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Bridle Veils is not bad, go on ahead to the Lake to make it worth it.

Found out when we got back to the car that there are 2 trails, one on each side of the road. we took the trail that goes to the waterfall, on the west side of the road. the other trail looks like it goes up into the rocks. it was a very easy walk. I wouldn't rate this as moderate at all. we did wander off the trail on the way back from the waterfall. not a very exciting "walk", but the rocks were amazing.

Nice views at the top. Lots of switchbacks in the beginning with minimum views, Getting to the top is worth it.

15 days ago

Nice hike with breathtaking meadow views. Ended at the lake with a light lunch. September was the perfect time to go.

15 days ago

Great strenuous hike on a beautiful day and what a view.

21 days ago

Last weekend of March had too much snow at the top. So we turned an 8 mile loop into a 7 mile round trip out and back. It got pretty windy. Bring layers.

The scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect. The hike gets very steep when you get closer the the top. My friends and myself didn’t make it to the top. I wouldn’t recommend for new hikers.

It was an amazing trail. There was snow about half way up, but even hiking in sneakers was doable. Completely worth the view.

it is a amazing trail

Took the family up this trail and a sign says it is closed until 7/08/18. I am excited to come back this summer and give it another try.

Wore spikes but didn’t necessarily need them most of the way. Beneficial going up in some places this time of year. View from the top was spectacular. Would definitely do it again!

My first time there, made it about halfway up I guess. a lot of snow and with the elevation, that was a lot for me. hope to do it again soon and be able to make it to the top.

Beautiful hike and not very challenging. You cross lots of streams so be sure to wear waterproof shoes or bring an extra pair. Be prepared to climb a small waterfall or two to get to the big one!

It was a good trail and good waterfall

Beautiful hike!

It doesn't get any better than this! Microspikes and good music. I forgot to hit record, but it was a grand time! Cool people to say hi to at the top too.

Great fitness outing. Played around on crampons, but it was a little more on the micro spike side of trail conditions. Slick at the top (except not at all with crampons). Nice to just get out really quick. Fantastic partners for the outing.

Trail up to the falls is in great condition. Stream crossing are shallow compared to a few weeks ago. Some icey rocks but not enough for spikes.

Arriving to the top is the most satisfying views you can get for an adrenaline junkie. I absolutely loved this hike. It was moderately easy and fun to do. Amazing scenery along the way. Great for families, friends, and pets who's down for an adventure. The path ways are clear and visible to see. Beautiful hike. One of my favorites.

Beautiful day for a hike. We brought our dog this afternoon and took our time, definitely enjoyed the views. The path was well-maintained, totally clear of any snow, and was relatively dry. The falls were absolutely beautiful. We made sure to sit at the top while the sun set—so quiet and peaceful. We got a late start so we didn’t get to see Lake Serene, but we’ll be back soon to give that trail a try.

4 months ago

Beautiful with all the snow! Got lucky with a sunny day, so views of the mountains around were great. Definitely would come here again.

4 months ago

A fantastic short hike with kids in carriers. Absolutely stunning with a light dusting of snow.

If significant rain is forecasted for the area, consider doing this hike on another day, particularly if you aren't wearing appropriate rain gear (water proof hiking boots and gaiters). By mid afternoon on this very rainy day, prior easily crossable streams on the trail became much wider. One stream reached a depth of 8-10 inches and at least 10 feet across with rushing water, which made it impossible to cross without fully immersing your boots. Hiking poles would have been helpful to improve stability while crossing this stream. We look forward to coming back to try the hike again in more cooperative weather.

4 months ago

Easy scenic hike. Great for families.

Great bang for your buck on the effort it takes to get up there vs how beautiful the falls are! You can get so close to them.

The waterfall was roaring today. Couldn't get a picture from the lower viewing area because one would get soaked in a short time from all the water spray, it was that intense.

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4 months ago

Hiked today. The trail was super wet in parts and some of the bridges were down, but I was still able to hike it all. No snow right now. Still as pretty as ever!

5 months ago

Easy hike, beautiful scenery

this is a fun trail if you are looking for a quick hike. The view from up top is good with a view up tumwater canyon and the Leavenworth area. great cardio work out.

beautiful views of the Leavenworth area. great hike

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