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Pretty cool walk but would consider it hiking or a trail. The pool and waterfall are pretty at the top though

Beautiful hike, not much signage, we took a wrong turn once and had some difficulty finding the falls. We went after there had been a lot of rain so the waterfall was flowing hard and we did not attempt to get into the creek, although the rope swing looked fun.

This is an easy paved path and has a lot of tourists.

Feel’s like I’m in Jurassic park! Falls are a nice cool down at the top.

2 days ago

Beautiful walk through the rainforest. Feels like your in jarrassic park!

2 days ago

Great first impression of trails on the island. Had a mixture of refreshing rain and sunshine breaking through at various points. Numerous photo opportunities , especially at the end of the trail of a fantastic waterfall. Highly recommend for any skill level, although near the top it can become a little slick for elderly. I have had to help hold a few hands to ensure they see the view.

Waterfall was great. Hike past the waterfall was an adventure

Little buggy but super fun!

Ran it yesterday (15 sept). Don’t get discouraged by the entrance, it looked like a lot of bush whacking and not a great trail but after you get into it it’s actually a very open and clear trail. I’m used to single track in Utah where you are always running through bushes on either side of the trail but this trail was always wide enough to not touch any of the beautiful flora. At the first sign in the trail, turn left. Someone scratched it off but left is the correct way to the falls (and summit). It got very very muddy around mile 2.3 and the roots get very slippery. There is a stretch that is completely covered by trees growing from one side of the trail and bending over to the other. I had to duck down at many times. This was also the muddiest part, but while watching my footing and head slowed me way down, it was very enjoyable. Wasn’t ever steep, nice gradual climb that was only slowed by the elements. Fun trail!

3 days ago

This hike was great. The trail immediately takes you into the wilderness feel. It’s short, but the scenery, especially the large open area at the bridge, is the most beautiful I’ve personally ever seen.

Awesome hike, definitely shouldn’t be rated as easy though. The trail isn’t very defined (follow the flags) and you’re constantly crossing a creek full with slippery rocks. The trail is scenic and the falls/pool are worth the trip!

we did this hike in the rain and the waterfall was great! I would not at all call this kid friendly- the top is eroded and required nimble feet and some climbing

5 days ago

Amazing trail that starts out easy but certainly is a little challenging as you get close to the waterfall.
Saw a few people with flip-flops which is not recommended.

6 days ago

You have to park in one of the parking before trailhead on your right, It’s $5 for fee. Trail is in very good conditions except at some points it gets muddy and slippery but not too bad. The day I did there were not a lot of people around but I read that this does get super busy. Such a beautiful place. Took me 25 min to get there and 20 min to get back to parking. Enjoy
Happy hiking

You are in a rainforest. So it will probably rain. Plan on it! $5 to park in the cafe parking lot. There is NO PARKING closer to the trailhead so that parking lot is the best and closest available. Beautiful place!

Nice trail with lots of people. Trail keeps getting wider with all the people getting off the main trail. Pool at the top is roped off but several people were in it. Nice place to cool off the feet. Took about 1.5 hours with multiple stops. I would recommend tennis shoes or better. It is somewhat slippery near the top.

8 days ago

Nice short hike. Beautiful falls and beautiful views along the way. Muddy so wear good hiking shoes. Very very busy hiking trail.

Did this hike today. The entrance is all the way to the right of the parking lot. There is a locked gate but a big hole has been made in the fence to the left of the gate. You will hike down an open gravel road for a ways then you will begin the hike on a trail through the woods. Follow the pink ribbons. Try to stay straight along the stream. There are multiple trails coming off main trail. You will have to cross the stream in several places as well. Muddy and slippery in places but well worth the hike.

Fantastic trail

Hiked the day after heavy rains from Hurricane Lane. Trails were pretty slick/muddy. Very technical in spots with some pretty amazing views.

10 days ago

Very nice . Make sure you wear good shoes that have a lot of grip. Could get slippery at times.

Nice beginner Trail, a lot of tourists.
Wet near the top, as you approach
the falls.

10 days ago

Easy but beautiful hike. We took our time and a lot of pictures. You're not allowed to go in the water but everyone does. There's a lot of people in the late morning and early afternoon.

Nice trail! It was muddy and slippery, but not bad. Would recommend not wearing a new pair of shoes. Water shoes worked well for my wife and adult daughter. Lots of exposed roots and rocks so those uf us with weak ankles need to be careful. Falls was nice at the end and worth the hike. Wear your suit if you want to make the plunge!

DId the hike today and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of different ways to get there, but just remember to get yourself to the Nuuanu Stream and stay with it (on whichever side seems easier to you) until you get to the falls. The easier entrance now seems to be to the right of the parking area where there's a double gate in the fence (it's locked) with a hole to the left. Follow the road for a bit, and then you'll see some signs. The trail was super muddy, but it's an enjoyable trek with a great payoff. The falls are beautiful and refreshing.

A beautiful waterfall is your reward after a nice 30 hike

Easy and short hike to the falls! Views in the park are amazing but it was a bit to crowded, too many other tourists.

Great views and cool down at the end in the brisk waterfall. Bring something to waterproof your phone since it tends to rain while you take a dip in the water. Must bring towel and change of clothes and foot ware for the drive home, due to the mud.

on Waimea Valley Trail

16 days ago

It was pretty but not my type of hiking.

on Waimano Falls Trail

16 days ago


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