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Absolutely beautiful worth all those steps! Trail was wide and easy to navigate. No cell service at all for me out there just something to be aware of!

Beautiful in the winter.
Went Dec. 31st solo for an over night. Temps in the teens, singles over night, foot of snow, creek and falls almost completely frozen. Amazing nook to camp under right next the main falls.
Be careful, cell service is zero. Cold weather is breathtaking, but dangerous.

beautiful place. allloooottt of water on the trails. pretty much hike Creek beds. trail markers are few and far between, lots of trails to circumvent the actual trail because of water. alot of random campsites already established with fire rings . overall had a great time. just wish for more trail markers or blaze marks.

Beautiful waterfalls especially when you go right after a big rainstorm like I did. The hike is easy but be prepared for lots of steps but worth it to see the falls.

my wife and I spent our honeymoon riding this Trail on our bikes.

The south terminus trail head is at a radio tower. There’s only room for 2 cars to park along the road. Don’t block the tower service entrance. Once on the trail, it’s gentle up to the ridge and while on the ridge. There are dozens of scenic overlooks. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the views afforded by this hike. It’s a challenging hike but not too difficult.

i haven't been to this trail in many years, me and my family did this trail in 3 days total on bike, i would recommend to bring enough supplies with you for this, also no cell service from what i remember. its a great adventure but be prepared..

Definitely hard on the legs but the view is so worth it!!! Pack a lunch to enjoy at the top ;) (just remember to leave it better than you found it)

This is by far the best view in the state of WV! The trail starts off right from the start with some crazy elevation gain. the spur trail leading up to Chimney Top is the steepest section but only about .3 miles. once you get there, if you want to get on top of the main chimney you have to do a little climbing up a 5 ft rock wall that it VERY easy for anyone that made it this far. Once you get to it you will not be disappointed. Looking out across you see a wonderful view of German Valley and looking back into the south you will see Virginia! Wonder 360° view and I will for sure backpack the whole trail in the near future!

early on nice rock overlook but rattles snakes, midway before main ascend long stretch of laurels and rhododendron, top very boggy lots of large rocks all over trail lots of side trails to explore but overgrown, then peak has huge pile of rocks with one flat one you can see 360 view of as far as you can see

Did this a while back in September and forgot to review. Great hike and relatively easy gradient to the summit. The total hike took around 5.5 hours to complete. The views from the summit tower looked amazing and you were able to see all the various colors of the trees in the distance as it was the beginning of fall. Trail is well marked and very easy to follow and a rewarding way to summit West Virginia’s highpoint.

2 months ago

A must-stop for me anytime I’m passing through. You can either march it or take your time. Light trail with nearly zero challenge, only elevation changes on the boardwalks.

Towering exposed boulders and many contemplative, wooded outlooks.

Well maintained and attractive boardwalks. Has been moist every time I’ve visited, despite any higher ground or open field weather conditions, so be very careful about slippery planks. Do not run!

I would rank the view from Chimney Top the best in the state, hands down. The trail is difficult and you work for the reward, but man, is it one hell of a reward. The trail itself was steep in places, rocky in others, and steep and rocky in some places alltogether, but I would hike this 10 more times given the chance and I don't think I would tire of the view.

Great and hard hike. We hiked this today, and got to the main overlook in about an hour and 15 minutes. Note: the bulk of the length of this trail is in the woods. The bulk of the elevation, though, is once you hit the ridge with the overlooks. Don't let the elevation rate on that map fool you. It most certainly isn't that gradual.

That said, of all the hikes I've done, I think the view from this hike is the most varied and special. While the 360° view is not completely unobstructed, I personally believe it is much better than Old Rag.

loved it when we wemt last summer!!

3 months ago

We went for an overnight backpacking trip this weekend, expecting snow and rain.We got halfway up green mountain right before the plateau and the trees were so overgrown we had to crawl to keep on the trail. Finally got near the plateau and the trees were so close together that a human body could not push through. I wonder when the last time anyone maintained this route. The creek was beautiful and we had a good time camping despite not being able to finish the trail due to overgrown plants.

It was snowing up there it was cold but a good hike.

Hiked up to chimney top from the North slope 7-23-17. Spectacular view looking south west toward spruce knob. Took appoximately 2 hours to climb and only 1 hour to descend. Amazing how quiet it is at the top ridge.

secluded narrow wet

4 months ago

Just got back from a trip there. Beautiful scenery. A lot of the trail is very rocky. Not pebbles but large stones you have to negotiate. We happened to go in the rain and the trail was a creek with a few larger pools that presented challenges to keeping your feet dry. The creek was up do to the rain and was quite impressive. Multiple camps sights down by the creeks edge. We made it from the parking lot at the top of fire road 80 to the campsites in about 2 hours or so carrying packs.

4 months ago

Completed this trail in December 2017 as a one night backpacking trip. Overall a nice trail. Not too taxing, and some decent vistas at the apex of the climb. The trail is overgrown in places, so be prepared to deal with some possibly wet foliage. Navigation was mildly tricky in a few spots, but less than obvious turns are pretty consistently marked with either cairns or, in a couple of spots, orange paint.

Just did an hour out-and-back at the southern terminus along 33. Parking was not fun- just a narrow strip along the road with ambiguous no-trespassing signs. Coming in from the north/west side (out of Germany Valley) requires a hairpin u-turn on a blind corner. However, once on the trail assuming you haven’t been run over it’s awesome. Big cliffs of Tuscarora quartzite and views of Germany Valley the whole way to Spruce Knob. Bring a good camera! Also read up on the local geology-makes the landscape even more amazing.

Beautiful and challenging. Definitely backcountry! You’ll definitely be fording some creeks, so I don’t really recommend dogs on this trail if they’re not comfortable swimming against a strong current. It can get dangerous real quick. So many amazing species of flora, lots of awesome camping spots set up between the trails. This loop gets quite messy when it rains.

Great level trail. Great camping. Lots of water falls

Loved it was a great day so many different eco areas bogs, open plains, spruce forrest, oak forrest, rock sprees,creek filled hollers.....two thumbs and a smile on my face.....

5 months ago

absolutely breathtaking

backpacked down from top of spruce knobs the camped 2 nights on river hiked the trails beautiful scenery, waterfalls and campsites. hiked up and out hard hike but worth it

Hiked the entire trail in three days. Cass to Marlinton, Marlinton to Rorer, Rorer to Caldwell. Tracked over 80 miles with GPS. Picked up a few geocaches along the way. Very nice trail, would do it again!

Great trail for some serious elevation gain. If you continue along the trail at about the 6 mile mark you'll reach the high point of the North Fork Mountain Ridge. The views from here offer great views of the ridges and valleys. A 12 mile total out and back is nothing to sneeze at when the total elevation gain came in around 3,400'

6 months ago

Easy trail to walk or bike. Beautiful river views. Walked only a 4-mile section but want to return and do more.

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