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on Lowry Falls Trail

18 hours ago

Short but intense hike with a steep grade. We'll positioned rocks and trees help along the way. The cascades are pretty, but may not be worth the effort. We enjoyed it but probably won't return.

On this day there was a fallen tree with branches obscuring the beginning of the trail, but easy enough to get around it. thanks

2 days ago

Loved this hike! There is beauty everywhere you look! Me and my friend completed this hike in one day. If I was ever doing it again, I would do it as a overnight trip. It is a hard hike. We thought it was harder getting down to the falls instead of back up. We did all the side trails Sheep’s Cave, Martha’s Pretty Point, we took the trail to top of virgin falls to see the cave. Very nice and a good place to cool yourself off! Wish we would have had more time to hang up a hammock and relax but had to make it out before dark. Our record time from AllTrails was 9:33 hours to complete. We did eat lunch and sit down at the falls and explore some! AllTrails clocked us at 13.9 miles not sure if that is correct or not my garmin watch said 12.8 miles so not sure which is right. It is so beautiful and worth the hike! Start really early if your not camping overnight!

Great hike with the hubby!!

A bit more challenging going up than expected, but we were also trying to keep a fast pace. Slippery in spots when coming down- hiking boots recommended if it’s rained recently. Saw a mother bear and her two cubs in a tree which was awesome! Pretty trail and pretty falls

11 days ago

Great trail and pretty falls. Just a warning...we were there yesterday and there was a fairly large and active yellow jacket nest in the ground right next to the trail. It’s maybe a half mile and those suckers were aggressive. I was stung a couple times and heard of others that were as well.

12 days ago

Poison Ivy was overwhelming. The trail is overgrown in several spots. Trail surface is excellent. Waterfalls with bridge and a rock staircase with hidden stone door. Really cool. A great little swimming hole too.

It’s a pretty great hike! Not a lot of signs once you get passed rainbow lake. The view at Edwards point is amazing! A lot of people had dogs. I would suggest that they need to clean it up a little. There was trash in some parts. Rainbow lake is cool but the water was dirty looking. Overall I would go back. Be ready for a lot of brush in the trail.

An awesome trail! Put my 2 yo in the Tula, 5 year old walked. Was a little bit too much for 5 year old. As we got closer to the end on the way back, she got whiney from being tired. Tons of places to stop and rest. One of my fav hikes ever!

trail running
13 days ago

great trail! a little scrambling and ALL uphill! hiking is very manageable, but even the most experienced and fit runners will need a walk break! along the way, you can see remna ts of the fire that took place here but also the recovery, simply beautiful. i swear some of the trees here would compare to the Sequoia's in CA. the falls at the 2.5 mile marker are a welcome sight and resting spot...even managed to crawl behind the falls for a cool spraying! as stated only currently open friday-sunday and there are signs warning of bear activity. well worth the effort put in to see this gem!

Short and sweet, beautiful in all seasons!

Definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive

We started really late so we only went to the overlook. The Ranger was awesome and super informative about time and distance. Loved the trail and rain. Apparently it rains often there. The trail is rated as hard, but up to the overlook it’s not difficult. The ascent up I guess is why it’s rated that way. Going to take another trip and go to the falls next time.

Nice hike, but TONS of poison ivy. Needs to be removed.

This was a fun hike. Definitely take your time going up especially with kids. We had a 7, 9 yr old and two toddlers in backpacks... slow and steady was the rule. Took us about 5.5 hours with lots of breaks going up.

nice hike, good views, weak falls

19 days ago

really beautiful waterfall and hike

19 days ago

Amazing!!! be careful going down, there's a chance for twisting your ankle!

20 days ago

Unspoiled, rugged beauty. This trail is hard, but I guess it doesn’t help when it thunderstorms all the way back to the trailhead! GPS clocked 8.6 miles round trip to just go to Virgin Falls and back. Took me 5.5 hours but I was really slowed down by the torrential rain. Trails are well blazed and maintained with good signage. Passed several other hikers but it was still a very secluded and quiet hike. The streams and waterfalls are absolutely stunning. Be prepared with hiking boots and plenty of water or a way to filter water. Lots of exposed roots and rocks along the trails and some boulder scrambling. Be sure to stop at the station at the trailhead and speak to the ranger and get a map if you need one. He was a big help!

This is a great trail for a short hike. Watch for the humidity to rise on your way out and be prepared for an incline. It can fool you by its short length. I have been here as a child and went back to see that the trail has better maintenance than from years ago.

21 days ago

This trail was intense just sayin

The waterfalls are so awesome. Worth the drive out to see them!

24 days ago

Favorite hike in Tennessee! My first time here we did a big day hike and covered 8.5 miles round trip. We stopped for lunch and took our time taking pictures of the mushrooms along the trail and 2 snakes that we saw, so in total our round trip was about 5 hours.

All of the waterfalls were raging like crazy, which I did not expect as many waterfall hikes in August are barely flowing. It wasn't so hot that I felt like jumping in but there were definitely nice areas that you could take a dip. The trail isn't too difficult but heading back to the trail head was mostly uphill which is where the "hard" rating comes in. It was really interesting to see the river and falls come out from underground cave areas. We hiked by the Sheep's Cave but didn't venture in.

We didn't see any campers but I think this would be a great place to backpack and explore the area more. The sites near the Virgin Falls seemed like the best.

I definitely recommend stopping by Welch's Point afterward -- the view is a great payoff that is only a short walk from the parking!

24 days ago

Great place. Not to hard. Also presents a smaller waterfall/cave 2 miles in that would be a good turning around point for those worried about it being too hard.

When you get to too bigger waterfall make sure you take to spur trail to top. Real easy. It has an awesome cave where water comes from.

If you do go up there, the trail will continue to “lost creek”. This is a whole other site. I went 3.25 miles up this old atv trail before turning around. From the map, I was almost to lost Creek but ran out of time. It exhausted me. Had to run a lot of it to try to make it back to pick up kids from after school care.

It would be a cool hike to see both Virgin and Lost Creek. It would be a hard full day or two cars placed so you didn’t have to backtrack. Or overnight. There were some cool campsites by cave entrances and by creeks. Signs say the must be reserved. No one was there when I went Aug 27.

Trail start was confusing and blazes could be better marked. View was gorgeous. First rock outcropping is not the final stop. Keep going and you will see the beauty of the Tennessee River, wilderness and even saw a pair of eagles.

Nice hike. Amazing views of the water. plenty of places to go for a dip.

27 days ago

Definitely a work out. Beautiful scenery along the way to the majestic finish line at Virgin Falls. Take your time to enjoy it.

27 days ago

The reviews were a little misleading to me. It is rated Easy, and I/we would not. There were a lot of rocks to climb/descend especially near the falls. In my opinion this was harder than easy and would be more in line with moderate. Benton falls was way easier.

27 days ago

This is a very scenic hike! Multiple water falls and rock formations. not sure where they are getting the 2 miles from. this hike is 1 mile out and back from the road. Easy for all levels.

The falls were absolutely beautiful and so was the hike. A lot of interesting rock formations, smaller falls, and a great view at one point of the trail. This would have been a 5 stars however: 1) it was very crowded, the falls are only open Friday-Sunday due to rehabilitation 2) people graffiti on multiple rocks 3) hard to get a photo of the falls without someone climbing near the falls and/ or sitting directly next to them. Overall nice hike but would do the hike earlier in the day or later when less crowded

A good hike and nice view

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