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Wenatchee National Forest, WA Map

We did this trail 12/08/18. Beautiful beginner trail to practice snowshoeing with little avalanche danger and nice lake at the top.

2 months ago

WAY steeper than I anticipated, little longer too. Wow oh wow on the view though! The lookout itself was shut up so couldn’t inside it, however it was a gorgeous day so it was really unneeded. Like I said, for the duration of the hike it is very steep, you’ve been warned. A lot of hikes towards the end get that steep but not for the whole darn thing ... lol ... enjoy

3 months ago

Wonderful autumn outing to the second lake/cabin. Trail in good shape and perfect seasonal colors today.

3 months ago

hiked in Cady ridge and stayed at Sally Ann lake since there is water here. we were planning to hike to white pass, but due to heavy clouds and rain we hiked down Cady creek trail. saw lots of thru hikers. even with clouds there were beautiful fall colors (Sept 21) and TONS of blueberries! beautiful hike, limited water up Cady ridge, great trail to connect to the PCT. we made it in a prius but did hit the bottom on 2 rocks.

Pretty decent and I crowded home at this time of year. You get some really great views of the mountains. The lakes are nothing special but there is a cool old forestry cabin up top. Worth the time but there are much better options around. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

extremely beautiful and moderate traffic. plenty of water along the way. most of the trail is hardpacked and easy terrain. everyone on the trail was very friendly.

4 months ago

Great views at the top on both sides of the ridge that you’re hiking along, bugs were nonexistent (September 1) and it was a relatively easy hike after the first half mile or so.

Lakes are beautiful. It’s about 15 minutes south of surprise lake till you reach glacier. There are a ton of bugs at the lake but they don’t bite

I hiked it July 1st. i did it, but i am a climber. There will be to much snow (dangerous) until about mid July unless you have an ice axe and know how to use it. Nice hike with nice views. The trail, before I hit the snow, was in good shape.3 miles is a really short trail.

Road was closed 1 mile past the turn off onto FS 6550. Up until that point the road was in really good shape.

Spectacular views of Glacier Peak.

We clocked 7 miles and 1200’ of gain. The hike in was more note worthy than the lakes. Don’t get me wrong the lakes were nice but the views of the craggy mountains hiking in were amazing. The trail gets a little over grown once you get closer to the lakes but not to bad. Yea there were pockets of mosquitoes along the way but that should be expected at this time. We did this on a Sunday and we didn’t see a soul on the way up or down.

6 months ago

1. Payoff - the view at the lake is beautiful and worth it in my opinion (not worth it in my husbands opinion - he hated this hike). The foliage on the way is also quite lovely.
2. Solitude - we hiked on a Saturday morning (8:30 to 10:45) and never saw a single person on the trail or at the trailhead.
3. Beat the heat - trail is shaded almost the entire way and the temp was 10 degrees cooler than in Leavenworth when we were there.

1. Two thirds of this hike are a straight up climb. Yes, seriously.
2. The entire trail is swarming with mosquitos. We wore permethrin-treated clothing and picaridin and were still harassed the whole way, so be prepared to fight for your life.
3. There are large sections of this trail that are almost completely overgrown, so if you hate bush-whacking (like my husband) then this may not be the trail for you.

6 months ago

It’s almost 2 miles each way and it’s not very easy. Nice trail and the lake is very beautiful. Once you reach the lake go to the left and and pass the creek to access the lake and for a better view.

Little overgrown in areas. Still a lot of snow at the top.

Great hike. Lots of snow still at the top. Well worth the hike up.

6 months ago

June 23: Lovely walk with rewarding views and varied terrain. Bring bug spray.

6 months ago

Fun but moderately strenuous hike! There’s some exciting stream crossing, log walking, and overgrown areas. But there’s no more snow! Still some mud, recommend waterproof shoes and maybe a stick to help you get past the narrow prickle bush sections. Lake is beautiful but still a little chilly, very relieved I brought a jacket to put on once I was there.

off road driving
7 months ago

I got all the way up to the trailhead with no real issue ... the parking lot ... or what I would assume is the parking lot is still a snow pack ... I DID NOT do the trail itself ... so no idea what the conditions where above parking. I did not even know it was there and was not prepared to actually hike.

