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Very cool hike! We did the day hike to Lower, Middle, Upper Blue Lakes and to the Sneffels pass. I recommend camping at the trailhead for an early start. The lower lake is beautiful (it's better than the other two) but pretty full of campers. The best view is from near the middle lake looking down on the lower lake. The path can be hard to find going from lower to middle. The trail from upper lake to the pass was narrow and steep and did get boring, so you could definitely skip this and you wouldn't be missing out. The hike is quite steep in beginning sections, so it gets real old on the way back down (we saw two people who appeared to have twisted ankles from sliding or falling in these sections... both of whom were hiking in tevas, so do with that what you will).

5 days ago

This is a constant climb to the lake. Beautiful views of Lake City, aspen groves, and the Mountain View’s are beautiful. But the climb is up 99% of the time...so beware!!! If you’re not in the mood for a 4 mile ascent, this is probably not the trail for you.

Beautiful hike.

Gorgeous views.

The shoreline of the lower lake alone is worth the effort.

8 days ago

Great hike and beautiful views.

We did the hike late in the day (started around 17.30). It took us about 1.5 hours to go up and left us not enough time to make it all the way to the upper lake (going down last mile we had to use flashlights - its getting quite dark there in the trees in between two mountain ranges), but that feeling of being the last ones going up, resting in the quiet serenity of the lake and going down all alone was precious. The hike - smells, birds, wildberries. streams, gorgeous waterfall - everything is so good..

This hike was strenuous but definitely worth it. The views were amazing the entire hike!

9 days ago

Great Hike! Start early and go to the upper lakes! The view down to the lower lake is amazing!

steep hike for the first 30/45 minutes but overall not a difficult hike, lower lake is absolutely gorgeous!

My best friend and I did this hike yesterday around 1:45 pm. We aren’t the best hikers but made it to the lakes around 4. The first few miles were pretty tough due to lots of rough uphill hiking. That lasted a pretty good chunk of the hike there. My legs and body did not hurt it was the breathing that got to us. Bring an inhaler or something if you have trouble breathing especially if you’re not from around here!! Altitude is real y’all. Bring tons and tons of water. You can honestly never have too much. The waterfalls, nature, and paths were so beautiful. When we finally made it we had a picnic and enjoyed the few for a few hours. Don’t get discouraged about the hike down! It only took us an hour and a half and it was a breeze!!! Enjoy this hike. It meant a lot to me :)

Gorgeous. Unfortunately the fire nearby hazed our views! We’ll do this again. Didn’t think it was terribly difficult. We went to the 2nd lake and came back. Start early because the masses love this trail too!

15 days ago

Such a beautiful hike. I plan on doing this again but would love to camp next time.

16 days ago

Wow! One of the top 5 best hikes we've ever done. We've spent the last two year living near and hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, but this hike to the 3 blue lakes blew us away. We aren't 14ers as much, but alpine lakes are our thing, and these were just gorgeous. Even if the lakes weren't blue, I think the wildflowers, views of the surround peaks, and the way the lakes are situated is just phenomenal. But, the lakes ARE turquoise so that just kills it!

The hike itself is challenging, but at no point dangerous to my mind (one boulder field where you could twist an ankle I suppose). It is a good amount of elevation change, especially if you aren't used to it, and it's a bit brutal the first couple miles without many flat section of the trail to catch your breath on. I'd highly advise making it up to the second and third lakes if you can, making it about 8.8 miles roundtrip I think - as the view of the first lake from higher up is great. My personal favorite was the second lake, as you can see the surrounding peaks as well. Being above treeline is always a treat, and seeing the pikas and marmots is so cool.

The drive to the trailhead was strenuous on our not 4wd not high clearance vehicle (a Ford 500), but we went slow, let the trucks pass us, and got there in the end.

16 days ago

Beautiful Hike! One of our favorites in Colorado. If you are looking for solitude this def not the place.

Lower Blue Lake was beautiful. The hike to the second lake was the most challenging part of the day and the color wasn't as blue as lower Blue Lake.

Great views! Sadly, weather stopped us about 300 feet from the summit.

18 days ago

An awesome trail. Lots of wildflowers and beautiful scenery - one of my favorites! I highly recommend going up to see the upper lakes - the hike itself is beautiful and the view of the lower lake is stunning. If you go to the upper lakes, once you cross the stream follow the trail to the left (the one to the right is mostly used for campsite access). We pitched our tent on a hill across from the second lake and had the upper lakes area to ourselves for the night. Highly recommended!

