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There are many trails of many varying distances and difficulty levels throughout Kennesaw Mtn trail network. I go regularly and have not tired of it three years on. I enjoy taking friends and family who visit the area, as it is often their favorite activity that we do in the NW burbs. Definitely some challenging stretches. TAKE WATER.

Easy and great for kids. A little crowded. View are nice, but overlooking a road and chicken farm:(

From the amazing spillway to the elevation gains this walk is well worth your time. Big Creek (Vickery Creek) boast a number of beautiful wildflowers and wildlife.

Mostly foggy and Rain. Passing front, dropping temperatures to Mid 50's.

4 days ago

Hiking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once we got around to the smaller bridge we took a paved trail back. Beware this looks easy but has a long steep section that was very tiring. It pops you out on a street in front of a park and neighborhood that is next to the main entrance and you have to walk the street to get back.

on Vickery Creek Trail

5 days ago

Love this trail. will go back again. Good directions along trail and so pretty.

very nice trail. Worked up a sweat! We went down some stairs and just hiked all by the side of the creek,river? Was pretty challenging going thru all the rocks and tree roots. Loved it! I was kind of upset that there was a gate and couldn't go down to the ruins. I thought you were able to go down there but it was locked. Oh well,we enjoyed this park Alot! Clean and well marked.

Completed red trail and part of white. Great walk along Sweetwater Creek! Go to the end of red trail to begin a more arduous walk along the white.

Local favorite. Great workout with rewarding views!

Excellent trail! View at the top of the mountain is beautiful! Easy for all ages. And will definitely get your heart rate up.

18 days ago

Another nice hike close to the city. Didn’t see many people when we first set out at 10 but more trafficked as we finished at noon.

Easy and scenic trail in the heart of Roswell. Will make you feel like you left traffic behind.

Foggy and misty.

25 days ago

Good trail to hike with inclines that are challenging though not too long. Many rocks make foot placement awareness a must! Hike on!!!

1 month ago

Several paths to take form long to short easy to moderate. Wildlife....birds, deer......snakes near the water. One of the paths cuts through a neighborhood. That’s kind of cool.

Nice super easy hike!

Love this place, easy trail and an amazing view if you make it all the way to the top!

Great hike! As others say it’s more challenging than some other “moderate” hikes with a decent amount of incline and rocky paths. Most of the challenge is front loaded, assuming you choose to start straight up Pigeon Hill (clockwise on this map). Also worth noting the visitors center with restrooms is about 3.5 miles in. It is on the more crowded side, so if being alone on the trail is your thing, then this one isn’t for you.

Definitely beautiful views if you have good visibility that day. Free parking with lots of available spots. Lots of room when you get to the top. Not a hard trail at all, I would classify this as easy instead of moderate. This would be a great running trail.

I recommend you go early, this is a very popular area. The parking was full by 10am.

One of my favorite hikes I have done! Definitely would rate it hard

My two year old and I did a little of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail (just to the ruins) last week and it was great! Plenty easy for her, and wasn’t difficult for me to do with her on a carrier either! It’s a wonderful park!

Good place to clear your mind.

Not difficult at all. We had a hiker for whom this was her first hike ever. She found this to be easy

Relatively flat with only one area that will make you breathe very hard. Does not contain many roots or rocks that can twist ankles. Not a very scenic route but the length makes it very nice for getting in shape.

Great view close to town

The Indian Seats Trail is 3.2 miles and has nice views with food incline. I usually hike the three Hilltop, Mountainside, Ridgeline Trail Loop which is another 5 miles. Both together would make it a little over 8 miles. If your really trying to put in miles you can hike both loops twice and maybe on the second go around you can do it the other way for a different look. That would be almost 16.5 miles in that case.

great trail and hike. peaceful..

Love it

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