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2 girlfriends and I hiked to Virgin Falls today. Perfect weather. Took us about 4 hours and we stopped at Laurel and Virgin falls to take pics and have snacks. I would rate it as hard but totally doable. The falls were beautiful. Lots of water flowing. It would also be a great place to camp.

20 hours ago

Challenging but a fun trail. Hiked this with my wife and daughter, neither have been hiking for some time but still made it. It still has burnt trees as a reminder of the terrible fires from 2016.

Wonderful place. Not much hiking but a lot to see in a small area. Be aware that you must have a permit to enter the cave. You can get them by calling Fall Creek Falls. The cave is also closed in the winter months but it’s still worth the visit

First time on this trail. Went because it said it was hard. It says overnight, but is easily done as a day hike by anyone with enough time or experience. My total time on trail was 5h20m. Honestly, the trail is pretty boring, and just mileage, with the exception of the gorge (which in spring was gloriously flowery) and the falls (which, ya know, are falls) A word of advice I either missed or wasn't there. To hike the upper and lower loop, they want you to have a permit from the camper check in. No cost involved, just some paperwork for your dash and to keep on your person. It's basically like the sign in sheet at your usual trail head, only requires more effort. They say it's for safety, it was just a 15 minute delay to me. To get to the check in, overshoot the last left and drive straight until you see a building with camper check in on it. Just past the last left, on the left, is a friends of the park depot. They have maps and other souvenir type things. Got a magnet for my efforts there.

3 days ago

my favorite by far, it's a 3 in 1 trip with such unique waterfalls. take plenty of water....

Short but good to be around. Some steep parts and some trees across the path. Gorgeous stream makes the trek going steeply up in places. First tree is barely 40’ from the beginning and looks dangerous but was easy to navigate. Water was really moving and the multiple steps in the stream add a really nice cacophony to the climb. Numerous rhodendren bushes will look super if they bloom. They loom over the trail almost the whole track. Had to park about 80’ west of the trailhead but there is little traffic on TN30. Really nice rock formations and many small falls. There are some super opportunities for little videos here

Beautiful trail! Did it in the middle of the week in February and it was actually very trafficked. The falls was very pretty!

Hiked yesterday. It poured with light rain throughout the entire trek. Beautiful misty waterfall at the end, at the second log bridge (you can't miss it). Saw very few other hikers thanks to the weather.
This is a great hike if you want something slightly more challenging. However, anyone can do it if you just go at your own pace.

7 days ago

This was my first hiking/camping trip about a month ago and Ive been wanting to go back ever since. We hiked down to Laurel Falls,Sheep Cave and eventually Virgin Falls. All were a sight to see. Virgin Falls was literally breathtaking if you're able to safely get closer to the bottom. I plan on returning this summer.

It’s mostly downhill in the way in, so the climb back up is a little difficult but not too bad since it’s a pretty short hike.

Beautiful trail. None of the signs say Rainbow Falls, though. Just stay to the right when the trail forks to go to the falls. There is a larger waterfall past the first one but it's rocky and difficult to get to. Worth it!

8 days ago

I loved this trail the falls is so unique and pretty. I would advise taking water shoes though. when u are almost to the falls u have to cross the creek 3 times... it was winter, we had no water shoes, but went for it anyway. no turning back we were almost there!!

13 days ago

I loved the trail. My wife and I along with our 4 year old son completed the trail on today 4/8/18. It was cold and snow everywhere. We are from Florida so the snow was absolutely amazing to see. The trail starts out very easy and becomes more difficult further in. Wonderful memories made.

14 days ago

My wife and I walk the Rainbow Falls Trail and found it to be very difficult. I am 65 years old and am way over weight. The trail started out easy enough. It was wide with only a slight incline. As we continued our walk the trail became narrower, rockier and steeper. It took all I had to make it to the top and back down again. I found coming down much more difficult than going up. I was happy I did it.. The trail lost one star because the falls itself was not very spectacular. It is the journey not the destination.

14 days ago

Easy and nice Trail

New to hiking or out for a walk- this will be work. Used to hiking and/or younger, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

18 days ago

great hike. I do this one almost every time I visit the Smokey Mountains. 5.5 miles isn't exactly correct, I measured 2.80 miles one direction to make it 5.6 miles. I also wouldn't call it hard. My 4 year old just finished it with no problems. I would say that it is a moderate difficulty. The work that they did over the winter really shows. the new steps were beautiful. this is one of my favorite day hikes on this side of the country.

19 days ago

it's not easy Gerry your miss leading people

19 days ago

lost 30 lbs on this hike. Hey Katelin had good time maybe we can do it in woods next time

Really fun and enjoyable trail. It's honestly not very difficult. If you enjoy waterfalls and constantly walking through running water, then this is the hike for you!Some of the rocks are a bit slick so, be cautious while crossing over them. The trail is somewhat busy but, not too bad. It's a pretty quick hike, about 4 hours, including sitting down for lunch.

20 days ago

Great hike for visitors newer to Great Smokey Mountain National Park! The trail has some elevation change and crosses streams at multiple points. Would recommend sturdy shoes simply because of the exposed rock and roots along the trail. Some mud along the trail, but nothing unmanageable. The Falls were great because of the recent rainfall.

Great hike. The falls were pretty full because of the rainfall lately.

If you park at Bald River Falls, to the far end of the parking lot, there is a hiking trail you can go on that takes you above the waterfall and up to the Middle Bald River Falls- about 1.4 miles (out and back)- highly recommend if you’re looking for a shorter hike. Review will be posted on our blog soon, with pics- www.Wander-Full-Life.com

on Glen Falls Trail

22 days ago

Easy hike with a nice little uphill trek returning to the car. Falls and cascades are pretty and the trail passes through a large rock. Fun!

I wouldn't really call this a hike but it was nice nonetheless - you take a short (but steep and slippery) walk down to the river. Rock Island seems to be made up of a bunch of little trails so if you want to do some hiking in the park, I'd recommend just doing all the trails. My friend and I did this in a day and ended up with about 7-8 miles total. None of the trails are difficult and most of them are easy to follow plus you get to see more of the park (which is pretty and well-maintained) that way!

The only downside when we went was that they had to close off the gorge b/c of flooding so we weren't able to go into it. I do hope to go back someday when that's not an issue!

26 days ago

Great for small kids. Our 3.5 yo did great. We hiked in and saw the falls, went up the stairs and through a cool cave like structure and then hiked up the riverbed a bit and found a place to eat our lunch we packed. Really fun and short hike.

Amazing hike

27 days ago

One of my favorite trails on the mountain, especially if you are looking for a quick round-trip hike with a waterfall.

Great hike with great views. The trail could be a little better marked especially after the first overlook. The suspension bridge was a highlight along with the overlooks. Great hike to do in winter before trees get leaves.

29 days ago

Awesome trail, the elevation change gets you on the way out.

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