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Great views! It's also worth branching off to summit Mt. Lowe at the top.


This may be my favorite hike in LA. Has a bit of everything. Good incline/decline, waterfall, river trail, canyon, cliffside, rock-hopping, history etc. The dog loved it and it was super quiet with some amazing views of Downtown to the Valley.

Really easy to find the trails, just keep left for the most part and there are clear signs/markers guiding you accordingly. When you get around to the top you have some options to get down and you can see how it links up to some other trails as well.

Amazing hike but the beginning uphill part is a lot longer than everyone below states. The whole out portion is majority uphill. Incredible views at the end made it worth it. It also averages at about 6 miles from the starting point this sets you at just FYI. We took a couple side routes to look out points that contributed to that

14 days ago

Came here on Dec 30th around 11:30am and it was easy to find parking on the residential area. Maybe it was because of the holidays that parking was easy to find. The trail was easy to find. It was a clear paved path the entire way up and down. You start off with a slight incline and keep working your way up. The incline is nothing too crazy anyone can do it, just keep at your steady pace and breathe. The trail will continue to incline and about .5 miles in flattens out. The view at the top is beautiful and coming back down you get the entire city and ocean view. Definitely would come back again!

I brought my dog here and he got a tick. the trail was steep for about 1.5 long miles.

Beautiful loop hike. I started on the left side which is good because is the more challenging half. Pay attention to All Trails map and look at the path to avoid getting lost. Had to park a mile before the start since gate was closed due to Gov shutdown:

Great views! I didn't do the entire thing; we went 2 miles out and back on 12/26/18. Amazing views of the mountains and over the valley (and even out to the ocean). Not a strenuous track, and great payoff. A+

Parking is across the street (34.17812, -117.84625). I didn't see any private property signs. Road is curvy.

Did this today with a group and it’s definitely worth the trek up from the closed gate (due to gov’t shutdown) to the trailhead. But we couldn’t find the loop also. Made it to the mine entrance and then kept going north and ended up at the trailhead for Tom Sloan Saddle, Bear Canyon, Gabrielino Trail and Mt. Lowe (2 trails here). We should’ve doubled back to find the sign for Dawn Station, which I believe would have connected to the loop on Mt. Lowe. We ended up going back the way we came since we didn’t want to get lost. It was cold throughout and there was water on the creek which made the hike so beautiful. I’m new to hiking but this hike has been one of the nicer ones in the LA County area. I’ll definitely try it again and find the loop.

I came on dec 19, 2018, it was a Wednesday so not many people were around. Parking was relatively easy but I can imagine it hard during weekends (the starting point is in a fancy residential
area on a uphill road, and you can only park alone the street in certain area.)

The first 1/4 of the rout could be a little bit intense for people who haven’t worked out much, because it started uphill right away and could be steep sometimes. Fortunately, the trail was wide and no steps or obstacles, and there were a few stopping points for photos and resting.

After has its quite easy, and you would ready the midpoint (the tip). It had a great view of LA and oceans, and two benches!! (I thought that was rare.)

This is a fantastic choice because one can see mountains, skylines, and ocean all at once. Also there’s a diversity of Californian native plants and various birds chirping and hopping around. Highly recommended!

I love this area you feel like you and some other country is such a beautiful beautiful lovely

Definitely a gorgeous and beautiful hike. Unfortunately, like someone else had mentioned, we couldn’t figure out to get around the loop. Also, FYI, you apparently need a pass to park here—but he said park rangers might go easy on us since it was Christmas Day.

We first got to the first split off, For sunset ridge and mount Lowe. We went the sunset ridge route.

Then we came across the second split, one leading to the left where a government owned cabin resides, with a small bridge. We decided to take the left because the right continued to sunset ridge and I read it wasn’t very scenic.

The left was very scenic, especially since it rained the night before, so the foliage was lush, the air was crisp, and everything was so beautiful!

However, we weren’t paying attention too much, so at one point, we went left instead of right, and had to climb over some rocky / boulder terrain to get back on the path. This was probably halfway to the highest elevation point on the trail, where you loop back around.

