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Loop is closed. Assuming walk-in campground is part of closure too? I looked all over for it. Took Ray Miller 2.7 mile trail to the fire road. Never found LaJolla walk-in camp.

4 hours ago

Beautiful! I can only assume it's classed as a hard hike because I've heard temperatures can get really high. We went on a drizzly overcast day and I would only rate as moderate at most. Bring swim stuff if you want to swim in the waterfall at the end! Don't do anything stupid, you'll have to get airlifted out. There's enough nature and scenery to keep you entertained the whole way through. don't forget to buy your permit! We had to sign in at the beginning of the trail.

came back a week and half later to do the whole hike. Brought my buddies with me, awesome hike only saw a hand full of people. The trail is beautiful all the way greenery! 3/11/18 there was still snow so that was awesome too.

Definitely not as hard as they make it sound. Moderate at most. Hiked it today in the rain after recovering the last month from surgery and it was fine. A little slippery if you step directly on the rocks. Half of our group swam in the 46 degree water because it was just so beautiful. Recommend bringing change of clothes/towel/etc. there were unfortunately some humans defecating around the waterfall-so watch your step! One member was unlucky to find this out the hard way-gross!!!

Also tons of poison oak-so don’t go off if the trail or let your dog wander.

Just beautiful! I would definitely call this a moderate hike. My six year old was able to complete it. Well worth the $10 permit.

Beautiful view

The best after a rain!

awesome hike in the snow! only went as far as the snow let us, about a mile in. regardless it was beautiful can't eait to come back and get to the meadow.

20 days ago

Nice hike and a beautiful waterfall. Wouldn’t want to do this in the summer. All uphill coming back but worth it.

Trail was great and in good shape. All downhill to cooper falls. Took trail past falls up to pallett mountain which becomes very strenuous so if your not a frequent hiker I would not attempt because you might get stuck out here after dark. We were going to take pct from Angeles crest to Bukhart but that section is closed for frog population rehabilitation. Falls were frozen and beautiful, be careful of the ice down to the falls.

21 days ago

this trail starts off very shady, relaxing and easy (although very rocky). Once you get a bit past the 2 mile mark, it gets very steep. Once at the top, you are greeted by amazing snow views and ice cold winds. Intermediate hike.

21 days ago

Wow, this was an incredible hike! Let me start out by saying that my husband and I do a lot of hiking and I would rate this one as hard, not moderate. The SUPER steep climbing starts right at the beginning of the trail and really doesn’t let up at all until you get to the top, which happens to be about 7500 feet of altitude.

That being said, it was a beautiful hike and I would highly recommend this as long as you’re in pretty good shape! There was lots of snow during the second half of the hike, which made it a lot harder, but all the more rewarding when we got to the top. Our dog had the time of her life running around off leash the entire time (leashes aren’t required on this one) so that made us so happy.

We were also really thankful we brought our hiking poles, not only because they was really helpful in the snow, but they were necessary for descending the steep terrain.

Beautiful... and it smelled so good! Loved it.

Beautiful trail! Lots of "BAM!"s (Beauty Appreciation Moments) from the massive redwood trees at the beginning, the sweeping views over the mountains, and the snow!

As of Saturday Feb 18, trails were clear below around 9000ft, and microspikes and poles are highly recommended above that elevation. We passed some people barebooting it, but it was quite slippery in some parts on the packed snow.
Jackdaw Springs where we camped was well sheltered from wind. There was some flowing water but it was very shallow (1" of water or so) and muddy. The last mile or two before Foresee Creek was quite windy, we were glad we had our hardshell jackets+pants. We didn't find water at Forsee Creek, so we cut short our plans to continue to Bernardino Peak because we didn't have enough fuel to melt snow.

It snowed a little this morning (Sunday Feb 19) in Angelus Oaks, so conditions have probably changed on the trail.

27 days ago

Stayed overnight at Little Jimmy. The spring is running. There is snow on the ground once you go through the gap.

Went with my friend, pretty hard if you are not in decent shape like me haha. Easy going in, hard coming back. Beautiful views. Got to see the waterfall and have a drink of cold water.

1 29.18 | group of 4, me and 3 other buddies, one who is not an avid hiker (he died 3/4s of the way, but we got him to push and he lived & absolutely loved the trek down!). we started around 6:45a. phenomenal! lots of snow, knee deep in parts. icy in parts as well. overall, not bad and temperatures were perfect, about 40 all day. we got back to the start about 12 hours later right before sunset. we stopped for 2 hours at dollar lake for lunch and to absorb the majesty. we have all been to dollar multiple times prior, but never with snow. completely different hike than when dry / no snow! poles are a must! have fun!

Didn't get to finish it because I came too late. But it's a decent hike, but a bit narrow in the trails at times. I would not personally bring my dog who is a but rambunctious. Plenty of street parking.

I love this trail and hike it repeatedly. Almost all uphill on the way and when you get around the front to the backside of the mountains you find tranquility.

I recently did this hike with my dog during the week and started at 5:30 am. Owls hooting in the dark. The forest eventually was waking up with birds chirping. It was amazing. I would recommend. We got to orchard camp and had it to ourselves. It is a great run down.

1 month ago

It’s not hard as it says on this app. It’s more of moderate hike. Loved it. You need a visitor group permit which covers a max of 5 ppl. It’s costs 10 bucks. I liked the three sisters waterfall more than cedars creeks

Amazing hike!!! The app says Hard but it's more like moderate. I recommend going early to enjoy the waterfall and there's not a whole bunch of people. Register at www.recreation.gov in order to see the fall or if you get caught you'll get a fine, it's worth paying the $10. There are 75 registrations per day so make sure you register before you go. Have fun!

1 month ago

Very nice trail that crosses a bit of the PCT. Nice talks trees and the waterfall was empty when we got there. The climb up and down the ladder could be difficult for some but we made it without a problem. Watch out for rattle snakes we saw a baby one about a mile from the trail head. Overall very beautiful!

The springs are known to flow at an incrediblly high rate but there's lots of bugs. The campground has pit toilets and designated fire areas.

1 month ago

awesome hike. stream is nice. there's still some snow at top.

I was shaking driving my Kia Soul, 2 wheel drive to the trailhead. But we made it. That road is rough.
the hike itself, well, we are not acclimated to the elevation and needed to stop to catch our breath many times. beautiful views, great workout, great reward, we will be back.

Good and calm

1 month ago

Part dirt road drive and part hike to the peak.

Hike today before I signed up for this app. ☹️ GREAT hike! Carried a toddler on my back going up and down, will come back when falls are running.

accomplished this one in 2012 it was really rewarding

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