Drive was awesome though! A couple real cool places to turn your vehicle vertical if your brave enough.

My guess is that is is freaking awesome to hike it though based on the scenery from the road alone ... now that I know it is there ... I will be back for sure a little later in the year.

Fab hike but not easy! Not recommended for kids. The way up is intermediate/hard because it’s a lot of ascending and the trail isn’t always obvious. But keep looking at the map for the right direction when you feel a bit lost and you will easily find the trail back again (after battling some bushes, going over logs or stepping over small water streams - it’s an adventurous one!).

Park your car at the huge parking lot from where you can see a building/Nordic centre, you can find the trail opposite it where the road goes up a bit. After some forest you will reach a hilly area which has a huge power tower which feels a bit scary - ascend up the hill where the tower is, pass underneath it, and continue the trail into the forest.

Then it is mostly ascending through the forest. Bring water! It’s tough but fun (keep the lake at the end in mind!). We had some snow about 3/4 in, but it was mostly compact and we managed in trainers and careful walking.

It took us 60 min to get to the lake. When you reach the lake you can find some logs (at the bottom!) of the stream to pass it for better views.

The way down (same route) is a lot easier. Really enjoyed this hike and would recommend - but don’t expect an easy stroll! :)

Nice hike! I definitely wouldn't rated as easy though. Little bit of snow on the trail but easy to follow still. Beautiful lake, so worth it.

7 months ago

I saw this hike on the app just as I was losing cell signal. The trailhead is not easy to find but it's directly opposite the Nordic Center building.

After a short jaunt in the forest, I ended up on a service road and then underneath a huge powerline tower that audibly buzzes. Looked for neon-colored plastic flags to help you find the trail.

Back under the trees, snow covered the trail for most of the remainder of the hike, sometimes several feet. Because of that, I lost the trail several times but eventually re-joined the path.

Lots of downed trees around the lake made it tough to move around the shore but it's quite a spectacular view.

Maybe, it's easier when the snow is all melted, but I would not rate this hike as EASY. It was satisfying though.

8 months ago

The trail was hard to read, I ended up turning back. I was not prepared enough. Thanks I did a recording to find my way back.

scenic driving
8 months ago

Tried to get to the trail head, still covered in snow. Multiple cars were stuck including trucks. Was excited but going to wait a few more weeks.

11 months ago

Started hiking this trail from the Nordic center. The first 1 mile or so feels like you’re going straight up. There is still a lot of snow which most of it is compressed. I was able to do it in regular hiking shoes. As my gf and I arrived to the lake, it was frozen over! We were able to walk over it, but it felt risky. Anyways, overall good short hike!

DO NOT TRY THIS HIKE IF YOUR NOT PREPARED , it's easy to loose track and it is a hard hike , got lost twice and turned back half way .
there are no humans along the way and it's pure forest packed with a lot and a lot of snow .
I will give it another try during summer time when there is more day light .

This was truly beautiful in the summer. Our 6 year old was able to do it. Not sure why it's rated hard. It's long but there is only one hill that is crazy steep. the best blueberries ever are at the final destination.

This hike probably deserves more stars in the summer as these lakes are quite beautiful. Its really hard to access the lake with snow shoes as there are many obstacles in the final stretch creating hazards. Its a great workout and it was a fun hike as well. We broke trail and burned some calories. I would drive a little further and do Lake Valhalla from Stevens Pass instead. Its about a mile longer each way but a better hike in my eyes.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Our first snowshoe trip with our family. Even though it was overcast, it was beautiful. We arrived early and were the first on the trail.

Three years ago. This was my wife and I first time snowshoeing, what a trip! We want to go back during the spring to hike our path to see the difference between snow and trail. Most fun we have every had snowshoeing. Not recommended for a first timer, we were lucky during the winter time and were a couple of greenhorns as they come. Read up on area difficulty and know what your getting into. Awesome place to go!!

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