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Probably more on the hard side, as opposed to moderate. Sections of the trail cross marshes, you will most likely need to get wet past your ankle to get through. That all being said, it's an awesome trail, and if you can hack it you should probably go.

This hike has some of the best views of kamloops. I've done this hike so many times and it never gets old.

great hike with a ton of views. it was awesome to be able to get out on the rocks and watch the waves. a must in you're in the area!

There will be mud! Sometimes knee high if you don’t pick the right path....
All reviews hold true when it comes to the hike being very muddy. Once you leave the creepy abandoned building it’s a chose your own adventure kinda hike with lots of ribbons and ropes that may confuse you. Other than that, it was a great hike/adventure. Probably not your first date kinda hike unless you’re testing one another.
Just remember, no matter what way you go, THERE WILL BE an anonymous amount of MUD. Good luck out there!

Great views. Cougars rare but have bee spotted so bring bear spray.

Great hike! Very moody but perfect to go to a place not so crowded!
The airplane and destination makes it a really fun hike.

3 months ago

So worth the trip on a beautiful fall day

Very very muddy, I went a few days ago and honestly I would wait until the trail dries out and do it next year. But the view at the end was awesome. It’s a shame for the mud, there is so many different trails because people are trying to not swim but then you get lost getting there.


Muddy but great trail. Amazing view of the plane in the end. Keep in mind that you’ll have to climb over multiple trees. Completed it in 2:20. Many different paths that lead to the same point.

A good hike, gorgeous view of the valley and Vancouver island. My dog and I enjoyed it, we went earlier in the year and got to hike through the snow. My dog absolutely loved it.

4 months ago

Depending on the time of year be prepared to get knee deep in mud! It's a fairly easy trail with little incline. My dog loved swimming through the mud - my vehicle however disagreed! It's a really fascinating hike, when we got to the bomber we climbed up it and ate sandwiches appreciating the fact the everyone managed to survive the crash despite how mangled the plane is. Really worth taking a couple hours to do.

Does anyone know if you
Can access trailhead right now?

Great hike with a nice view

Great day and view from the summit despite some smoke

Road to trailhead is still closed!

we were lucky that the trail was dry when we went, still quite muddy though. not very well marked, lots of other trails running through it but we followed the orange/pink tape, found our way easily. easy hike, well worth it! it was neat to see a part of history!

FYI. We tried but logging roads are closed due to extreme fire hazard so we couldn't get up to trail head.

This was a tough hike but the reward is so worth it! The view at the top it unreal! Took the judges route up

on Canso Crash Site Trail

6 months ago

Mud gets really thick at some points and becomes difficult to maneuver about halfway in... Got one leg stuck, after that didn’t really care much about keeping clean, so prepare to get a little messy

7 months ago

awesome historical distination. passed by a big round hole full of water (where the plane's munitions were blown up). VERY boggy trail, follow the ropes

7 months ago

My favourite trail in the area. Moderate and close to city. Give yourself 2 hours round trip. Sign the book in the cairn and take time to breathe in the beauty

Great trial, love that it’s good for dogs too! Not easy, but not hard either. Loving the views!!

I would definitely rate this trail as easy!

8 months ago

This is one of my favourite Kamloops trails! Dog friendly, with a beautiful view at the end! Make sure to pack water for you and your dog though, it gets quite hot even in the spring and fall.

Be ready for mud and trail that is tough to follow at times. But fun to do and a good adventure!

9 months ago

Saturday, December 30, 2017

It was muddy, but due to the cold weather some bits were frozen, so we were fine in regular boots, though I could see it getting messy if the climate was warmer.
However, Milo my French bulldog was in desperate need of a bath afterwards.

The hike took us longer than expected because we had to manoeuvre around the puddles but that was half of the fun! It was neat to see the old plane sitting there among the trees. After a cup a tea to warm us up and a few photo ops we made our way back.

Overall we had a great time doing this hike and would definitely do it again. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It is a muddy hike but worth it to see that plane sitting there on the side of the mountain

Saturday, November 25, 2017

You will need to park at Radar Hill and hike 1/2 ml along the highway. No places to park on the road. Also need knee hi boots bc the mud is that deep.

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