well worth the jaunt up this mountain and taking in the mountain ranges on top of the unique fire tower on the summit. I took the nature trail up and scout trail down. Keep your eyes peeled for the orange markings...in a couple of places it was difficult to discern where the scout trail was....recently a Cedar fell over from the wind storm about a 1/5 of the way down, blocking the trail and markings ahead. No biggie, nust something to be aware of. Enjoyable nature stroll.

4 months ago

short little hike with a stunning reward!

Great hike! Easy to locate with the app’s GPS, parking lot located across the street from the trail. Well marked trail with beautiful views!

Such a gorgeous, short & sweet hike with great views all around. Be prepared to scamper up rocks. Would not be good for kiddies or elderly. Great mix of terrains.

4 months ago

Great hike. Very steep at the beginning. watch your footing, very rocky. Would not reccommend bringing small children. Follow the RED blazes as it can be easy to get lost if not paying attention. Fallen leaves make the trail slippery, watch your step. Great views, and multiple locations to take it all in. We will do this one again in the spring/summer. There is parking at base of trail.

Love this hike the view and the blueberries where amazing. The logging they have done on the yellow trail make it difficult to navigate bit for the most part you stop at a blaze and you can see the next one just takes a little extra time.

Nice hike definitely on the moderate side some very steep ledges but very fun as well. I wouldn't bring young kids unless you want to have a heart attack. I hike with my dog and he was making me nervous. views along the hike are great.

Took Rt. 302 to just south of Bridgton and then Rt. 117 to Rt. 160. Was a mistake and took longer that it should have if we had taken Rt. 25 out of Portland to Rt. 113 to Rt. 160, as suggest in the 50 Hikes In Coastal and Southern Maine book at p. 39. Also passed the trial head and went well beyond it because there is no “Fire Road 145” despite what the book says. It is Fire Road 45.

Was a quicker hike than book let on, but was hard too, as the elevation in the beginning and near the summit was tough. We started hiking at 1:21 p.m. after we parked, and we reached the summit at 2:10 p.m. for a total of about 49 minutes. We ate lunch at the top and took some photos and headed back down at about 2:33 p.m., reaching the car at 3:13 p.m. for a total of about 40 minutes. Was tough hike, though, because of the quick ascent and descent. Steady elevation climb soon into the trail and then downright steep near the summit. Coming down was a lot of loose rock. Views up top were spectacular and far, so it was worth it.

Hiked it on October 13, 1992, and October 24, 2015.

4 months ago

Great hike. Tough, steep, rocky uphill and then easy, flat ridges at top. Interesting terrain. Great vistas. Good place to overnight.

Love hiking Douglas! Usually go once a month

4 months ago

I took the Blue Trail up and the yellow Trail down. Poplar hike today, saw several happy dogs along the trail. Scenic summit, with nice Autumn colored leaves on display down below. Asked about 8 people where the yellow trail started at he summit, but everyone seemed to be wondering the same thing. Just so you are aware it's the furtherest trail on the left. Look for a yellow marker a bit down the trail.

Great trails, well marked and met a couple other hikers that were very friendly. Our lakeland terrier enjoyed the steeper climbs and meeting others dogs. Beautiful views from the peak.

views not as good as neighboring Burnt Meadow. Blue Blazes were. difficult to spot in places. went off trail in places especially in the woods where newly fallen leaves covered it.

best view out of all the easy to moderate hikes in the area! it is a steep incline the entire trail but completely doable for beginners if you take your time! the trail can get a little confusing - just make sure to follow yellow marks on trees! happy trails!

Terrific trail. A 2000’ one. Easy and good warmup for the big ones.

First time hiking Burnt Meadow, yday 10/15/2017 it was more challenging than we expected. The steep rock scramble made it intersting with 2 dogs. We made it to the top and the views were beautiful! Now that we know what to expect, the next hike up will be more enjoyable. And there will be a next hike! Happy Hiking..

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