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Wenatchee National Forest, WA Map
1 month ago

Started hiking this trail from the Nordic center. The first 1 mile or so feels like you’re going straight up. There is still a lot of snow which most of it is compressed. I was able to do it in regular hiking shoes. As my gf and I arrived to the lake, it was frozen over! We were able to walk over it, but it felt risky. Anyways, overall good short hike!

DO NOT TRY THIS HIKE IF YOUR NOT PREPARED , it's easy to loose track and it is a hard hike , got lost twice and turned back half way .
there are no humans along the way and it's pure forest packed with a lot and a lot of snow .
I will give it another try during summer time when there is more day light .

This was truly beautiful in the summer. Our 6 year old was able to do it. Not sure why it's rated hard. It's long but there is only one hill that is crazy steep. the best blueberries ever are at the final destination.

This hike probably deserves more stars in the summer as these lakes are quite beautiful. Its really hard to access the lake with snow shoes as there are many obstacles in the final stretch creating hazards. Its a great workout and it was a fun hike as well. We broke trail and burned some calories. I would drive a little further and do Lake Valhalla from Stevens Pass instead. Its about a mile longer each way but a better hike in my eyes.

2 months ago

Our first snowshoe trip with our family. Even though it was overcast, it was beautiful. We arrived early and were the first on the trail.

Three years ago. This was my wife and I first time snowshoeing, what a trip! We want to go back during the spring to hike our path to see the difference between snow and trail. Most fun we have every had snowshoeing. Not recommended for a first timer, we were lucky during the winter time and were a couple of greenhorns as they come. Read up on area difficulty and know what your getting into. Awesome place to go!!

3 months ago

Good 2.5 hour snowshoe in and 1.5 hours back. Signage good but mainly followed the trail footprints. Not many people there today. Nice view of the lake and mountains at top.

5 months ago

Nice, intimate and charming trail. Very light traffic; we were the only ones there that day. Got caught in heavy rain, but it was still a good hike and view of the lake.

steep but rewarding..

Absolutely beautiful

6 months ago

Perfect hike! Enough uphill to get your heart pounding. Great lake at the end to take a quick swim.

Trail follows creek closely much of the time. Tough last mile and a half. Surprise Lake: gorgeous little trout filled lake. Lots of flies/mosquitoes mid-August. Good campsites; less crowded than Glacier. Great hiking up to meadows and boulder field south of Glacier. Pika world.

Pretty and rewarding. Awesome tiny blueberries along the way. I calculated 8 miles.

Surprise Creek? More like Some-Flies Creek!!! (Get it? GET IT?!?!) Be prepared for the bugs...
The trail is not clearly- marked- you pass through a rail-road yard (which is private land) to access it. The trail appeared to be well- maintained. We hiked on a sunny Sunday in July and we only saw maybe 8 other people- which was great! The elevation gain is spread out nicely- some long stretches of low grade punctuated by some steeper climbs. Hiking poles would come in handy since there are a lot of boulders, roots and stumps to scramble over. We want to do this again in the fall when the flies have gone away...

Hiked to Surprise Lake today Wednesday July 26th. Pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the lake, so sweet under the blue sky, large, quite, with many big rocks to rest on. One of the most beautiful lakes! Its a lot of harder than I expected but I am a wimp.
1) direction to trailhead not clear, but you are not far after freeway exit, cross the railroad, and turn right on a maintenance road, a small parking lot is a couples of minutes away.
2) a LOTS of bugs, so hose down bug spray and long sleeve shirts and pants
3) from surprise lake, another 3/4 of miles to a bigger lake, glacier lake and PTC, I didn't do it

So beautiful, worth all the bug bites.

The first half of the trail was so nice then it got really hard. When we got to the the first lake there was nowhere to get in. It would be nice to go up to where you cross the creek then turn back.

Well worth the hike. The first mile, the trail was clear. Had to cross the creek by walking over a log which seemed pretty stable. Get ready to climb after the creek cross until you reach the lake. (whew) The spawning shed was cool to see, but continue on the trail and it will led to the 2nd lake. Trail was a little over grown in places, but as people use the trail it shpuld thin out. Enjoy

8 months ago

My wife and I joined our group to hike to Scorpion Mountain. The weather was sunny and hot. Many flowers were blooming. Bugs were annoying.

