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tough climb but the view is worth every bead of sweat earned. would recommend even to those out of shape like me. I made it and would do it again.

Very nice hike! Took red trail up and yellow down-yellow needs more trail markers.


11 days ago

Did the orange trail up and back 9/9/18. What a fun hike, even after blueberry season. The exertion-to-payoff ratio is perfect: steady but not steep up, then flattening over ledges through the final one-third or so to a broad, open summit. Some recent re-routing of switchbacks, all well marked with cairns, signs, tape flags, blazes. Lots and lots of blueberry bushes. 5.2 miles total up and back, acc. to my GPS watch. Took us about 1hr 15 min up with a leashed but curious pup, a bit faster on descent. Wish I'd learned of this hike earlier... Perfect!

I found getting to the top challenging. Definitely worth the trip

This trail was more challenging than I had expected. I hiked it alone and wish I had someone with me. I lost the trail twice near the top due to fewer blazes. The chimney was more of a challenge than I had anticipated as well. Again if I had someone with me it would have been easier. I would not recommend kids or dogs on this trail. Still a great hike though.

Very memorable hike with my son and grandson. Tough in spots. Awesome views.

This is the Wright Trail not the GooseEye trail. Extremely strenuous but great views on top. Don’t try to follow the red line on the AllTrails app - it’s mis-marked. You’ll go up Wight Trail all the way.

Such an awesome hike with amazing 360 degree views at the top!

By far one of my favorite challenging trails in Maine.

This was a fantastic hike, but very challenging. You will see some amazing views and trails full of variety (stone, plant life, mushrooms, etc). But it was a difficult climb, sometimes almost vertical - and dangerous in places. Leave kids and pets at home and be very careful - I nearly bit it a couple times. The chimney is fun, but difficult to maneuver at 6' tall and 47 year old bones :)
The pond is very rewarding - so peaceful and beautiful. The trip down Brook trail was a little dull after the exciting ascent up Loop and the beauty of the pond, but still worth it. So be careful, but give this one a try.

Read the trail description before deciding on bringing dogs and kids. The trail is not well marked, but easy to follow. Even the most agile dogs will need help climbing the metal rungs in the chimney section. The difficult section is not very long but could be dangerous for children. With those caveats in mind it is a phenomenally fun hike with rewarding views, blueberries(in season) and a cool mountain lake for swimming or just viewing. The last 1.5 miles is just a dirt road walk from The Brook Trailhead back to the Loop trailhead so stash a bike or a car if you can.

Easy hike in with a epic experience. This place is Great for all ages and you can spend a hour just checking it out or the whole day just hanging out in the pools.

One of our favorite hikes we do every year at blueberry picking time. **Please note; Trial has been rerouted and new trail is still narrow in a few spots and not greatly marked near the tree line. Lots of blueberry picking going on. No bugs!

Hiked this a few times but last one was in July. Rigorous hike up the loop but so much fun. Love squeezing through the chimney. The views at the top are incredible! Plan to go again this fall and camp.

Awesome hike! Went up Loop and down Brook trail. Did some exploring at the top near West Peak. Loop definitely has a steep ascent - I wouldn’t recommend it for dogs, children, or inexperienced hikers. For three athletic people it took us about 4 hours.

Best hike I’ve done so far this summer! Definitely worth the hard rating. There were lots of rocks to scramble over and many views along the way. I had so much fun doing this trail. The first 3/4 of a mile is relatively flat and then it turns into a rock climb. It levels out after a bit with gorgeous views of the peak. After that the trail goes straight up again. Close to the top you reach a spot that looks like you have to climb sheer rock face but there is a crevice to scramble through with iron rungs inside. Difficult for a shorter person like me to maneuver but doable! We hiked up to the west peak first (much less busy) and then went to the lower of the two. The views at the top are unreal and not too far from the lower peak the pond is great to cool down in (albeit a little crowded). The one con for me was the road - beware if you have two wheel drive - the road is dirt approaching the trailhead and very steep in some spots. If it had been wet at all, my car wouldn’t have made it. If you plan to come down the Brook Trail (which I'd suggest), I’d recommend parking by the Brook Trail and walking the 1.5 miles to the Loop trailhead first. I'll be back for sure! 10/10

Great view, fresh mountain water to dip in. It has several natural holes to sit in .I could get a book and just sit there for hours. It’s a short hike to the top. I would love to come here in fall. .

After spending so many summers here growing up, and my kids being fifth generation to love Weld, I finally joined them for the second year in a row on this amazing climb. Take the Loop up and the Brook Trail down. Yes, it’s hard. But yes, it’s rewarding beyond belief. Don’t let your age or fitness level discourage you. Do it. Push yourself. The timing is never right, you make it right. Know you can do it. Once at the top, savor it. Listen, feel the air and smell the freshest air ever. Pick sweet blueberries all the way down to Crater Lake and feel how cold the water is! The fish are mesmerizing. You’ll be sore, your knees will ache on the way down, you may strain an ankle, but do it. Then you’re hooked.

1 month ago

Wonderful, Actually did the Brook Trail instead of the loop. Still very peaceful first thing in the morning. It got busy in the afternoon.

Great hike! Feels a bit longer on the loop trail on the way up. Brought my parents and my dog—not sure it was suitable for either of them. Went down brook trail. May try another way up next time, my dog still isn’t looking me in the eyes after I had to pick her up by her backpack...awesome hike, awesome views. Saw a frog, toad, snake and fish. Not many people which I like!

Awesome hike. The top of the loop trail is pretty intense but so worth it.
Views are spectacular from the top.

Loved this short hike to the falls. Great for a little cool swim after hiking some of the more difficult trails in the area

Easy initially becoming moderate. Beautiful atmosphere. The view from the top of the falls is what it’s all about

This was a stunning hike heading up the mountain trail and down Brook. We nearly lost our way at the chimney because the blue markers become difficult to find. Just keep heading up and you’ll find your way.
Difficult is an accurate description; you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing as you climb up all of the rocks to make it to the summit. But boy was it worth it!
Brook had far too many people on it, and was overcrowded for my taste. But the pond you walk by is quite lovely!

This was my first time up & as a fairly out of shape new hiker, it was a great workout. I took the star/yellow trail up and the orange/red trail down. The star/yellow trail is not as well maintained as the orange/red, but well worth the bushwhacking for the scenic overlooks along the way. Didn’t see anyone else at all, but did see cars at the trailhead. The views were incredible & the summit is big and open allowing lots of exploration up top. I will definitely be coming back for a fall hike :)

Tricky and rocky hike for sure! Wouldn't recommend going during/right after rain storms, or bringing small kids. The views are breathtaking and the pond at the top is incredible. 10/10 will do again.

Went up Brook trail and down Loop trail. Perfect weather on a mild July day. We were originally planning on doing an out and back on the Brook trail but after reaching the pond a group with small kids said we should check out the Loop trail. Boy were they right! Very cool experience climbing through the chimney using the iron rungs. Many near vertical sections at the top end of the trail. Channel your inner mountain goat! Not for the faint of heart. Beautiful views on the way down. The descent took quite awhile. Most folks come up Loop and descend Brook. However, no matter which direction you travel Loop trail is a challenge. Not sure I would attempt this climb if it were raining. If the weather is warm make sure you bring your bathing suit and take a dip in the pond at the top!

At age 66 and a novice this was a challenge. Took the Brook trail in and out. The views on the way up were great but to icing on the cake was the pond, was larger than I expected and beautiful as were the views of the surrounding landscape. Well worth the effort.

incredible hike. very challenging. did the whole loop barefoot and the views on a clear day are amazing

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