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on Dismals Canyon

1 day ago

Too short, too expensive!! Nothing special!!! $12 / person is for my opinion not worth! I think it deserve maybe only Parking fees or $5 / person. I mean there are a lot of FREE amazing and breath taking places. Sad about !

Love love love this little state park! Great hiking, really great trails!

2 days ago

Beautiful property. Terrible customer service. The weirdest hours I’ve ever seen for a park. I’m rating it a 5 because the property is gorgeous & I enjoyed it very much!

The trail was well marked with easy access to the trailhead. There are plenty of trail maps but no bathrooms. The trail is very rocky and narrow making the rating of “moderate” accurate. My two children got excited for a bench at about two miles. They sat down only to realize a minute later that they were COVERED in termites! My five year old was in pure horror! We tried to finish the loop with the shortcut but after a quarter of a mile farther, we decided it was best to turn around. After returning back to the car and fully stripping their clothes, we also found three ticks on my husband and daughter. Heads up that this is not a young kid friendly hike. I wish we would’ve have gotten a chance to see the entire trail and what it has to offer. I gave it three stars because I’m sure it’s a good trial for others, but I wish I’d known it wasn’t for my family. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Nice short trail

easy walking

Spent a weekend out on the trail. Great trail! Well marked and lots of opportunities for water. Really scenic for trails around here.

This was a beautiful trail, easy to find off the Buffalo River parking lot. The whole trail is in the woods and shady and it circles and goes though beautiful rock formations you can climb on or between. There is some incline to give it some difficulty, but overall I’d love to return with my kids! Beware poison ivy and ticks.

8 days ago

Nice walking trail. Saw some butterflies and enjoyed the little signs describing the plants.

nature trips
9 days ago

I feel Amazing,I can't wait to pick up where I left off. It's like a book u can't put down:-) lol

great trail for little bigger kids 5+ be prepared for kids to swim in the summer.

I hiked in to the falls on July 29. The first mile or so is a logging road. Then you have a sandy trek through the woods. The last bit down to the water is quite steep. The falls are lovely and there is a nice swimming hole. The parking area is quite small.

This is a great hike to take with kids! Lots to see and scramble on. This route has a connection that leads to the hatchery, deer leap trail, fire tower trail or river trail, so using the connections helps in finding the distance you want.

We just hiked this trail two days ago and really enjoyed the cliff caves, rocky creek beds and tunnel at the end. We took the East trail and it took about 4 hours there and back. However, we all returned with horrible, itching rashes on our ankles despite wearing long pants, heavy socks and bug repellant. I think seed ticks may be the culprit after doing some research as we all had tiny black specs freckling our feet and ankles after hiking. I don't know how to protect oneself from seed ticks but I would certainly look into it before hiking this trail again.


I hiked the Matson Hill Trail CCW on the afternoon of Monday, July 23rd. I didn't hike the entire trail but instead did a lollipop excluding its southwest quadrant.

My GPS shows that I traveled 2.98 miles in 1 hour and 26 minutes. This was a leisurely pace as I wanted to enjoy the woodland beauty of the trail and take some pictures.

The St Charles County Parks map that I was using shows that the Matson Hill Loop is 2.8 miles so that also must exclude the part I skipped.

There aren't any real scenic highlights on the trail. However, the woodland area that it covers is nice. The trail itself is well packed and fairly wide so I never had to brush up against undergrowth that might be carrying ticks.

I only ran into one other couple during my hike and they were going the opposite direction. It just so happened that it was right at the only unmarked fork. If I had stayed on the more traveled path (right) that would have completed the entire Loop.

However, by turning onto the less travelled path (left) that completed the top "circle" section of the lollipop and led back to the trailhead via the "stick" section of the trail. Thanks, guys, for pointing me in that direction.

I might add that I went downhill for the first 20 to 30 minutes so you must take in consideration that you'll need to regain all that elevation. But with all the switchbacks, that is not very difficult.

I definitely plan to do more of this group of trails again in the fall when it's a bit cooler. FYI, there is a porta potty at the trailhead.

trail running
21 days ago

I love this trail. Some good variety in the terrain between dirt and some fairly technical rocky stuff. Lots of hills. CW leaves you with some pretty tough climbing at the end of the loop. Also, know that, if you’re the first person on the trail, you’re going to eat about a million spiders.

not sure why this is listed as hard. My 4 and 6 year old love this trail. good scenic lookouts. nice trail for dogs. watch out for snakes occasionally, did run across a rattle snake last year. one of my favorite quick trails in the area.

Love the waterfall! There’s a place to swim and you can go behind the water fall! You can also jump off the top of the waterfall into the water below. There’s plenty of places to sit and relax. Only thing I can say is it’s rough to get down there....especially if you have small children. You have to be extremely careful going down and up. Can’t wait to go back when my kids are a bit older!

Super fun! The spring at the end of the tunnel is good for wading in. Not much elevation gain but there are a few steep climbs. A lot of tall grass and shrubs so definitely bring bug spray.

we will go back in the fall to hike and see the pinnacles.

on Devil's Kitchen Trail

29 days ago

We actually hiked portions of Devil’s Kitchen, Colosseum, Castle and Spring trails. The Ranger tied them all together in a loop (see photo) with one short distance reversal, totally around 4 mi and we did it in less than 2 hours with photos and a few breath-catching stops during/after the 300+ stairs. It was a great way to see the various features of the park, but overall, I think we liked the Devil’s Kitchen portion slightly better because it was denser and very little traffic. Very nice hiking, possibly 5 stars for our home state of MO but we reserve our 5 star ratings for awesome national parks. :)

29 days ago

Wife and I just walked this on vacation. I wouldn’t call it a hike as much as a walk. Big hilly sections though. My suggestion when you get to the loop... go right. The pools in the picture were more the creek outside the trail though not in the trail.

Trail was very easy and short. It was very beautiful, the waterfalls were not what I was expecting but still beautiful. The only negative thing I have to say is it cost my daughter and myself $20 to hike for a couple of hours, just seems like too much. Especially on our way out the older lady that was working was yelling at my 6 year old and I that we had 3 minutes to get our while we were walking up the steps. I think I will stick to the free outdoors but worth seeing once.

1 month ago


1 month ago

My family and i have been several time. This place is absolutely beautiful. We usually take our lab also he loves playing in the water!

a lot of down trees. a lot of ticks. other than that nice rugged trail.

If you enjoy hiking rocky terrain, I suggest going here.

Awesome trail with great exploration

Love the waterfall!!
Nice hike and several benches to sit take in the scenery.

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