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Great trail! Pretty busy today with hikers and back country campers! Super dog friendly! Steady incline throughout until the end it gets a bit steeper. Super beautiful scenery and river / falls all along the way! Loved this hike!

The trail itself was very hard to find, and we ended up going a bit too far left and climbing the mountain overlooking Highway 40 and the parking lot.. also there are lots of animal trails intersecting the main trail that may have added to the confusion. Regardless, I heard nothing but amazing things about the hike and would love to attempt this another day!

This is my absolute most favorite hike! Tons of scenery throughout the whole way which helps you not focus on the inclines throughout the entire way. You will not be disappointed!

6 hours ago

10/10 saw some nice sheep

1 day ago

GREAT hike today. so mygestic and beautiful.. trail has some steady incline. Rained all the way and was snowing at the top. we made it 3/4 way up and turned back because it was slick with the snow. We will do this hike again for sure.. 5 months pregnant found it to be intermediate..

2 days ago

I would recommend if you are planning on doing this hike to do it later in the summer or early fall before the snow. I did it in July and the snow was so heavy we could not find a trail. Unfortunately it also was very cold and with it being quite open for the majority of the hike wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been. I will definitely try this hike again but next time with poles, late in the summer, extra layers and water proof shoes!

2 days ago

We did this hike about 3 weeks ago and it was great. I would consider it a fairly easy hike with a steady incline the entire way and nothing too challenging. The most challenging part of this hike was on the way up there is little tree cover at some points so definitely bring sunscreen and a hat. The bugs are really bad this year too on this hike so it was a quick lunch and go at the top. There are 4 lakes so make sure to keep going (as we missed the last one). This is a great spot for fishing and you can see right through the lakes they are so clear! One final recommendation is go early! It is a popular spot for family’s and pets so if you don’t want to be annoyed by crowds aim to get there for 8 or earlier.

I highly recommend this hike for beginners or anyone who has had a few months off hiking and needs an easy hike to get back into the swing of things! Round trip 5 hours with stopping for lunch.

2 days ago

Nice hike and not very hard at all. About 5km to the first lake with the next three lakes not far from the first. We hiked to the end (4th Lake) and decided to go back to the first lake to camp. Spent one night and it was very quiet with almost no other visitors on a Wednesday.

Lots of wildlife on the trail. We heard a bear or two when we stayed the night and if you know what to look for there are a lot of signs of bears in the area. Bring spray with you.

Steep hike through out. went to lake and went back which took 4.5 hours at a steady pace. patches of gravel and boulder crossings. lake scene is worth it.

Did this one yesterday! Good for all levels. Awesome trail with awesome view. A bit crowded.

perfect morning for a hike. definitely a rocky time climbing up and down. no wind at the top today.

Not a very rewarding hike to say the least. The amount of incline and distance you have to travel was not worth the views of either lakes.

So much beautiful scenery - don't forget your camera! The majority of this hike is really easy, definitely some elevation gain from the parking lot to the lake but it's over fast. The rest of the way is pretty flat. The trail to the falls is a little dodgy but doable and worth it.

As other reviewers noted, this hike has a bit of everything. We opted for the summit first, and we ended up taking a fairly direct route up, by going up one of the earlier scree slopes (rather than following the valley to the back scree slopes that go right up to the peak. It was steep and challenging, and we'd recommend this path rather than following the trail around to the back. The rocks were just a bit larger and firmer going up this way which we felt was probably better than scrambling up through scree. Bring poles and expect a challenge.

The ridge is breath taking and the views are limitless. You really feel like you're on top of the world.

We also saw momma grizzly, although from a long distance and she was playing around trying to catch one of the gophers. Marmots are everywhere, and virtually unafraid of us. They seemed quite curious and "led" us up through the rocks.

Hot springs on the way down was the "cherry on top" for this hike. Such an incredible experience after a challenging hike and summit.

on Galatea Creek To Lillian Lake

7 days ago

A steady incline going up. Overall amazing views.

