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Hiked the Yellow loop today - counter clockwise. Nice trail - not too strenuous but a good workout. Had the whole place to myself. Some nice views along the way. Well marked trail throughout.

This place is a gem!!
Has a little bit of everything,will really get the blood flowing as you ascend.I did the 3 mile loop CCW from Dennis RD trail head!!
This is my new favorite spot being it's only 7 miles from home.

Easy hike. Good views. Nice waterfall and lake. Cool view on top of the big rock. Spent about 3 hours here

on Buttermilk Falls

10 days ago

Nice short trail a little challenging at spots but nothing to serious. Little children on the trail. would do it again especially for a short hike.

Nice hike. The Fire Tower is remodeled and open. The plane crash site and the building ruins are interesting. The further loop I included had a few real wet spots through the swamps.

Hiked this in November starting and ending at Otter Hole. It was challenging crossing the creek from the parking lot due to high water. Very nice views at Wyanokie High Point and Chikahokie Falls. Terrain was moderate to difficult, especially descending the yellow dot trail on Carris Hill where we fell multiple times. Overall we had a great time and would go definitely go back. Trekking poles are highly recommended.

End of December 18... trails in good shape- enjoyed both Falls! Be sure to have hiking shoes

Great hike. One HINT ... if you want to do the 4.5m loop, when you arrive at the Big Hill Shelter (a lean-to with a couple of fireplaces), that is the turnaround point. You can take the blue trail back rather than the yellow trail for the loop. We blew right past the shelter and kept on going to the Third Reservoir. This was accidental and we ended up with a 6 to 6.5m hike (4 hours including a visit to the tower and picture stops along the way) and a return just barely before sundown.

Great place to hike

Very steep at times and trail led to a steep dead end which was a little nerve wracking but over all very pretty! No leaves allowed for overlooking the valley and stream was pretty.

We loved this hike! The falls are beautiful and the trails very interesting. It ended up being 4.5 miles after going to see Mullet falls and Denton falls. Be careful not to miss the side trails to the falls! You will not see any water alls if you follow the route on all trails however the map at the parking area clearly shows where they are.

Fun hike. Cool view of NYC from the shelter

Beautiful falls but park is trashed. Litter and graffiti abounds. Sad to see such local disrespect for such a treasure.

Gonna be honest: in the end I loved this hike. But at first, it was VERY difficult to find the correct trail and I wasted about an hour along with another group trying to find the correct way to High Point. I’m sure it’s easier to find outside of fall, but with leaves covering EVERY path, it’s super hard to determine what’s actually a trail and what isn’t. I would recommend just walking up Snake Den rd until you get to the trail head which is an Info Stand (not the one in the parking lot). The actual hike can be treacherous if you aren’t skilled at climbing over rocks and definitely wear good shoes or you’ll have a rolled and/or broken ankle in no time (especially on slippery leaves or mud)

2 months ago

Went with my son and my dog. Nice hike. Slightly demanding but not overwhelming. We took the trail from the top down (counterclockwise). My only concern about it is the trail blazes stopped somewhere around the last creek crossing. We couldn’t find the trail back to the car so we had to backtrack and take the white trail back up to the top and then over to the car. That was frustrating and tiring. Wonder if anybody else has run into this problem. Maybe we jut missed it.

Nice and lovely. Not difficult but can be slippery.

The trail is across the street from the parking lot. It’s an easy trail with a few short rock scrambles but again not challenging. I would not consider this a moderate hike. Definitely take the blue trail first as it is the only real incline on the whole hike and leads you straight to a really pretty river and waterfall. The trail gets a bit funky after that when looping back. The way back is very easy and the overlook is ok. Recommend for anyone looking for an easy hike.

1928 Lookout tower is in very fair shape. Recommended. Pretty busy up top by the shelter, but beautiful views.

trails are marked but no signage at cross trails to make sure you’re moving towards your starting point.

lots of fun. make sure you take blue trail to see waterfall and lake!!!

Very easy trail - beautiful waterfall. Lots of dipping spots to cool off. Dog loved playing in the water. Not much to see after the waterfall - but very relaxing and mostly shaded.

Not a bad hike. Some short climbs but not too strenuous. Trail markers could have been better marked. Also, the area around the trailhead was completely overwhelmed with broken bottles and trash. To people who litter and have no respect for the outdoors: do us all a favor and stay off the trails!

trail running
3 months ago

Good run but a little slippery with all the rocks on a day after rain. Nice incline.

3 months ago

Park in small lot for Paterson Falls. This park is under renovation and is only partly open. This is an easy hike. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon except near the falls. This is a great hike to start out your day. The more history you know the more fun this hike is.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


A little muddy but still enjoyable. Lots of families out enjoying themselves.

The Patriot Trail is a good fast walk/run with some nice steep climbs. The detour to the waterfall is steep and good for the quads although the waterfall is really a brook. We went on a Saturday and we had it all to ourselves. Due wear hiking boots the terrain is rocky and the leaves hide them quite often.

3 months ago

Very nice hike, partly paved, then dirt & stone. From where we entered, access to the falls is a view from the cliffs, Looked for a path down to the falls and found none. Also it appears that there was a recent larger fire in the woods as there are burnt trees on forest floor and there still is the smell of a fire. Over all it was a very nice hike.

Very easy trail. A little muddy on the north side but easily negotiable. Took an infant in a backpack and had no trouble. Easy to extend trail distance depending how you feel. Limited parking but spaces turn over

It’s not too hard of a train but I had a 6 month old strapped to my chest so it wasn’t really “easy.” There were a few rock scramble areas. I only made it about half way up and turned around because my dog wasn’t having it anymore. As I got close to my end point the trail was really overgrown in a few spots but it is clearly marked with blazes. It’s a very nice hike, the waterfall was a nice welcome early in the hike!

great hike! I only did the blue trail since my dog was getting tired but very pretty, scenic hike. I didn't think it was difficult at all, mt tammany was much more difficult. The waterfalls are beautiful and it only takes a mile in to see the view from the top of the rocks.

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