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Great trail, no see wildlife but lots of tracks, hikers camp at Gila river intersection is excellent. Beautiful area

Epic! like one of the other post side two biodiversity between the forks is just amazing! Went for 3 Days 2 nights, 1st night camp at no fish Lake, on the west fork. the next day bagged North Truchas Peak. Then walked the skyline divide trail. Seen Bristlecone Pine on the edge of Chimayosos peak. Lots of big horn sheep. Came down the middle fork. Definitely going back next summer.

Aside from the piece of shit yelling "LINDA" for an hour strait, it was pretty cool. Next time you lose someone dude, GO LOOK FOR THEM. You pretty much ruined the serenity of this spot for everyone. Expect to see a lot of people on this trail during the weekend. Hot springs are more warm than hot.

A great backpacking/hiking destination. The fall foliage here is amazing. There are some great camping spots about 4 mi in on the west fork trail. Plenty of water there and on the way up. Check out the beaver dam in the area and hike to Chimayosos Peak, the falls or one of the lakes if your up to a strenuous day hike. I’ve backpacked here several times and will definitely be back.

Fantastic trail. In my opinion, doesn’t get much better than this.

We hiked a little more than 4 miles in and found a nice lunch spot on the river. You will hike for a good 2 mile before the trail is beside the creek. We saw a couple deer and only passed three other hikers. Great day to be among the changing Aspen leaves.

Great Hike went in at 1:30pm was hot the 1st 2 miles in with no shade, then once you get past the 2 mile marker it gets better. Stayed overnight at the springs and hiked out in the AM. No snakes but did see fresh cougar tracks.

watch out for rattlesnakes, they are out there, be careful.....my fourth time out here, and its the first time we saw one , happy trails

Best hike of our trip. My wife and I started and finished at the Jud Wiebe trailhead. Moderate-Hard. The hardest part for us was the saddle. Slippery (small dry gravel) and steep on the way up and rock hopping in the way down. We saw some marmots, and 1 other person! This was mid September, 2016.

Early September 2018. Great hike! We started at 2pm and got to the Hot Springs around 5:45pm after taking a few of breaks. The hike starts out with a gradual uphill for about 1 hr, then 1hr downhill into a canyon until you reach the fork of Little Bear Canyon and Middle Fork. No water in the first twi hours. Though the hard copy map shows to not cross Middle Fork yet, it seems like that trail hasn’t been used in a while, cross it and just follow it, all the way around. It then took us almost 2 hours to reach the hot springs. The only hard thing was that we didn’t know how far we were going and even though it’s all flat, you are slowed down the river crossings. Once we got there all the good flat camp spots were taken, but we found a good one nested up in the river bank, so we camp here. Went into the hot springs in the morning (very nice in the beginning, then they were warm) and then took off. We got lucky, no storms while we were there, though you could see them creeping nearby. It seems as if these thunderstorms are unpredictable. We did get stuck in a hail storm the night before but this was 30-40min out from the Visitor’s Center on highway 15. The Middle Fork water was fine, we brought aquamira drops and used them a few times. The water was clear. Note that water is used upstream. No signs of bears, cougars, nor wolves. Only birds, squirrels, and lots of frogs. Would definitely come back to do more than one night. Have fun!

What a beautiful easy hike the first 6 miles... then we turned around... and just as beautiful going back.

17 miles roundtrip from my campsite at priest gulch campground. I did it clockwise. I did this in a day with a 40lb pack as a shakedown hike for an upcoming trip. This was pretty tough to do in a day with 40lbs but would have been more enjoyable with a daypack or It would make a good overnight trip. I was here in September and there was water about the first 3 miles then everything was dried up. First half of the trail is mostly wooded and uphill. Second half is mostly meadows with views of the mountains near telluride I think, downhill, and a lot of cows. I saw a few deer, pheasant, and three bears. Trail was in good condition and I saw one other day hiker, a group of backpackers, and a group of guys on dirt bikes.

