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Nice small trail. Great for beginners since most of trail is concrete.

45-minutes from north Ft Worth, it's our go-to when we don't have time to go too far, but want a nice walk. Sure it gets busy during the summer months because it is shaded, but it's well worth the time. We take our dachshunds and they have a great time.

4 days ago

Nice trail. Lake on one side. Occasional houses on the other. Nice easy going. Wouldn’t do if it rained; it looks like it gets pretty mucky. Not many people on trail with us.

Love it! My dog loves the trails.

perfect to take a long walk with the dogs and "get lost".

I took my German Shepard out here to burn some energy and we both loved it. The trails are beautiful. Had one issue.... a ladies dog attacked mine for no reason. Keep your dog on a leash if it isn’t friendly towards other animals.

Was really nice. First one we’ve done. Pulled in and parking lot was full, so we were worried. But, found space to ourselves. Nice to have option of dirt trails and paved. Spent 2.5 hours there finding plenty to do.

I enjoyed this trail for running or just out walking your dog

Great trail.

1 month ago

this trail is pretty nice. you can almost double the length if you do the additional section (not shown on this map, but marked at a trail map). Pros: fairly even most of the way, lots of trees and woods, fishing spots on hickory creek, nice little ups and downs, wide enough trail, lots of off trail meandering places. Cons: even after a light rain, trails get pretty muddy. black gumbo + red clay makes most of the trail messy esp after rain showers. loved sharing the trail with horses, but they muck up the trail pretty badly if it's wet. there's a good amount of trash along the way (big trash too, like rusted out metal pieces) which isn't as nice. about 1/3 of the trail is backing up to houses, which isn't my favorite, and a lot of city noises. still, overall, a nice trail for inside the city wandering!

pretty busy in nice weather, but lovely trail.

1 month ago

I visit this trail 2 or 3 times a month, great 2 hour hike on a loop trail. Beautiful scenery.

A great length trail in the Denton area! Usually pretty quiet and shaded. The scenery is pretty consistent as woods for a while but the ends of the trail have beautiful views of the lake!

Nice and easy trail. Saw several others out enjoying the trail. Easy hiking/ walking paths.

trail running
1 month ago

beautiful for trail running. I was a dumb and went right after lunch on a Sunday, so there were tons of people. the only complaint I had were people smoking cigarettes on the trail which was unpleasant, and people taking up the whole trail when they see someone running towards them. but no complaints about the actual trail. really pretty, some nice quick hills, clearly marked.

Great place for a walk with the pups or family. It’s a wonderful little trail for a walk/run

1 month ago

Fun trail with a bit of terrain change but not very diverse in scenery. Perfect for spring or early fall hikes, a nice reprieve from the city and not bad considering there aren’t tons of developed trail systems in the area. Be advised that this is a shared path. Watch out for a multitude of mountain bikers, many of whom think they are riding in the X-Games and don’t bother to announce themselves and expect you to move out of the way for them.

Considering Texas is ridiculously flat this was pretty good! My dog loved it!

Park is absolutely gorgeous. Only managed to hit like 30% of the trails in 8 hours. Will be back to hike and also bike one day.

2 months ago

Easy trail would help more of they had trail signs at intersection of 2 trails!

Amazing backpacking experience rim to (almost) rim to rim. I did this with one other woman and a guide (through Wildland Trekking) last January 2017. It was a 6 day trip. Super gorgeous. I thought the hardest day was the first day descent down S. Kaibob to bright angel campground. My calfs were killing me! We then stayed two nights at Cottonwood Campground and tried to Summit the north rim but it was too snowy. So we explored around the area and then went back to Bright Angel campground for another night and then did the final night at Indian garden campground on the way up the bright angel trail. We had tons of snow. The trails down were even closed because of all the snow that fell while we were in the canyon. For us, that meant snow at the top and rain at the bottom. It was still an amazing time. I highly recommend Wildland Trekking if you're looking for a guided experience. And hiking the GC is winter is so awesome. The snow on the canyon is gorgeous and there are fewer people and no 100 heat!!

Nice walk. I'd say this is more of an easy than a moderate, though.

Very easy, flat trail. There are other connecting routes in the middle and some off-shoots that are not depicted on this map, including one on the far West side that leads to the confluence. If it's rained recently, some trails will be impassable. I hike this trail regularly with my dog and have seen all kinds of creatures, including deer, owls, cranes, one bald eagle sighting back towards the pond, a few snakes, wild hogs, and most recently, a herd of curious cattle that got loose from someone's nearby land (I think they've since been retrieved).

It’s a great and pretty easy trail.

It’s was a very pleasant walk with my dog.

The best backpacking trip I've experienced! Took 5 days to do it. Started down south Kaibab and stayed first night at bright angel campground. Day 2 hiked to cottonwood campground and stayed the night there. Day 3 day hiked to north rim and back and stayed at cottonwood again. Day 4 hiked back to bright angel campground and stayed the night there. Day 5 hiked out via bright angel trail.

The weather was perfect! Never dropped below 45 and the Cottonwoods were turning yellow.

I have bad knees so the hike down the South and North rims were brutal and slow. Did the hike up and out from bright angel campground in a little under 4 hours.

3 months ago

Beautiful lake and view. Number of friendly horseback riders.

FIRST time here and walked the outer loop trail and back. it wad very windy the day we went sio the trees helped break that up but was still enough breeze to be comfortable.

Love the solitude.

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