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Easy trail with an impressive waterfall at the end. You'll definitely want your camera to capture the beauty of the path and the falls. We walked past the falls a bit to see more of the little river upstream. It's a great area to settle in and do some meditation and get your nature on!

20 hours ago

Beautiful waterfall and the river is really nice to hang out by after hiking. If you have a baby I definitely recommend baby carrying, the trail is too rocky and steep for a stroller. The hills walking back are steep and a little difficult but it’s a great walk.

8 days ago

Great little hike but lots of trees down blocking the path.

Massive waterfall, excellent views from several lookout points. Rest on rocks at base of falls trail on the river’s edge. Steep incline trek to the top. Saw all ages and skill type hiking. Dogs welcome, but be sure to bring them plenty of water! Clean restrooms located at both trailheads. Very busy, but people were courteous in sharing viewpoint spaces.

10 days ago

Did this hike on July 3rd. It was a beautiful day in the NCNP, easy parking. We clocked 7.8 miles round trip and 1750 ft elev gain. The best way to do this hike is to look up the ferry schedule and hike in one way (wish we had known this ahead of time.) Cost is $10 cash per person. I even saw several people with dogs planning to take the ferry, but I don't know the rules.

Even on an overcast day this was a great (easy) hike with a good payoff. The views of Baring Mountain and the lake were lovely.

Parking was full and there were lots-of other hikers, however we still found a solitary spot by the lake to rest, observe, and have a snack.

Hiked with 4 and 6 year olds who did this with ease!

10 days ago

Great little hike with friends. It was nice to see young family backpacking in for the night

11 days ago

The falls are spectacular. We parked across the street and walked across the bridge to view the falls from the top. It’s pretty crowded but this is a wonder of nature that you must see. We hiked to the bottom and the view is so much better. There are two flat level sections on the hike as the trail crosses the power lines. But the rest of the trail is very steep. I recommend doing it in reverse. Park at the lower section and hike up to see the upper view while your legs are still fresh. Then hike to the lower level and spend the rest of your time on the river. Pack a lunch and eat it by the river! Don’t miss the separate lower section to view the falls on the boardwalk too. We did not visit the visitor center.

Amazing to see some snow blocking part of the trail in July (although easy enough to walk over with care) on this lovely short hike. Great views from Sunrise point and the deer and marmots were in abundance too. Hurricane Ridge road has some major roadworks leading to a one way stretch with a pilot truck that causes delays - but we noticed that by arriving late in the day (4pm) and leaving around 7pm, the road was fully open on the way down making return faster. Wildflowers currently seem best on the slops a bit lower down, so maybe a few weeks from peak higher up.

13 days ago

Great, easy, family-friendly hike with a beautiful payoff (Barclay Lake and stunning views of the Baring Mountain peak).

Arrive early on nice days/weekends as there is limited parking
If you do arrive later in the day, be prepared to park down the hill and hoof it up the trail head (this might be the most strenuous part of the hike!)
There is a toilet at the trail head here, with another toilet about 3/4 of the way through the hike.

Easy and rewarding trail. Falls are a cool 3 horse tail falls. We continued on for a bit to love rd s lane trail, which was pretty. Though pretty much everything in that part of the world is.

great for kids

Fun hike and great falls! It's easy too!

Beautiful view a must see the trail was great to do.

on Snoqualmie Falls Trail

18 days ago

It was an easy hike to see the falls.

Absolutely beautiful trail! You see the best views at the top but it’s also a nice hike down to the bottom. Pretty steep coming back up but totally manageable! Only takes about 10 minutes! Get there early or it will be very crowded!!

nature trips
21 days ago

Wonderful views of the waterfall, wish we could get closer at the bottom. Went on a Friday, still busy, but got plenty of open area for good views. Our kids 7,4 complained about the hike back up.

Short hike to the falls. Much more up close and personal, as you can make your way to the bottom and stand right at the foot of the falls. Do not miss this one. It does not take up much time from a busy hiking day to make a quick detour to this trail.

Don’t try to go on a sunny day. You’ll have to fight to the death for a parking spot.

23 days ago

Great Trail. Little bit of Traffic but not bad. Took our dog on the leash, that's the great part! Had a blast! Make sure to Gas up in Marblemount first! There's Colonial Creek Campground just down the road from the trailhead too!!

24 days ago

Perfect for beginners!

Beautiful, majestic, powerful and breathtaking are just a few words that come to mind when I first viewed this waterfall. The trail is fairly easy trail, I recommend doing it in reverse though. Drive down to the bottom and walk up to the top. It will be a way easier walk back to the car because it will be downhill. This is the number one waterfall I take all my family to when they come out to visit. If you want to skip the hike then park at the top and walk across the bridge; you can view the falls that way too. The bottom view is so much better and you can sit along the rocks down stream; yes it sucks we can’t get closer but it’s for our safely, for sure.

By far my favorite day in ONP! These falls are a site to see. Don’t miss this one!

26 days ago

Super easy hike, the lake is gorgeous at sunset. Went on a first date here in formal clothes and got lots of strange looks lol

27 days ago

We did this short paved walk (along with Hurricane Ridge trail - it’s basically the same trail) at 7 pm and it was BEAutiful! Deer are everywhere and they’re not afraid of humans at all. The lighting was fantastic for pictures and the landscape was unbeatable for almost no effort. If you have a quick half hour to waste, do it up here.

There’s still a couple of yards on the Cirque rim trail that are closed due to snow, but there are other paths diverting from that one that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Short hike to the falls, but beautiful and well worth it!

nature trips
28 days ago

Super short trail with a paved path so even someone in a wheelchair could enjoy the beautiful views. The waterfall was very pretty!

Easy, lake, great view on the way

29 days ago

Easy trail and easy hike for all ages. It was packed and parking was a slight issue but otherwise a great hike.

I hiked this trail mid June. I have mixed feelings about this trail as my motive is to move away from noise and buildings when hiking. You hear the highway during much of this hike and the power lines kind of ruin the views. The trail does have some value as it offers a gradual climb (easy enough for most hikers) starting in a peaceful forest. The only sounds are the many song birds. You will cross a few snow melt streams without any problem. The avalanche presents some boulders to climb. This is a very short area, though. Take notice near the end of the boulders a low cave like area that looks somewhat filled in, yet blows cold air. Great way to cool off. Next, is a short off trail look out near a power line tower. I spotted some warblers there. The trail moves close to the gorge edge. Here you are exposed to the sun and need sure footing as the drop off can be dangerous. There are a few limited views along this part which include the lake, mountains, and cliffs. Just before the trail descends to Ross dam is a lookout. The view from route 20 is actually better then this one.

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