We drove east on US-2 from Monroe and turned left to Beckler Road 0.8 mile past Skykomish. After about 7 miles on Beckler Road the pavement ends and the road becomes a gravel road. Soon we turned sharply right to FR 6520. The road is in good condition except some overgrown bushes. You need to drive carefully if you don’t want to scratch your car. There is a Y intersection at 3.7 mile from Beckler Road where you take left. Then after 5.6 miles on FR 6520 stay right at a hair pin curve. We were the first to park at the small parking lot at 10 am. Another car followed us to the trailhead. There is no toilet or “forest pass required” sign at the trailhead.

We started hiking soon after 10 am. There is a new bulletin board. We registered for our entry into Henry M. Jackson Wilderness Area. The trail was in good condition except for four trees down across the trail and several snow patches to cross in the second half of the trail. Three of the trees are passable by stepping over them and the fourth tree can be crawled under it. The snow patches are disappearing quickly and flowers are blooming. But the bugs were annoying. I had seven bug bites even though I used bug spray.

We reached the summit around 12:45 pm at a leisurely pace. We enjoyed mountain views and wildflowers such as glacier lilies, Sitka valerians, arnicas, lupines, and many more.

We left the summit at 1:30 pm and returned to our car by 3:45 pm. My car’s temperature gage said 86 F.

Bring a lot of water, sun screen and bug repellant.

8 months ago

There's still snow covering sections of the trail after you cross the power line road, but very passable in just boots.

9 months ago

Mosquitoes were brutal this weekend. Nice viewpoint into the valley about a 1 1/2 miles from the TH. Trail is overgrown in several sections around the lake.

9 months ago

Road to the trail is a narrow, winding 9 mile road. There is an overhanging tree about 6 miles up coming across the road. It is passable but takes a little maneuvering to squeeze through. The trail itself is in pretty good shape and the views are incredible.

9 months ago

I absolutely love this hike, it's doesn't take that long and is fairly easy with great views!

9 months ago

It was a challenge for me could not make it all the way up due to ice. Beautiful scenery. Would do it again.

We tried this trail today (June 10 2017). Few things to note if you go...tl:dr BEAR ALERT
(1) driving directions seem "wrong" as you pull in following google maps because its pretty unmarked and you pass over train tracks to a unmaintained bumpy gravel road. Don't worry - you are going the right way
(2) once entering the trailhead take note that about .25 to .5 miles in the maintenance trail continues straight but trail veers left (theres a sign indicating incase you are like us and werent paying attention)
(3) we ran into a bear on the maintenance trail going between trailhead parking and left veer mentioned above. Luckily friendly and scared, about 200-250 lb brown bear. He/she scurried off once we made our presence known and continued watching us at a distance
(4) still lots of snow, sometimes running into downed trees to traverse. did not make it to the lake, mostly because i was tired and didnt have the right snowboots on for tracking to the lake. Became difficult approx 1000 ft from lake

10 months ago

I came out here expecting a HARD hike. I'd rate it a lot more on the side of moderate. The trail map and details listed here are only half the hike, to the creek crossing, which is very high this time of year and not something you can rock hop or wade. Just go about 100 feet upstream and cross on the downed trees, they're a perfect gift from nature. A few avalanche slopes to cross but there's little snow remaining, maybe a foot, and the trail was a little less than obvious to find at times, but still not anything I'd call really hard. Consult a map or GPS unless you have super tracking skills, especially if this is the only resource you're using. Had the trail to ourselves except a few deer and a coyote, and heard some rocks falling in the distance. Anyone else in the area was there to fish White river. Nice hike.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Excellent snowshoe trail for short winter days.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

This trail is superrrrr hard to find but worth the search. I went and saw not a single sole. Me and my dog had the whole trail to ourselves. About half of the trail is overgrown so you can't be afraid of to almost bush whack your way to the lakes. There is also not a very good spot to go swimming on either lake. This hike is hard... A lot harder than what I thought.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Twin Lakes...8 miles out and back with about 2000 feet elevation change. Would rate on the easier side of hard or the more difficult side of medium. Colors are out now but not at peak. Nice spot for lunch at the first lake. Saw three other groups today. Worth the trip. Trail a bit overgrown in spots.

Great short out-and-back. Went on Labor Day weekend. It was a bit cold around the lake, but otherwise a steady climb from bottom to top. Found a good campsite, although we didn't have a view of the lake (those were already taken). Lots of bees humming around the ground at the lake, so not recommended if you have a serious allergy! They didn't really bother us but we could hear the constant hum. Worth a return visit for swimming!

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