Then we tried to follow the maps recorded path more but got turned around at one sign that said dawn mine ahead. Before you follow that sign, to your left, there is a small pathway that leads to an empty square sized lot. Looks like at one point there was a small house or cabin on it. But there is nothing left. It overlooked the creek area.

As we continued on, we decided to follow a dirt pathway with a stone foundation, leading up, up, which finally led to a 3 split way. One way that pointed left to a Todd (I think), one led to the right to mt. Dawn (Lowe? Maybe? something like that), and then bottom back to sunset ridge (parking it said, the way we came). We tried going to the “right” pathway , but we ended up all the way to the top of a small mountain/hill peak where we realized they weren’t really trails and had to gingerly go back down.

Granted, we aren’t experienced hikers but it still was still fun and we will probably try the sunset ridge trail to see if that leads us properly around the loop. It was very fun and adventurous and didn’t see like a moderate hike.

Maybe only because it is hard to find the trail, it’s considered moderate? There wasn’t too much steep hills.

We brought our two small chihuahua mix dogs with us. They were troopers!

Tried to do this hike on 12/9/18. The southern most part of the trail along the creek seemed to be washed out or very poorly marked. Gave up on the hike because it seemed like there was no trail and it was getting close to sunset. Turned an intended 4.6 mile hike into a 10 mile hike as I backtracked most of the trail.

Nice hike. We did it with an overnight at Musch Camp. You get a great view of the ocean on one side with the canyons on the other. I wouldn’t rate this as Hard, more moderate depending on temperatures as it is exposed almost the whole way but not a tough hike in itself.

Love the adventurous trail here. Nice stream throughout dawn mine side of the trail. Loved the incline up sunset ridge...

FYI... 1890 with 7 miles is also what I tracked.

found some cool waterfalls that once there’s more water these will be nice to see.

Love this trail, but unfortunately it is closed due to the recent fire.

Nice hike, really get a workout in with some of the elevation.

My phone showed 7.1 miles with 1870 feet of elevation gain in 2 hours 5 minutes. Extra distance came from having to park 1/4 mile from the trailhead and doubling back on myself near Dawn Mine. Chatted with a couple near the mine who was also turned around. Noticed another review mentioning signs where you don’t need them and no signs where you do. I’ll second that. Dawn Mine Trail side crisscrosses the creek a number of times. Sunset Trail side simply switchbacks in a hillside.

This is a good hike for those who enjoy a little bit of a challenge as a lot of the trail is steep and narrow. The dawn mine itself was quite disappointing as you can’t see anything but steel bars with a small canon out front. The trail is NOT obvious and you need to pay attention if you don’t want to get lost. Signs were available when you didn’t need it and absent when you did. The lot at the trail head is super small, but there is a bigger lot a mile down at Millard Canyon.

It took me 4hrs including snack time. Being a fast hiker, I am wondering other hikers took them only 2 or 3 hrs. Beautiful scenery from the top area, but sad to see too many majestic trees fell down because of drought. And wonderous to see the stream still survive to flow. Recommend though it is not a easy course. Alltrails app is a lot of help to find right trail direction. Thank Alltrails.

My favorite trail. Find the 9 openings to the dawn mine

I like the trail. Very convenient and just right about the length. There are a few rocky roads need more attention. We did it after the training in the evening and really fresh air

This was a great trail had a ton of fun and spent out 6 hours out there.
Don’t take the paved road up like the app suggests, there’s a blazed trailer off to the side and it’s really nice. The round trip was definitely longer than 9.8mile

2 months ago

Moderate climb to a steady hike. Quite busy. Go early!

trail running
2 months ago

Good trail run. Easy to maneuver, lightly trafficked.

Great trail. Good for dogs. Probably not kids, though. Very steep in places.

Nice but a lot of up and down and much of it is heavily trafficked.

Luckily, we went when it was not too hot. Still, 3 liters only took me to the summit which had beautiful views. They were all the better because so few go up there. (the proof being the impeccable ammo can register and lightly beaten trail)

Moderate intensity but views are totally worthy! We started at 10:00 am and was a little hot. I recommend to start earlier, because the round trip takes about 4 hours if you stop to take pictures and the sun is really strong while going back. Otherwise, amazing!!!

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