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Weekend 6-8th Map

I may have broke my phone and toe on the way down but still my favorite hike

for the casual hiker it's a bit harder but worth the workout.

Excellent trail for a nice spring day hike.

nice trail, walked our 2 dogs there....good shading, not too hot.

3 days ago

Not too far from the city, great views of the skyline. Not too crowded, even on a gorgeous not-too-hot July Saturday. Ended up getting lost near Bear Hill but was able to find the trail again (it was a little annoying having to pull out the map/phone).

Nice experience

3 days ago

My wife and I came in late around 1pm and took us a while to find a parking place.
The trail is a bit challenging and was planning 2-3 hours while it ended up with over 4. But we had lots of fun.

Hiked Tuesday July 10th beautiful day how ever trail was very hard and I was not aware of that involved a lot of very tough climbing and very steep but very beautiful view one thing I ran out of water about halfway up and I brought a lot so due to difficulty be sure to even over pack the water! Very kind people I met along the way!

Follow the red, then orange, then blue, then white trail markers for this loop. Nice views at the top, but there were definitely some parts of the trail where it was so narrow or grown over that it was hard to find. If we weren’t tracking our path against the trail on the app, I’m not sure we would have been able to find it a couple times or know that we had taken a wrong turn. There was also some pretty steep rock scaling on the way down that our dog (ok and me!) had a slightly tough time with.

I hiked this trail last summer with a group of friends. It was my first hike up a mountain and this was an amazing trail. Lots of friendly people along the way. Not exactly an easy trail but was well worth the trek up to the summit amazing views along the wY and at the top it’s break taking. I’ve been a fan of hiking up mountains ever since. Love it!!.

We completed the trail on Saturday. The weather was excellent and we finished in under 4 hours. Definitely go with the red dot on the way up, as this trail is a lot steeper. The views are excellent. We did not really need a bug spray. I would also recommend proper hiking boots because there are several parts that do not have too much friction and tennis shoes will make you a bit uncomfortable.

Great hike. Mostly flat but some small ups & downs. Good relaxing stroll with great falls. My son & I hiked the orange (main) trail out to Big Falls and it was gorgeous! When you get to the end of the trail, walk up the road about 300 feet and the trail continues on the right. Falls are right beyong the parking lot & field. They can be accessed even if you don't hike.

Ward Trail is some paved and clear path. On Vetter watch out for he poison ivy and oak. This time of year lots of flying bugs, so a little deet not bad idea

Hiked this as our first big mountain family hike on July 7th with our 7 and 10 year olds. They did well going up White Dot and down White Cross... but I'm afraid of heights and found White Dot to have a couple spots that were straight up rock and too much adventure for my taste. Coming down the White Cross Trail, it was intense, but not as wild as White Dot. To do over for those of us enjoying a challenging hike, with out scaling up flat rocks, I recommend using the White Cross trail. White Cross trail was also less busy. White Dot we had to wait in line as we all made our way to the top. Lastly, I can offer that kids in tow (kids towing us up) it took us about 2 hours from parking lot to the summit. A well populated hike, great challenges, and spectacular views from the top. We could even see Boston beautifully!

Beautiful views all the way up. Took white dot up to summit then took white cross down, pretty tough climb both ways. Wicked windy up top.

awesome. you follow the water the entire way practically. the falls are gorgeous. Trail markers tend to be far apart. I didn't bring my phone to track my route and i definitely regretted it. I got confused a couple times and had to backtrack find the last trail marker and get back on route. I'll definitely be back time and time again. great find.

trail running
9 days ago

great trail! there is everything I like. you have rocks, roots, singletrack, wider paths, great view from Wrights Tower. marked well. I didn't miss any mark during my first run there.

Lots of shade.

Hiked white dot up and white cross down. Beautiful breeze, almost chilly on top! If you start off early, you avoid the excess amount of people. Definitely challenging in spots; don’t forget to turn around and see the beautiful views. At the top there is a 360 degree view. Today I could see Boston.

Very pretty hike! The white dot trail was tough. I was very concerned about going down by way of white dot alone, so I chose to take white cross down and boy was I happy! There's some parts up white dot that involved a lot of climbing and steep uphill rock climbing. All in all a good time, though!

Beautiful area and really nice trail. If you walk off the path a bit you can find some great and safe cliff jumping areas, very beautiful views too!

12 days ago

Enjoyed the diversity in elevation gain and descends. Agree that it is isolated however there are parts of the trail that intersect with others where we found ourselves yielding to cyclists. It was not too rocky. With a few tiny detours the hike ended up over 8 miles. Signage is sparse about two thirds of you hike counter clockwise. Hiked with a 21 lb backpack to train and hiked the trail in a little over 4 hours. Started on the trail at 5:40am to avoid the heat on the 4th of July and found myself faced with lots of relentless mosquitos despite repeated big spray application on my neck and hat. Long sleeves suggested. Despite bugs and some small lost moments, I really enjoyed the trail and feeling surrounded by forest. No real views but quiet and totally zen. Would hike it again!

Hiked the White Cross up and Dot down. Would consider doing White Cross up and down next time. We liked that trail better although it was longer by 0.2 miles. Dot has some real climbs and going down them was rough. Would have been better to go Dot up and Cross down. With all the stones, hiking boots are better than sneakers or flip flops, which we did see two people in.

Views were awesome

One my best hikes. Went up the mountain with my wife and continued to hike up with my kids. Hiking up the rocky faced has always been the highlight of our hike.

Its a nice trail. We started with red to orange which goes parallel to the river and no viewing points. By the end of red we gain elevation. It gets tricky on the hill top, the trails are marked but not evidently seen so make sure to search for trail markings. The blue stretch is the best it has around 4 viewing points a rocky and steep stretch which is fun!!

We hiked up White Dot trail and came down White Cross trail. We went on a weekday (July 3rd), so saw few people, (maybe the 95 degree temps and humidity sent most folks to be near water or stay inside?). Nice hike, lots of rocks to climb but doable for all levels. We took our time and stopped often to hydrate.

15 days ago

So here’s the deal on the skyline loop trail (as of 6/2018): It’s a fun trail, nice that it’s so close to the city and the suburbs, but is mostly isolated. That being said, there are significant portions on the trail where the signage is either unclear or non-existent, which makes for an unpleasant experience, we had to pull out my phone to check the map and ensure we were still on course multiple times - I’d rather not be on my smartphone all the time on a hike. The trail markings are also inconsistent, with markings on trees and the ground regardless of whether you’re above the tree line or not. As a rule I think markings should be on trees below the tree line and on the ground above the tree line. Now only about 20-30% of the trail is like this, so for the most part it was fine. Overall, a nice trail but nothing memorable.

Besides the number of people you encounter, a perfect afternoon hike. Rocky and beautiful with an awesome 360 view on the top.

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