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Waterfalls for Daddy-Baby Hike! Map

Beautiful area, very short hike

awesome. we snowshoed, saw cougar prints

Would consider this an easy hike. Short and sweet!

Great Trail, views on top, fun and diverse forrest hiking below.
however about a mile of it (below the pct intersection) is covered with fallen trees, rendering it almost impassable. I only used it to descend, but oncoming hikers i met confirmed that it's impossible to get past them when going up. in case you want to do this trail, do it descending only and bring a certain degree of fitness - lots of pulling yourself up, stepping across and balancing on top of fallen trunks is required for that bit.
Try to access the top bits of the trial via zigzag canyon / pct or via zig zag mountain instead of hiking up the trail until the trees are cleared.

Overall, enjoyful tho. 4/5 bc i ripped my favorite hiking pants while ducking under the fallen trees.

Beautiful falls from the base and very nice hike, but the signage is terrible, as is the road to get to the parking lot. We took a turn that we thought would loop around to parking, as described, and ended up turning an easy 6 mile hike into a 12 mile excursion filled with frustration. Download the map ahead of time...lesson learned!

great trail for kids and dogs

it was a good challenging trail. It was fun and refreshing.

Easy trail; well-worn, short walk to the falls with a couple signs talking about the area at the beginning. Road is paved whole way. Several cars in parking lot, but didn't run into too many people; mostly families with young children and small dogs.

Overall, the hike was amazing. I only rate this a 3/5 since it’s a longer distance from Portland than other beautiful coast hikes, and the geotagged trailhead on AllTrails is wrong. AllTrails will likely take you to a fork in the road—but drive 1.5 miles farther on the left fork. I didn’t find the ascent difficult, but I can imagine it can be depending on the weather/experience of the hikers. Bring a nice lunch to enjoy the view at the meadow, it was awesome to emerge from the rainy and cloudy forest to a sunny coastal meadow.

Really great. We opted to do this trail over Kentucky Falls after reading reviews that the road to that trailhead was rough. We were there first week of September and saw maybe 6-10 people the entire loop, not bad. There are some crawfish living in the gentle streams below, hiding in the rocks. “Swimming” is possible also, but since it’s so cold, we just kept jumping in and getting out immediately. Many different small waterfalls leading to the main waterfall at the end, I would recommend parking at the further parking lot to really experience this area.

This hike kicked my butt in the hot weather. Was worth it though! The drive is a little rough.

Pretty area. Easy hiking!

12 days ago

Lots of sea lions barking, you can also see them swimming at the end. The cove is super cool. We opted to track over to the right of the grassy knoll down onto the rocks and sit for a couple hours. Saw lots of sea lions, birds and even a whale throw it's tail up! Traffic was light and we didn't see a whole lot of people. It did kick our asses

13 days ago

Not much water in early Sept but a pretty hike on a gorgeous day. Gonna have to do it again after we get some rain and the falls are running. Ran into 5 or 6 other groups hiking today.

Lovely little hike with no other foot traffic late in the evening. Beautiful falls with crisp air and several gorgeous view points.

17 days ago

Been up there twice in the last month. Did the short trail the first time, the long trail the second time.

Worth every step, and the rough forest service road to the trail head.

Great spot to run in a figure 8 or down trails, but not what you’re looking for for a great hike!
Perfect for kids and families who live near by. If you live far away and want substantial hiking, tryon creek!

trail running
18 days ago

Def major tree blockage. Otherwise a pretty trail. We decided to turn back after battling through for a quarter of a mile. Did not make it to link up with PCT.

Very nice loop trail, all though the Falls Creek Trail #152 is more of a Mt. Bike trail and the rest of the loop is more for hiking. Falls Creek Falls Water Fall is very refreshing and great for pictures and videos. Cool camp grounds and swimming area up at the top.

19 days ago

Only reason it doesn’t get a 5 star is because yes, it is still impassible within about 1/2 a mile from intersecting with 775. Although disappointing to get so close, amazing views on the way - deep forest to canyon ridge overlooking beauty as far as the eye can see. Take Hidden Lake Trail to connect with PCT to Paradise Park Loop Trail.

19 days ago

Love the waterfalls and a great short refreshing hike with the kids

Great hike! i’ve stopped at Salt Creek Falls many times, but didn’t know about the bridge or this trail. I need to go back, there is more to be seen.

Only downside: there were some wooden bridges that weren’t in real solid shape. I’d be happy to go back up and spend some time building new ones!

This is one of my favorite sub-1 hour hikes in and around Lebanon. There can be a lot of people in the park on any given weekend, but most evenings it’s fairly low traffic. The upper trails are narrow and are feeling a bit overgrown but it’s still gorgeous.

I walk the loop counter clockwise from the bottom lot and get the stair climb out of the way early which makes the rest of the path a breeze.

20 days ago

We love this trail. You can either stay on the path or if you don’t mind getting your feet wet you can work your way up the creek.

Great hike.

one waterfall is very low, otherwise great

Instructions on app took us to middle of no where.

One of the easiest close to the coast hikes!! Beautiful all around.

22 days ago

it was a very nice and beautiful hike. There are lots of potholes but not as bad as some roads we've seen in Washington. The signs were minimal but that's why we have the All trails app and map. The trail was mostly soft and shady. The lower view of the falls was an oh my God moment. the upper falls and views looking down were nice of the valley but you can't see much of the lower falls. A short hike further is the small falls by a camp site.

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