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More of a park and walk. The waterfall was pretty cool and had a HEAVY flow. The trail was “close,” but You could still see the Falls...and no one was around if you know what I mean.

13 hours ago

Pretty easy and steady hike to the top. Nice wide trails and very well maintained. Went on a Monday morning and only saw one other person. The short scramble past the platform was fun. The view is the same, but the added fun was well worth it. If your clumsy, stay off, otherwise I’d recommend going the extra 100ft.

Easy, beautiful view

Easy "hike" with a great view. Go at sunset for an even better view.

Today the 2nd day of December ended up a great day on the trail. It was 60 degrees and the clear. The trail is great. If you want a good moderately difficult trail this is it. Also can be mtn biked.

this by far is my favorite hike with a reward at the top...gorgeous 360 degree views.

9 days ago

A fun hike. I went in late November with a dusting of snow on the ground - absolutely beautiful. The falls are gorgeous but the hike in and out is even better.

Make sure you turn right at the fork with the medium size pile of rocks at the top to see the view. I went passed it and kept following the blue trail for awhile but not much there. Steep hike but nice enough view.

10 days ago

Great easy and scenic trail. If you’re into trail running it’s a steady incline with even ground until you get the rocks on top. Be extra careful on the rocky area because it was snow covered and slippery.

16 days ago

Very picturesque.

16 days ago

Definitely a must see when in West Virginia. Plenty of stairs that do get wet at times. The climb is worth it though.

The falls were flowing great this past Saturday. This is definitely a walk, even a stroll. Took us 5 minutes each way. It was a beautiful and quick stop for some pretty cool falls. Would do again.

Short and easy hike...pretty much a walk. Beautiful Views!

1 month ago

These falls were awesome. wooded steps down to platforms made it easy. Wish we couldve walk along the river more.

Awesome hike. Loved the feeling of using my trekking poles with the rocks on the final section of the top. Really cool view and very good trail, from some of the reviews I was off-putted, however, my girlfriend suggested we still go and I’m glad we did. We went on a Monday and only saw a few people and one person at the top who kindly left for us. We were at the top for about 30 minutes. No one came up. Highly recommend.

Beautiful Views!

Challenging great hike!

2 months ago

This is one of those hikes where the views from the info center are better than from the top of the mountain. There were way too many people for my taste, and they were the kind that just sit at the top, hogging the mountain top to themselves. This is just a simple tourist attraction, nothing worth climbing unless you want to weave around the non-hikers out for a walk and wait for a chance to climb the rocks on top. This is also a gravel path, so it really can't even be called a hike. Took and hour for me to go up and down and so far it's been a least favorite adventure of mine.

A great family hiking trail with beautiful views of the falls.

Good views from the landing up top. It took about an hour and 10 minutes round-trip.

Always awesome

2 months ago

Firstly, it’s not easy in and out. The first .5 mile or so from trail head is easy but as you approach the hill/mountain you’ll be surprised at how the description says, “easy in and out.” There are switch backs both up and down the mountain and a pass between the two peaks/hilltops. Heavy stone and root systems everywhere which was a bit interesting when it was wet. The way down the other side was pretty steep so expect a substantial climb back out. Once you crest the hill and make your way down you’ll see a set of train tracks. There is a blaze and a path directly across the tracks but please just make the right and follow the tracks about another .5-.75 miles to a small little train stopping area. You’ll continue to see blazes down the tracks. The train stop area is the falls. If you are making a few days of this expect a lot of visitor traffic. There is a scenic train system that regularly stops for site seeing. Not many camping areas tbh. If you are looking for wood for camp fires, expect laurel and it didn’t burn well either, and everything is picked clean. Very pretty falls and great rapids which make for some good white noise camping. Don’t bring a horse. It is not safe for that. I don’t know who put that.

GREAT views!! Very quiet once you get away from the parking lot. Way overcrowded at the parking lot at Bear Rocks. People parking in the grass alongside the road, not picking up their trash and dog crap. So much for a wilderness area. Won't be long til its permit only. Otherwise, even though VERY wet and muddy, it was great hiking! Wear some shoes with ankle support. Most of the trail is very uneven and rocky. Two stream crossings on this route. Neither very hard. First one you need to step rock to rock to avoid shin deep water. Take something to help balance if you have it.

Nice walk that’s scenic and pleasant. A gem on the edge of Thomas

3 months ago

Lovely fairly easy

Did it in the rain and the clouds are the top we’re breathtaking. Want to do it again when the sun is out. Beautiful!!!!

Nice and flat out to Judy Springs from the trailhead. Plenty of camping options along the way.

Looking closer at the map I think I started at Landis Trail and stayed right on the North Fork Mountain Trail. I took cover from the rain at the first ledge I came too, I don't know how far that is on the map. So I can attest to Landis Trail being rocky and steep but I'll have to start at the North Fork Mnt trail head next time.

Did this hike solo which was ok except it was super erie out there. I was on high alert the whole time. I didn't see anyone else, but I didn't see any bears either so that was good. I did see signs of bears though. It was strenuous and steep and rocky. 3/4 of the way up is started to rain a little but not bad. It quickly turned bad and I made it to an overlook and waited under a rock for over an hour. I'm still not sure how close I was to the summit, I couldn't see anything. After the thunder and lightning passed the rain persisted so I had to head down. I wasn't super prepared for a downpour so I was pretty much a drown rat. The trail was slippery because of all the rocks and rushing water. I'm sure it's beautiful when it's not storming! I would love to try it again but it won't be for a long while since I live far from there.

3 months ago

Overall this was a pretty fun trail and easy to make a day trip out of. The trail was pretty muddy in places and very rocky in others. Some parts of the trail aren't very well blazed but the path was pretty obvious so it wasn't hard to find the way. Some parts of the trail, especially near the beginning are very over grown, so it'd be wise to keep an eye out for snakes as I was about 5 inches from stepping on one. The falls themselves are gorgeous and the water is perfect to soak your feet in.

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