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One of the worse Ridgeline trails yet. Views are ok. You just never get the satisfaction that the hike was worth the end result. Better off doing another ridge

Wow, this hike is definitely intense and dangerous, along with potentially illegal. It's very, very steep and muddy, along with minimal things to grab on to. I was basically hanging on to tree branches at certain points. Coming down, I slid and fell a few times and got covered in mud head to toe. It's a bit scary, and I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. However, the view is stunning - it's absolutely beautiful. I did the first 2 summits, but decided that the 3rd summit was a bit too dangerous for me, so I turned around.

JTM, the photo you uploaded with the Closed sign is the entrance to Pali Puka. The hike to the Notches is on the other side, adjacent to the official lookout point on Pali Lookout. There should be 3-4 signs along the edge of the hill warning you not to tresspass. These signs have been up for years already.
If you zoom in one of my Pali Notches photos, you can see a series of No Trespassing signs and posts blocking the entrance to the trailhead.

Short and decent hike, pretty flat. Little hard to find the opening, luckily had read other helpful comments so was able to find it. Basically you pull off the Pali as if you’re going to Lulumahu, but instead of parking in that lot you drive down the side st (Nuuanu Pali Dr) all the way down until the trees clear up and you see the dept of water building on the right side. Find parking. Nearly across from the water dept building is a small clearing in the bushes with a sign that says permit required - that’s the entrance. Two forks in the trail, keep left at both. Soon enough you will be at the ruins. Highly recommend mosquito repellent, and NOT the organic kind. I got bit a few times just while applying sunscreen and walking to entrance on the main road! Couldn’t wait to get out of the trail as I must’ve gotten bit like 25-30 times despite wearing the organic repellent and reapplying! Little muddy with stagnant water. Bring shoes with traction, some of the roots on the ground are slippery.

Just made an attempt and noticed the CLOSED sign, pic uploaded. The trail is marked private property, suggest - closed.

Nice and easy hike, great for hot days.

It's illegal to hike to the notches. Since the Pali Puka is close, this hike should also be Closed.

Will anyone be doing the hike tomorrow, 9/24? I know it’s last minute but I’d love a buddy. I have a great camera and I’m a skilled photographer who can take pictures of you! Dm me on Instagram @davidinaustralia

There are 2 hikes right at the Pali lookout. One is the Notches and the other is the Puka. They are on either side of the lookout. I did both on the same day. The notches was my least favorite of the two. The hike starts out right behind the parking pay meter. Goes up through a wooded area. You come out of the woods a couple of hundred feet up. From there you have a pretty steep incline with minimal ropes for assistance. Once you make it to the first notch, the view becomes incredible. This was the highlight for me. I continued onto the second and third notches. At the 3rd I was half way down and decided it was not for me. You are basically free climbing down and or using the rope for 100% assistance. The face is completely vertical and many of the rocks were loose and or already coming off the face. This is where I decided not to push my luck. If I would have been hiking with a partner, I would have probably pressed on. Since I was by myself, better safe then sorry.

Overall, the hike was short but steep. I would have liked it more if there weren’t as many loose rocks on the cliff faces.

29 days ago

Nice out and back scenic trail. Parking is a little difficult at first in the residential area, so be mindful and considerate.

The trail maintains a gradual incline and meanders around to two scenic lookouts of the Manoa valley. The first is about 1.4 miles into the hike and the second is about .2 following. There is a third spot as it declines but the brush is thick and tall there, so we stopped just after the 2nd vista.

I will be on Oahu from Maui the first week of november. I will be hiking the pali notches and others. dm me on instagram if you would like to link up. find me under matthew kmak or mtheorydrums@gmail.com

DO NOT GO (unless you're willing to risk serious injury). There is no visibility for the hiker due to thick vegetation, maybe there once was, but there no longer is. The mud is a major risk as well. No one should be attempting this "trail" right now unless you're an acrobat with a great GPS, which you will need for every step you take.

1 month ago

DO NOT recommend this hike or Naniuapo Falls Trail. The same trouble impacts both, lots of rain and saturated ground has reshaped any paths you'd think would be there, plus lots of huge trees are down.
Very limited trail makers as well so have a good GPS for getting there and back, I did and it certainly helped.

easy trail, the kids loved all the little side trails to explore. bring bug spray and a pancho if you dont want to get wet by the falls.

Quick and easy not really So much a hike just a quick walk down an old roadway

2 months ago

nice short hike and a beautiful view of the mountains. it was a clear day, no clouds until we descended, clouds starting to come and was drizzling a little bit. some strawberry guava on the way

trail running
2 months ago

Nice quick trail to a decent lookout. Average view and not a very intensive hike at all. Can get muddy so just watch the weather, but it's nothing that would prevent you from doing it in the rain or panicking if you were caught out there in a passing shower.

Really looking forward to doing this hike! I dont want to go solo though. Message me on IG connornelson1 if you want. I'm here until Aug 20th

Here till aug 18th, looking for a partner to climb this with for safety measures, I recently did a couple solo hikes here in Oahu but this one seems like it’ll be amazing and would require a little help. Msg me on IG @iamjehree

2 months ago

A new fav! Loved the inclines to include the 196 stairs at the onset. Added a new rope near the completion point/summit.

Elevation gained 1624ft.
Distance to turn, 2.10 miles

Be advised, several areas are shear like along the ridge with a narrow margin of trail. Also, you'll acquire some friends in the way of burs that stick to your clothing.

I’m travelling to Hawaii next week (August 15th to 20th) and was looking for someone who wants to hike the Pali Notches with me? DM me on Instagram @jessperigo :)

2 months ago

great trail to go running at a moderate pace if it's not raining! (because then it would be muddy and slippery) beautiful view at the top (don't go past the bench at the top!- it's not really a trail and you go through a bunch of thorn bushes that leads to the electric pole where the view is the same from the end of the trail at the bench- not worth the thorns! lol)

Kind of over-cast day today with the sun playing some peek-a-boo... Lots of mud but passable. Need to watch out for the roots which criss-cross the path. The steeper portions can be slippery. Had to weave ourselves over a few fallen logs. Overall, a very pleasant and short hike. Enjoyed the ruins.

2 months ago


I tried to follow the map but got lost and went off trail somehow. Parts of the trails does not have trail markers but I found some that were orange duct tape and took me to the waterfall so thank you for whoever placed those there. The mosquitos were horrible!! :(

There were no other hikers on the trail and the view was amazing. I found 2 waterfalls and spent over an hour just enjoying the scenery.

I hiked this on July 3rd and fell 20ft off the first notch because a piece of rock gave way. 10/10 would return to hike again. Just don't rely on a lot of the rock (crumbly and brittle) and/or ropes (who knows how long they have been there or what they are attached to) to keep you attached to the earth. Be careful!

Very easy and pretty! A sign tells you a bit about the history. Cool spot to just sit and do a little meditation or take a break for a while.

Great hike . A little muddy but cool on a hot day. Mostly covered hike with breathtaking views. Took about 2 hours. Great for a beginner.

Short hike leading to beautiful ruins followed by a steep drop to get to the river & the waterfalls. Cute & worth it!

We skipped the dirt lot due to some 'shady' activity and drove up the road a bit to a small pullout right by the entrance for the trail. The trek is quite overgrown an the waterfall to the right is a bit of a pain to get to and not worth it. The Ruins on the left were quite peaceful and interesting. If you decide to go be respectful. They have made this off limits due to vandalism and people littering.

2 months ago

Very nice trail. Tends to be slick in the morning especially. Lots of roots create a natural staircase for much of the trip. Nice view at the top.

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