Just finished this solo. 4 day 3 night. Amazing trail. Well marked with minimal deadfall. I did counterclockwise up Beaty’s to Skyline then West to Jack’s creek South. Didn’t summit anything as the weather was schizophrenic. Rained and hailed 80% of the time, so, plenty of water. Woke to ice covered everything on day 3. Lots of thunder and lightning shows. Had a coyote play hide and seek for a couple of miles on day one.
Will return.

Absolutely stunning. Worth the river crossings and feels good after hiking for a bit. Pack hiking shoes and then sandals along with poles to help with the cross.

Best trail I've ever hiked in the 10 years I've been hiking.

off road driving
2 months ago

Mostly a maintained road along the Animas River. Started at mine and drove to Silverton. Was last leg of day long drive.

It’s an interesting hike because you’re going through a diverse scenery on your way to the springs. However be warned, you will be wading through the Gila river multiple times, at least knee deep

on Stony Pass

off road driving
2 months ago

Love this trail

off road driving
2 months ago

Nice views and then follow along Rio Grande headwaters

Strenuous, but beautiful (and prime fishing).

not near canine, off of the West fork of the Dolores road.

I may not be socially acceptable with the hikers and mtn bikers but I also ride a trail bike, legal in July and August, on this trail. Huge aspens, views wildlife and a few streams and few miles of road in the middle to cool off. I had a 650 dr dualsport with loaded saddlebags (not recommended) but still made the ride through and really enjoyed it. I checked surfing for the category in hopes they will put a trail bike category in someday.

Very beautiful trail. seems to be some discrepancies in the mileage but worth it. Making it to the lake in one day is doable, but hard if you are not used to the elevation. Will definitely be back in the future

Easy driving with amazing views. The ghost town was so cool. There are also a few vault toilets along the way.

Absolutely beautiful trail! We started on Jud Weibe (Aspen Street trailhead), then took a left at Deep Creek and shortly after that a right onto Mill Creek. Followed the path shown to the high point, into the meadow and across and then completed the loop on Deep Creek to end up back where we started. (There are other routes down as well.) Following that route the ascent was fairly steep in parts and the descent easy-going. Took about 8 hours at a decent clip so bring enough food and water. Lots of great views, alpine meadows, aspen forest, waterfalls.... The scenery is constantly changing, keeping things interesting. Good idea to take rain gear given unpredictable weather patterns (we hiked through rain for a while). The trail is well marked and easy to follow, a short stretch of scree to be navigated right after the high point. Highly recommend!

Awesome trail. A little bit bumpy at the beginning because of the rocks, but once you get to the hot springs it really pays off. We camped about 4 miles deep into the trail and it was beautiful. We saw a fox, two deers and a snake. No signs of bear or wolves. Really amazing place if you want to be far from civilization.

off road driving
3 months ago

Pretty simple trail, ran in 2 wheel drive; most vehicles could do well. Lots of mining debris, fantastic scenery.

Really nice long hike. Several places with amazing views! Do the loop back down Deep Creek and Mill Creek. I logged 14.3 miles with the loop and the hike down was quite lovely. I can’t imagine going back the way I came. This hike as an out and back would be at least 16 miles. There is no parking for more than 2 hours at the trailhead. I parked on the street anyway and didn’t get a ticket.

I hiked the Cimarrona trail from the trailhead to the junction of Hossick Creek Trail (mile 6.5). The first mile or two is fairly easy, after that is several miles of switchbacks that are moderately steep, though they are long and wind through varied landscapes, becoming increasingly alpine as you progress, so you have some interesting stuff to look at as you climb several thousand feet up from the trailhead. As of this review there are at least 20 large deadfalls on the trail, including some that are very difficult to get around if you are carrying a pack. Overall a good hike with some beautiful view of the local peaks and William's creek reservoir.

Beautiful, peaceful...go on a weekday too avoid a lot of foot traffic, I’m gonna do it again!

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