Magnificent hike. Bumpy road to the trailhead, but nothing damaging. Steady uphill hike to a fairytale lake. I suggest hiking up toward the second lake, but not all the way, it’s not as beautiful as the first but gives a great vantage point of the first. Lots of butterflies and wildflowers.

Loved this hike! Wildflowers, waterfalls, lakes and butterflies. Blue Lakes has it all!!!

Wow!!! Well worth the hike

Beautiful hike. Lots of up, but well worth it.

I absolutely loved this hike...and hated it haha. A lot of uphill and then of course you have to go downhill to get back to the trailhead which can also be challenging but the views were incredible! You'll know you're getting close to the first lake because of the brilliant turquoise blue peeping through the trees. After seeing the lake up close DEFINITELY continue to the Lake pass trail towards the upper lakes. You'll have to cross a creek and then stay to the left. The wildflowers are beautiful and even if you don't make it to the upper lakes, the view of the lower lake is dazzling once you get higher. Unlike the first lake, the second two lakes are more of a serene green. Very quiet and peaceful and less crowded. Make sure you pack enough water. The shade is cool but you get hot with all the climbing and my three water bottles were barely enough. Also, be aware that the road to get to the trailhead is a little rough. I have a little Honda Civic and it got us there okay but we had to take it very slow.

Trail not well maintained... very steep and slippery for kids. We had to turn back midway. Lake super busy on a weekend.

The initial climb is steep with sloping easy-to-slide terrain. Sadly I went up 3/4 of the way and decided there was no way my husband could habndle any distance on this kind of path. So, we gave it up. Wish we had studied it further because we might have been able to do and out and back longer easy hike using the road. I chose it because it was rated “easy”. I am a very strong hiker and found the beginning to be challenging.

24 days ago


This was by far the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. We camped near the parking lot the night before and woke up before dawn to start hiking (we had a 6 hour drive back home). We started hiking at 5:15 and got to the lower lake at 8:00. We're not great hikers either. This time included many breaks to catch our breath and we stopped to eat breakfast as well. The trail itself to the lower lake wasn't too hard. I actually thought it was rather easy. The trail to the second lake had a lot steeper inclines and loose rocks. but it was definitely manageable. The trail to the third lake was dirt with a slight incline. The lower lake is so great, and I HIGHLY recommend not stopping at that. Even if you don't go all the way to the second lake, at least start heading there because looking down in the first lake from above is insanely gorgeous and worth the trip. It took us about an hour to get to the second lake, and maybe 15 minutes from there to get to the third. Overall, we were back to the campsite by noon, including many stops for photos and just taking in the view. I would go back 100 times.

This was a great hike filled with wildflowers and alpine lakes. The beginning of the hike is mainly through the woods and wasn’t as bad as I thought based on reviews here. Still took plenty of breaks but the trail was well maintained. I found this same section much harder on the way down due to loose rocks. Anyways, we had planned to sleep over but we made it to lower lake in less than 3 hours, so we just decided to drop our packs and hike all the way to upper lakes. You won’t be able to see all 3 lakes at once unless you hike the pass (which we didn’t do). Decided to just make it a day hike since it went faster than expected. I thought this hike was moderate and I’m 6.5 months pregnant and don’t live at altitude. Overall, it’s beautiful and can definitely be a day hike. Again the way out was worse than in due to loose rocks. Poles are essential on this hike and definitely wouldn’t recommend it if it’s raining heavily.

1 month ago

One of the most amazing places I have been!
Hiked this trail on 7/8. Directions took us up West Dallas Creek and we could not access because it was private property. Make sure to use Dallas Creek road and it is easy to get to from there! The first mile/mile and a half is steep, but the rest of the hike is moderate. Get there earlier because it can get hot hiking up to the lake and also serious thunderstorms roll in around 3pm. Saw some people with one bottle of water... its a moderate/hard hike so make sure you bring plenty of water.
The views are SO worth the hike. The third lake is difficult to get to b/c it is a climb, but it is more secluded and absolutely gorgeous. Sat there and watched people summiting Sneffels and climbing the pass. One of the most amazing places I have been!!

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