I am head over heels for this mountain. Such a fun scramble with incredible views and short ridge walks. It has a bit of everything, grassy valleys, forested trail, hot (warm) springs, and great elevation. We saw a grizzly so bring bear spray! It was far from us so we weren't too worried but be aware. Moving time was approximately 8 hours taking lots of photos, breaks, and time to take everything in. I highly recommend this hike to anyone who loves scrambles and scree skiing!

absolutely amazing! despite it being +35 today we were able to enjoy the trail and the sights. Very well marked and heavily trafficked trail so you'll be sure to see a good chunk of people which can be great motivation. I would say that the trail from the parking lot to Lillian lake is moderate and the section from Lillian lake to Galatea lake is hard due to the large amount of loose rock. But it's worth is as the serenity of Galatea lake is amazing. It took us a total of 4 hours (2h each way) plus an hour break at the lake. would definitely do this one again!

Pretty steady climbing the entire way. Underwhelmed by Lillian lake personally, the extra climb (it’s hard) to Galatea Lake makes it all worth it.

12 days ago

Amazing hike! Has it all! We went the alt route which was long and straight up but lots of fun! Then had some fun ridge walking, and an amazing rock to take photos off of. The peak was awesome and going down the main trail allows some really fast and fun scree skiing. We ended up making it to the hot springs as well. Took about 8 hours all together taking lots of photos.

PS to the four girls who backpacked the night before and we saw on the way down! We did find the hot springs !!

12 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. The trailhead was a little unclear as there is no designated signage saying where the beginning of the trail was. It's along the path beside the sign that says something along the lines of "stay on the designated path, fragile area" - which was the only signage on this path. So start there! Other than that the flow of the hike was smooth and gorgeous.

Easy hike I assume if you are not carrying 40 lbs. of toddler. Best scenery in Kananaskis going up with great lake scenery at top.

on Pickle Jar Lakes

12 days ago

We hiked this trail on the August long weekend Monday and it was pretty busy. We started around 1:30pm so most of the people were on their way down by then and when we got to the lakes we had them pretty much to ourselves. It’s about 5k from the parking lot to the first lake and we are not in the best shape so going slow and steady took us about 2.5 hours going up. We only went as far as the third lake since reviews said it was the nicest of the four. It took us just under 2 hours going back down but we stopped a few times for photos. We had our large dog with us and the trail was fine for him but as others said it does get quite narrow in some places and if your dog can’t walk over large rocks it might not be a good option for you. There was a few little streams for him to drink on the way up. We had great weather but I wouldn’t want to do this trail if it was wet.

13 days ago

Amazing hike. Park at the south end parking lot as it is a beautiful hike through the cirque on the way up to the ridge. The climb up will get the heart rate pumping but the views at the top as well as the hike along the top of the ridge is absolutely beautiful.

A tough hike for me but I did it!

Beautiful views, gorgeous lake, neat waterfalls. Hike down to the falls is narrow and a bit tricky but worth it.

Easy hike... Nice views...

Going to go there next week! Very excited. Directions are hard to come by so here are some more specific ones: http://www.playoutsideguide.com/2016/06/edworthy-falls-kananaskis-hidden-gem.html?m=1

14 days ago

Folks this is a definite moderate to hard hike. Not for beginners or those who dislike cardio. Poles are recommended and the views are amazing. Bear scat in the area, but we did not need to deploy the bear decoys (aka my coworker and the dog i borrowed). The view is great from the top. You can yodel from the top for that Austrain Alps feel.

14 days ago

Great hike, me personally I’d put it in a category between moderate to hard.
Not because of the length and elevation,but more for the somewhat sketchy nature of some of the rock gardens as well as some very very narrow path alongside some of the faces.
We went when it was dry. Would not recommend doing it when wet and muddy.
Beyond that still lots of fun.

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