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1 month ago

Part of the trail is still closed down and the Museum/welcome center doesn't open until 1:00 on Saturday. The trail is decent though and I'll definitely give it another shot once the whole thing is reopened.

I love this place! I've been coming here since I was kid and I'm 31 years old now I am lucky to live here near Land Between the Lakes! there used to be a little peer with a cabin that you can hang out in... it's stretched all the way to the middle of the lake but they took it down for some reason, oh well still a good place to go I highly recommend it.

Trail was maintained very well!! Will be back in the fall when the leaves are gone and less spider webs. The lady in the museum was very helpful and nice.

nice easy trail to start hiking on.

Unfortunately the lake was very stagnant making the views “Ok”. Did love all the water lily....made it a worthwhile hike. Unfortunately couldn’t do the full loop due to the connecting path being destroyed by storms

Had a fun hike with my son today today! Would up doing 5.3 miles... A hot day but great exercise none the less...

Had a good time with my son! Easy and fun! Got 1.5 miles into the hike and got turned around by workers rebuilding the boardwalk! Said it was too dangerous to go any further... I mentioned a sign would have been nice... they said someone tore the signs down and they needed to put more up... I was thinking maybe you could have done that on your way out but I didn’t... they were nice guys! A 2.6 mile hike turned into a 2.9 Hike and had fun...

Really beautiful hike that can be extended by taking connecting trails. Had three children with me, and they did very well. We loved seeing all the wildlife along the trail. Seas of butterflies, and dragonflies wafting through the air. Stunning and fun day for the family.

4 months ago

Spent 2 nights on the trail. Nothing super awesome about it but perfect for a weekend getaway. Everything was pretty well marked and navigation was easy.

Great short trail! Modest incline, enough to make you work a little. The pines are amazing! Trail was clean and natural, easy to find and follow! Enjoyed it immensely!

I followed part of the Old Johnsonville Trail and the Civi War Trail. A 0.6 mile section is closed down for an undetermined time due to rerouting the trails. Be sure to stop in the welcome center to get the map and they can mark off the section that is closed. The trails are marked well with blazes on the trees and anytime another trail intersects or a short cut is offered, there is a marking post that coincides perfectly with the map. One of the more accurate maps I’ve seen in awhile. Different civil war artifacts throughout the park and trails. Biggest bonus of this trail system is that nearly all of it is under the tree canopy but they also means you need bug spray. The map says the blue and red trails are difficult and they are not. The blue Trail is easy with moderate sections. The red trail is moderate with one short difficult section.

boardwalk currently very rough. torn up by a storm. still possible not very smooth.

6 months ago

very well maintained trail system. I got 3.3 miles on my GPS. steep decline coming in is not to bad with switch backs. but coming up is rough. take plenty of water and a snack. good local trail.

6 months ago

There are dozens of awesome trails here. All Trails doesn't show all of them. Get on LBL's website and get the map. I've posted a picture on here of my map.

6 months ago

Fun little trail. Pretty easy, with a fun boardwalk section.

Awesome loop.
Went with my puppy and je enjoyed it aswell.

6 months ago

Always loved this trail. Been going every summer with my kids for 10 years. One of our favorites.

fun trail with great views of the lake.

Beautiful, hardly any people & wonderful views, plus bald eagles working the river!

Nice little trail. Low end half way around had damage to the boardwalk but was passable during our visit.

my daughter and I hiked this trail today very nice 65 degree partly sunny spring afternoon . I am not an avid hiker and found this trail for me to be a little strenuous in spot's just putting that out there for the non to very little exercise people. There was one spot at the bottom of the first hill by the creek that was a little confusing on which way to go as all the rain had cut several trails thru so keep to the left side of the creek and you will be fine , otherwise nice little nature trail only encountered one other hiker and saw a few deer and a red fox will go back again with family.

Trails and some roads flooded. Be sure to go when it hasn't rained in a long time.

Way too "industrial." Trail was horribly marked, I drifted off at least 6 times. It took a park ranger to tell me where the trail even began. Also, 1/3rd of the trail was by busy roads. I'm serious. Of course, it is busy partly because of the historic sites, but for a large portion of the trail, you can hear trucks and cars going down the highway. I wouldn't recommend this trail if you like solitude and exploring nature. The best part of the trail was that some parts were challenging to traverse, but that's really about all.

Great trail! Beautiful scenery spring through fall. Lots of wildlife : Wood ducks, mallards, and even a beaver dam. Gorgeous views of the lake. Be on the lookout for snakes though. There is a gorgeous spillway waterfall at the beginning where you can walk across the water on stones. I have taken my 6 yr old several times. First time he was about 4. It's suitable for all ages.

Really enjoyed the hike would definitely do it again.

Trail is hard to follow, not a lot of trail markers. A bit rocky and rooty, if carrying a weighted pack it can be rough on the ankles. Trail is a good trainer. Nice up hill segments. Would ruck again.

11 months ago

AllTrails' map only shows ONE trail, PIckett Loop, of this extensive trail system that runs from Boswell Landing Backcountry Area to Piney Campground to the South Welcome Station. There are literally dozens of miles of beautiful, wide, easy-to-moderate trails here. Get the actual map from landbetweenthelakes.us and plan a hiking or backpacking trip. It's well worth the time.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Fairly easy trail with one large incline. Trail was totally covered in leaves - was fun to follow. Autumn colors were great. Very secluded - didn't pass a single hiker the whole time! Would recommend.

Monday, October 23, 2017

It's a pleasant trail but badly in need of maintenance - although the "closed" boardwalk section was easily passable. I would agree with other reviewers that this is an easy trail, not moderate.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Pretty area. The battlefield is very well kept but the trail must not be used often enough. There were spiders and cobwebs across the middle of the trail almost every step you took. It was too many to be enjoyable; ended up being more spider battling than hiking and relaxing.

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