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Short hike down on steep, cliff hugging trail but plenty of shade. Great for year-round hiking and especially in the spring time. Check out the diving pools near the end!

Nice place! Really recommend it

Easy and very nice. Rock, woods, very small rivers... A variety if elements to enjoy. The ride. Excellent for kids that will trigger their imagination.

Great family trail, lots of shade, cool for summer time.

fantastic challenge and scenery. good amount of wildlife and bouldering fun.

Nice hike with the younger kids...

it was a nice little hike but not much water this time plenty of shade and friendly people

A fun little trail with a few stream crossings that's easy to get to and easy to follow. The best part is that a majority of the trail is in the shade, perfect for a summer morning hike! Get there early because parking is quite limited and you need an adventure pass.

With an awful lot of bush whacking I made it to proapector Dutch Louie's tunnel. Everything is severly overgrown. Didnt go to Dagger flats. Just turned around at the tunnel

This is a great trail if you like some challenge. It is very narrow at points. Lots of nature, mostly shaded.

small trail that goes through campground to waterfall

A there and back again trail. No shade, great views, perfect for runners and mountain bikers, though the latter should look out for cracks in the road here and there.

Trail is open again after the fire and in decent shape.

on Millard Canyon Falls Trail

1 month ago

This is a nice low impact hike. Very kid friendly.

mountain biking
1 month ago

awesome and adrenaline pumping

Short, beautiful, oak-shaded trail to a waterfall. Rated easy, but I would not wear flip flops or take my grandmother on this hike: uneven terrain, some uphill. But if you're somewhat prepared and in shape, well worth doing.

2 months ago

Nice short trail perfect for the evening before sunset. It's fully exposed, but well maintained even after the fire. Beautiful views of the Getty & into Santa Monica. Hike around rush hour to enjoy a laugh at the shmucks sitting in traffic!

The hike is fairly easy and short but get there early because it shares a parking lot with a bunch of other hikes (including Mt. Wilson) and it will be full by 7am.
The falls themselves aren’t really that special and they get crowded I didn’t really care for all the graffiti. Kids will be cliff jumping, which I don’t recommend.
Not my favorite waterfall hike in the area but if you’re into jumping off of cliffs, it’s an option.

Easy short trail.

Really nicely groomed trail for the most part; shady in lots of spots too which was lovely. A couple of tiny stream crossings, and not at all crowded. No hassles with parking and the All Trails map worked perfectly. We ended up going almost 6 miles.

Fun trail. It’s a little short, but a good quick workout

2 months ago

Great trail, it did get a bit confusing at times with following the path but with a little bit of exploring I found some red arrows painted on the rock floor, did this hike in about 80° weather and on my own, felt safe and it was pretty enjoyable to see how the path follows on rock for a bit.

2 months ago

6-10 hike for


Nice trail. I was happy I could take my dog. There are a lot of forks in the road so the map on this app is needed.

rock climbing
2 months ago

The trail down to the waterfall is nice. Went on a weekday and there were a good amount of people just hanging out near the falls. I don't know how people cliff dive here, looks terrifying! To get down to the pool is pretty hard although there is a rope provided.

The fall in itself is nice aside from all the tagging ):

It will remind you how young and in shape one is in a very stern but enjoyable way. Definitely worth the continued and consistent experience and effort

fun and easy. Only mistake came on a holiday, to many dogs and people.
the falls were lovely.

Great fast and refreshing hike. Yellow desert vegetation up above, but a lush green garden in the canyon where you get to hike. And a great ending.

Highly recommend for any one looking for a quick, rewarding hike.

Really short, accessible and easy.

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