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on Peninsula Trail

8 days ago

Nice trail. We we’ve been backpacking on this trail twice, once in February and once in August and it was a good experience both times. Park at the Grubb Ridge parking area. From there it’s a fairly easy 1.5-2 hour hike to the shore. There are many ready to go campsites right on the lake. This is a popular camping area and there was quite a bit of trash left behind at some sites. On our February trip we got some rain/slush overnight and the trail gets very muddy quickly.

14 days ago

Fascinating geological site. You can get up close to observe parallel rock layers that break and fold and are quite colorful. The trail is quite steep in a couple places and though safe if you are cautious, I would not bring a young child here unless well disciplined. The arch itself is small and can be muddy.
Well worth driving a distance...an unusual site, which I found by accident, spotting on a map.

Enjoyed all the fall colors. But there was a reroute so it made it difficult. wanted to do the 7.7 miles and ended up doing like five. Part of it was walking on a road.

For personal reasons this is my favorite hike. Lot of memories. It’s a great southern Indiana hike also.

Great moderate trail took the Cub Scout troop and they loved it.

Nice trail. We enjoyed the time out in the woods. Quite a few other hikers. Needed to watch our step as the trail was shared with horses.

Very cool trail! Not a very big area, but full of features. Definitely will revisit again.

nice trail. Would rate it as moderate myself. I'm overweight and not in the best of shape and had very little difficulty. There were some sections that offer a little bit of a challenge though. Overall I really enjoyed my time on the trail.

26 days ago

Single track that is more geared for bikes than hikers, but still accessible on foot. Nice oasis in the middle of a lot of businesses. Definitely ensure that there has not been recent rain or you will have muddy pathes!

I hiked this on my 61st birthday. I have to say I'm not a real hiker; I'm more of a person who strolls through the woods. I also have to say that I am obese and clumsy. Once, I tripped over a pine cone and broke my wrist in 4 places. Therefore, I found going down to the water pretty scary stuff. It was well worth it; truly beautiful, and my dog and I had it to ourselves. Going up wasn't scary, but my heart was sure pounding!

27 days ago

Nice area to camp, hiking was easy. Trail around lake (Panther) was not maintained, ended up on road.

thoroughly enjoyed this hike and want to try it on a wintery day.
I chose to go clockwise on the loop with the goal of visiting the Terrill cemetery...it is Halloween season so had to investigate.
Very creepy place and didn't stick around long. I doubled back and hiked the rest of the loop. The sections of the trail that are covered in pine needles were a treat to walk on!
I hadn't hiked since late winter so the length was perfect and I wasn't too tired after 9 miles.

trail running
1 month ago

More bikes than runners / Hikers on this trail but its an awesome single track for the whole 6 miles. For almost being in the city this is a great escape.

1 month ago

1st ever backpacking trip was here

1 month ago

Did an overnighter on this trail for a bachelor party. Good trail to hike. Saw a few mountain bikers on our hike out. The leaves were still thick on the trees so we couldn’t enjoy some of the views others posted about. Overall a good trip. The map shows streams close by: don’t rely on that for water. Pack it in.

Lack of parking. We parked on gravel road with other cars and got an $80 ticket. Watch out for horse poop

1 month ago

Reached the trailhead around 10:30 on a Saturday and the lot was full. We had to park at the fire tower which added an extra 3 miles onto our hike there, and 2 on the way back because we took the road. The trail is shared with bikers and horses but we only saw horses. All were very friendly and we all shared the trails very nicely. The hike was mostly flat with a few small inclines. The trail is marked pretty well but it would be nice if there were more signs. The path was usually beat down pretty well but having never been, it’s be nice to have reassurance with signs. The turnaround point at the beach is beautiful and totally worth the hike. There are 4 campsites right along the water that I hope to stay at next time!!! The trail wasn’t too busy in October but there were a few groups and some solo hikers/backpackers. Not to secluded/not too busy. It was a great day!

1 month ago

Only gave 2 stars i’d have given it more definitely worth it but never found anywhere to surf

Nice little place to go hiking but beware: you’ll spend most of your time worrying about bikers coming up on you rather than relaxing and enjoying the surrounding nature.

Great hike, well marked and maintained. Make sure and take water if it’s warm out, you’ll need it. It is a good work out that rewards with great views.

This trail kicked our butts! The "moderate" rating is misleading, this is a tough one. If you do the whole loop, you'll scramble over some boulders and cross water a few times. We went shortly after some rain, so we actually had to take off our hiking boots and wade across a few times. The falls are breathtaking. Overall a challenging but rewarding hike.
We did not bring our dog, and I'm glad we didn't. This trail would be impossible with a dog.

no sweat!

Not really a hiking trail, more paths for walking than to hike. Not maintained at all, just a short loop by a lake.

Short, but nice trail (approx 3 miles total). I think it is more of a moderate than hard trail. Path follows a scenic river with some great rock wall formations. Some elevation and climbing, but manageable. A couple narrow spots that would prohibit small kids. Highlights are honeycomb rock and devils backbone.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun trail, a little bit of everything. Narrow, not much room to jump out of the way if you’re a hiker.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Very busy but plenty of camp sites.Rain on the way in but trail was in good shape. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset

this was one of the best parks I have been to in a while in the midwest. It is clean and taken care of. The trails range from paved and flat to rugged, traversing the creek, up and down tougher hikes for an average person. I really enjoyed my day and was able to spend 3 hours moving through the park and viewing the awesome landscape.

1 month ago

great overnight trip. well marked clear trail to plenty of options for campsites! Can't wait to do it again

This is a great hike with beautiful views at the top of the ridge. There are intense hills, so if you’re looking for a good workout, this is the hike. The sign says 5.6 miles, but my Fitbit recorded 7.7 miles.

2 months ago

I have to go with some other hikers on this one. I gave it only 2 starts for hiking but it would be a great trail for biking.

Well maintained trails that are only wide enough for one person/bike. I was lucky in that every time a bike came on us (all the riders were extremely nice), we had a place to jump off the path. There are many places and blind corners that getting off would have been a issue. The bikes these days are so quiet that they are on you in a blink. We spent the hike listening for bikes which was very difficult the closer you get to 465's noise.

The trail has one direction, so make sure to enter to the Northeast.

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