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Nice trail close to town with rocks and nature. Very enjoyable.

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy but the farther you go in the more rocky it gets. Went to the end of the laughing horse loop & turned around due to ominous looking weather. I gotta go back and go farther next time.

wonderful trail!

9 days ago

Beautiful but very challenging! Did this hike on Saturday. Got to the trailhead at 9am. Took the Greyrock Trail to the summit then did that to the top, backtracked and then took the Greyrock Meadow trail back down. Definitely a difficult trail—lots of vertical climbing and the rocks at the summit were tough! Plenty of loose rocks too. I was glad I wore my good boots. The views were gorgeous and despite the warnings I didn’t encounter a single rattlesnake. Completed the entire thing in 4 hours.

Great hiking close to town. Beautiful views and some challenging spots that make it enjoyable.

Love but be cautious of rattle snakes !

Nice run.

Great hike for all levels and ages of hikers. No shade. Be cautious of snakes. Hear they are there but in the numerous times I have been out there thankfully have only encountered one time. We stay on trail though. Its pretty heavily trafficked.

1 month ago

Great trail, with amazing views!

Pretty views of the ridge (lots of houses and a road on the other side), easy enough trail, but no shade. Lots of bikers. As always, have to watch for snakes.

Good trail my 5yo and me being 7 months pregnant did it fine, while my 2yo walked the way back. he was carried on a toddler hiking backpack the way up. We did see one rattlesnake

great when you live in the area and just need out for a bit. easy hike! great for little ones too!

Lovely on a cool morning. Easy walk with a few slopes.

1 month ago

We started at 7:30 and got to the top pretty quickly, using the trail that forks to the right... the views are beautiful and you could easily spend another hour scrambling around on the rocks. On the way back down, we took the meadow trail and that took significantly more time. Reached the trailhead at 12:30.

off road driving
1 month ago

great views, fun climb. did the out and back on 153. Storm Mtn Dr to fork with a brown wood sign marked forest access 128 pointed right, then just follow the trail all the way to the top. The loop at the summit might be hairy in a stock height vehicle but there's plenty of room to turn around at the base of the loop.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Is a great ride by bike! Peaceful, quiet, you pass occasional riders or walkers but is not usually too congested. Has a few places to pull over by the river and sit and relax. Is well maintained. A huge plus to this trail is it runs right by some of Fort Collins best Breweries which make for some great pit stops! Love this trail!

1 month ago

Great views! Would rate this as difficult

Nice place to hike but I won't go again as a rattlesnake crossed the trail about 5 feet in front of me. Lots of areas with very tall grass and narrow paths with lots of places for those rattlers to be. I understand it is their home and I will leave it to them.

Hiked June 23, 2018, both summits. Gorgeous scenery in many spots, especially wildflowers, but there's basically NO TRAIL any more for much of the route. USFS has had the road closed since June 2012 High Park Fire, meaning overgrown, downed tree thickets, washed out, impossible to follow in places. Expect serious bushwhacking and route-finding. Even higher near the saddle, many places along the old road are nearly impassible.

Took us 2:40 tough climbing 2000' to WWP summit. No signage (go 11.5 miles west on gravel from Stove Prairie Road, look north across from USFS station), limited parking, road blocked after 1/10 mile and gate locked further up. Don't bother bringing 4WD, you won't need it. Just walk straight up the center (weaker) road and good luck.

Good short hike for kids and all ages.

Easy afternoon hike

Turned back after 2 miles. A ton of fallen timber, washed out gullies. It is closed to vehicles but the forest service should probably put up a closed to all activities. Once the new aspen growth takes off this year it will be impassable unless maintained. Beautiful views 2 miles up though

The trail itself is nice but as mentioned, it is pretty developed. A great picture at the keyhole is ruined by many homes behind it. I imagine it was a great view prior to that. Definitely a popular trail though, plenty of traffic. Easy enough.

Went hiking with a few friends! We go there early (8 am) to avoid the heat & (hopefully) snakes. We didn’t run into any snakes thankfully! I really enjoyed the cleanliness of the park, wildflowers, & beautiful views!

2 months ago

Went up on Memorial Day. Weather was fine as it was overcast most of the time with no rain. Went up on the west side of the loop, pause at the wood bench on the meadow, then on up to the peak. We were surprised to learn that one of the pools on top had a few tree frogs. Can't help but wonder how they got there. Coming down was rough on my knees as the uneven ground and the numerous steps over rocks in the trail took its toll. Altogether with some minor side trips, we logged 8 miles on the GPS.

My favorite local hike! Different terrain, views, and a good challenge.

Just as stated in multiple previous reviews, the trailhead marked here is incorrect (actually a private road). Follow Storm Mountain Drive until you reach a fork with a sign pointing right labelled Forest Road 128; veer right and you should hit the trail gate.
From here youre on a gravel forest road (FDR153). Great views of the Front Range and Plains after a moderately steep climb. The portion labelled Storm Mountain Trail is not well marked and has many fallen trees across the path. Again, this ends in private property...next time I'll just be going out and back on 153, not doing the loop around, to avoid trespassing.
Overall a nice trail close to Loveland/Ft.Collins, especially since 34 is open again.

2 months ago

Beautiful day hike! Hiked it yesterday, a weekday following Memorial Day Weekend. Got a late start, didn't make it to the trail head until 1:40pm. There were maybe 5 other cars parked, and that's it. We were surprised how empty it was. Took Grey Meadow Trail 947 on our way up - and we were SO glad that we did. Was longer, but so scenic & beautiful. It took us about 3 hours from the trail head to make it up - stopping to enjoy the scenery and take pictures along the way. The summit up was definitely tough, but glad we did it! Worth it. Took Grey Rock Trail 946 on the way down, after another hiker told us it'd get us down a whole lot quicker, and we didn't wanna waste too much time since it was getting late in the day. It was steep and quick, we made it down in a little over an hour. Awesome hike, wished we had a little more time to enjoy the top once we made it, but we weren't sure how long it would take us to make it back down. Can't wait to do it again.

Great views! Great weather! Beautiful flowers. Really enjoyed the hike. Did not love all the residential.

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