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An easy hike. A few bluffs and rock outcroppings to see nothing to extraordinary.

Great trail .

8 days ago

Beautiful hike with various terrain changes. We went 11/3, early AM, after rain, many new leaves on paths, if it weren’t for trekking poles would have fallen four times. No ticks, skeeters, spider webs, nice. Trail head (TH) marking, signage poor. We took off from area 1/2 mile off TH. We finally found the TH, which we thought was end of trail but it wasn’t; very confusing! We were temporarily bewildered (lost) and walked 3/4 mile on road to get back to car. Blazing’s are confusing, and not very generous.

Really nice spot. Took 11, 9, and 3 yr olds and they all had a good time. Difficulty is what you make it. Somewhat steep track down a hill to the falls, the rocks on the stream can be tricky if you decide to play around on them, but nothing has to be too crazy if you don’t want it to be and you can still enjoy a great view and environment.

The autumnal colors were stunning when I visited. Trail was great and relatively easy to follow. However, during our trip the multiple water crossings required getting my feet wet as the water was well over the tops of my hiking boots.

9 days ago

Beautiful fall hiking trail!

We hiked this trail twice during the last week of October, 2018. The first day was a perfect sunny fall day. Two days later, we hiked on a cloudy day. On Monday, we saw 8 other hikers on the trail. On Wed, with a threat of rain, we didn’t see any other hikers. The fall colors were beautiful both days and the hike was very enjoyable. There are a few places that are pretty rocky, but other places with very few rocks. Most of the trail is fairly level, but there are a few easy hills and one hill that is pretty steep and rocky. You will likely be breathing hard as you climb that hill on the way back to the TH. Most people willing to hike almost 8 miles should be able to handle it OK. The tunnel is neat to see and walk through. I would advise taking a flashlight to help make your way through the tunnel, as there are some rocks that could trip you in the dark. There are several rock formations/bluffs and small holes/caves along the way to view and or explore also. We crossed several dry creek beds on this trail. If you hike this trail in early spring or after heavy rains, these creek beds might have water in them. We hiked in and out on the east loop, as I had read the west loop wasn’t as pretty or worthwhile. There were no bugs or ticks on our late Oct hike and only a few cobwebs. We did search a little while the first day trying to find the trail head. Drive to the spring, but don’t go over the bridge. Take the road that veers slightly to the left. From there it is a short distance to the TH. Great trail!

12 days ago

Start from the parking lot at the Meeting building and go up the Overlook Trail which looks over the river. At the top the trail starts and follows the bluff along the river. There is a fence to keep you from straying too close. It then meanders down the hill to the creek leaving you to walk back up the hill to the parking lot. Very pretty views.

One of my favorite trails in the area!

tricky for me but the waterfall is worth it

15 days ago

Wonder site. The white connector has two well done campsites that make it easy to set up camp and hike the other trails while still providing quick access, less than 30 minutes, to real bathrooms and your car if needed.

Really great trail! Easy to follow and the tunnel at the end is worth the hike.

Great view, make sure to go all the way through the tunnel!!

22 days ago

Oct. 21, 2018-Just an incredible trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Load up my recording to get a blow by blow coverage of this hike with pictures. I really enjoyed this hike with the varied terrain and different features including the panoramic views of the valleys, several streams, the rock formations in the lower part of the area, and the excellent camping areas as well. I camped in the B campsite which is the primary backpacking camp site. It is a large area and will hold about 7 to 8, 2-person, tents and is situated next to a creek bed which was dry this time of the year. The trail was well-maintained, and also was well marked. Even though this was not the peak weekend for the fall colors for the different tree varieties, it was still beautiful to see some of them finally showing off their colors. It’s a scenic, easy, trail and one that I will definitely do again.

22 days ago

Quick hike for active hikers, a nice stroll for beginners with some decent altitude. We managed it in roughly 35-40mins with two dogs and a couple of short stops. As said already, there is a perimeter fence on the bluffs so the views are restricted. Overall a good trail for a quicky or a decent running workout.

Awesome trail. I had a late start so I did the loop clockwise and hung a hammock at the backpack campground which was a good low laying spot in between hills next to a creek bed. Finished the loop the next day which had some really cool features and scenery.

Great views, and a pretty easy trail

27 days ago

one of the best places to hike in the state. the pines are incredible

mountain biking
28 days ago

Whoever rated this trail as easy is clearly talking about hiking.. I would not advise riding this trail without a certain degree of fitness and skill for some of the more technical rocky area. There are some reasonable climbs as well. Those are the things that make this trail fun however. Some pretty cool descends and switchbacks. Nice flowy sections too.

Gorgeous rock formations. Small park.

My friends and I weren't able to complete the entire trail, because you have to cross a creek to complete it all the way and my sister wasn't wearing the proper shoes for that. But it's still a really nice, easy hike other than that!

Great trail. well marked.

Beautiful and quiet. Did all of North and South loop. Camped at campsite #3 which was very nice. The trail has great variety and is well marked and maintained. Some parts of South loop are little overgrown and you have push through the grasses but it never last for long. Would recommend and will return. Happy Hiking

1 month ago

Pretty but they really need to consider cutting their prices to hike in half...took 1 hour to complete and that is with all of us taking our time. I

Great out and back trail. Mill and shuts ins at halfway point totally worth it! Trail is well kept. Three small creek crossings - no need to take shoes off. Hiked it with my wife in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

1 month ago

This is a decent trail that is probably better experienced in the spring (when the creaks are running with water) or the fall (when you can get a view overlooking the Big River without the trees blocking your way). We did this trail at the end of September and didn't have any trouble with bugs (aided with some off of course). The trail wasn't too crowded on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We ran into probably 5 other groups during our hike. There are a couple of points that really make this trail moderate. One will be a decent climb up some rocks (or down depending on which way you decide to go). My personal recommendation is to start this trail on the left when you get to the fork. By going left I think the trail is a little easier but maybe not quire as well marked. Along the way you'll see a decent sized sinkhole that has unfortunately been covered. You can still kind of see down into it but the grate makes it difficult. I wish they would have left it uncovered but I'm sure someone probably fell into it at some point. There is also a small order shack just off the trail. I'd be curious to know the back story of it. This was a nice walk in the woods and I'd recommend it after you've done the parks other trail "Mooner's Hollow" (It's easily the better trail).

First backpacking trip for me. It was challenging in some parts but the experience and views were well worth it. Stopped for the night at Camp 2 which was by a water source; it provided nice sounds to fall asleep to. Went out to see if I liked backpacking and this trail made me fall in love with it!

1 month ago

Kim and I completed the North loop 6+ miles in 2.5 hours with three short breaks for water and snacks. We are a 50 something couple who walk 4 miles a day minimum. We found the trail delightfully different; most of the trail was clear soft sand, pine needles, soil/leaves. About 1/5 of trail was rugged with larger stones (3-10”); would rate this area difficult, all other parts easy. Trail was well blazed; when we were confused, bam, a blazing! The variety is stunning and remarkable; tall pines, deciduous trees, grasses, wildflowers, creek beds, granite formations, scenic views. See photos.

Great trail and so close to so many potential riders and walkers.

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