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Short easy trail for a walk along the Deschutes River. Recommend early morning or evening. Can get hot, very little shade.

go early or late evening, can get warm
very little shade.


This doesn’t need another review but I had such a good time I simply must. Every second of this trail is breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, this hike is not easy, but it’s a killer work out if you move at a good pace. I think this was a fluke incident but a few falling rocks came down from the peak as I descended and could have ended badly for me if I wasn’t paying attention, make sure to be cautious of your steps and surroundings as the trail is narrow. If you only have time for one hike here, do this hike! You won’t regret it.

Good for all ages! The views were awesome! The other hikers were friendly and that made the day that much better!

7 days ago

Nice quick hike to an overlook of the lake. Definitely worth the time. Roughly 1.5 hr round trip plus photo and snack time. High traffic

8 days ago


9 days ago

Gorgeous panoramic views of crater lake at the top, and amazing views the whole way. Very steep in the beginning- would consider it more strenuous. Great spots along the way to take in the views and enjoy lunch.

trail running
10 days ago

Exactly as advertised. This trail is a nice, short distance with beautiful views. Definitely a must at sunset!

Stunning views and great bang for your buck! A very short (less than 10 mins) walk from the parking lot to the lookout, for amazing views over the lake. We were there about lunchtime on the 4th July and miraculously had the lookout to ourselves for about 20 minutes while we ate lunch.

Went on this hike today and it was beautiful! There is still a little bit of snow along the trail but it's off to the sides and the whole trail is open. A little steep on the way up in some parts but really not too bad. Recommend hiking shoes as it is pretty rocky.

12 days ago

Very glad we did this. The high peak offers a nice view down into the lake. At the top turn around and see an alpine meadow you did not expect. There are a lot of people doing the trail but significantly less than the shoulder to shoulder people on the rim. Chance to get away

12 days ago

A gentle easy loop around this very pleasant lake. Great views of Mount Lassen that reflect on the surface of the water. Ducks and fish and deers in abundance.

The hike from the bottom of the cone to the top is a little hard because of the gravel. Took me 30 mins to hike up and less than 10 mins down. The experience of walking inside a volcano was exhilarating. Bring lots of water since there is no shade along the hike.

19 days ago

Probably the best hike if you could only choose one. Some sleep parts but the views are well worth it and you can grab some food at the lodge upon completing the hike, Great to be away from people in parking lots as they take photos of the lake, feels more special from up above.

Made it to the peak early Tuesday morning. Amazing view. Absolutely breathtaking. Marvelous breakfast for a swamp of hungry mosquitoes.

20 days ago

I did this hike this weekend with my mom, sister (age 11) and son (age 4). I would say the first part of the trail is easy/moderate (due to the terrain) and then climbing up to the peak is hard. It was pretty at the top even with the smoke but I would not do this hike again and did not actually enjoy it (and I hike A LOT). Mainly because of the terrain you have to walk on. When you are headed up, you take a step forward just to slide back. With all that being said though we made it to the top and into the crater. It is nice (and a cool experience) when you get up there and I am happy we did it since we were there but wouldn’t do again.

21 days ago

Awesome hike! The crowd was very minimal compared to other national parks I've visited!

Didn’t make it to the top, but 3/4 of the way up was able to catch a GREAT view.

22 days ago

This trail was awesome! There were amazing views of Crater Lake the entire time. It is a must do trail!!

Easy and beautiful

Superbly maintained, clearly marked, easy trail with excellent footing and a gin- clear high mountain lake at the end. We (both retired & one Medicare eligible for many years) arrived there in less than an hour of walking, despite taking numerous photos of Mt Lassen along the way. Water is chilly but swimmable, as we chatted with two young women who were enjoying the activity on an otherwise hot day.

Lovely panoramic view. not too strenuous.

I did this hike on 6-19-18. There is a danger sign because of snow. There is only one tricky part at the very end where its pretty steep and you have to climb up snow. Bring trekking poles or use a stick like I did. Otherwise most of the snow is gone. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Just go slow up the cone itself - take breaks every 25-30 meters to turn around and look at the amazing view. Husband and I did it on a whim - not experienced hikers and not used to the elevation (we live at 30’ about sea level). Took about 38 minutes to amble from parking lot to cone and then 30 minutes to slow climb up it. Spectacular views. Was windy and cold up there. Would do again. Fantastic.

1 month ago

I did this trail on Jun 16. Most of the trail ~90% was clear of snow. The remaining portion with patches of snow was also very easy to walk through. The view was absolutely worth it at the top.

1 month ago

We did this one yesterday. As previously mentioned, there is a trail closed sign about 1/4 way up, but everybody continued passed it. About 3/4 way up, there is a 100 yard snowfield but the path is easily seen and crossed. Just short of the top, there is a more challenging snowfield perhaps 50 yards long. It’s easier going up then down. That being said, my 12 year old daughter, an avid hiker, had no issues. The short remaining trail to the top is no problem.

I had an outstanding time at Lassen. There were only a handful of people in the park it seemed all morning. So peaceful! I decided to take a lap around the lake and get some shots after I finished Mill Creek

absolutely love this hike!! , its more like 4 miles round trip ,1/5 mile of CONE lol feels like more tho haha.. the cone is tough at times to keep good footing , just keep a steady pace and dnt look up lol , and you'll make it.. under 15 min no breaks for me but everyone has there pace ..I find that stepping in the footsteps of others helps , slightly more compacted .. be safe enjoy , and please stick to the trail , help maintain the preserved beauty of this amazing place .. get up and get out there !!

1 month ago

Just hiked this trail today- June 7 2018. The trail was closed off about a third of the way up, but we ignored it with caution and kept hiking. Made it less than a quarter mile from the peak before the snow actually got too deep to hike without crampons or snowshoes. As we were headed back down, a couple more groups were just making their way past the warning signs. The seclusion and views at the top were definitely worth taking the trail as far as we could go.

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