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2 days ago

Loved this hike! There is beauty everywhere you look! Me and my friend completed this hike in one day. If I was ever doing it again, I would do it as a overnight trip. It is a hard hike. We thought it was harder getting down to the falls instead of back up. We did all the side trails Sheep’s Cave, Martha’s Pretty Point, we took the trail to top of virgin falls to see the cave. Very nice and a good place to cool yourself off! Wish we would have had more time to hang up a hammock and relax but had to make it out before dark. Our record time from AllTrails was 9:33 hours to complete. We did eat lunch and sit down at the falls and explore some! AllTrails clocked us at 13.9 miles not sure if that is correct or not my garmin watch said 12.8 miles so not sure which is right. It is so beautiful and worth the hike! Start really early if your not camping overnight!

Enjoyed the loop trail. Plenty to see and explore. Love the educational boards. Will be doing this again with the family.

My 58yr old heavy set mother hiked to the overlook with no problem. I hiked to the base of the waterfall with my 2yr old niece and went swimming. The hike down was fairly easy, just watch your footing with tree roots and loose rocks. To cross the river we went up river to where it was only 2 feet to cross. You follow the river to get to the base. There are life jackets of all sizes for anyone to wear at the base. Amazing idea for people who can’t swim or have trouble. I put my niece in the children’s one and we swam for about 20min. I’d rate the hike down as a 1.5 and the hike up a 2.3 there’s some stairs and like 3 switch backs. The hike to the overlook is really easy that would be a 1. Overall an AMAZING hike! If you have bad ankles or knees it would be doable but would take you some time. If you are a moderate hiker this is a breeze.

Very easy hike to the overlook. The trail down to the base of the Falls was closed due to flood unfortunately, but other than that is was an awesome little hike. I hiked this with my 2yr old niece and 58yr old heavy set mother. She was able to due this hike fairly easily. Only part she had to go slow was the staircase which is about 40 stairs. Without going down to the base the whole loop is less than a mile.

East to follow Trail with several spur trails to add to the hike.

6 days ago

Very easy to get to the overlook, but be prepared for climbing and water passes throughout to get to the base of the falls. Extremely crowded, but beautiful!

8 days ago

Great little hike. Fun time in the Blue hole.
Always a lot of people there.
Wear wet shoes. The Camp store sells them.
Great place on the weekdays when school is back in. Too busy for me otherwise. It is a great hike for the whole family.

Amazing place

A must do!!!!!

An awesome trail! Put my 2 yo in the Tula, 5 year old walked. Was a little bit too much for 5 year old. As we got closer to the end on the way back, she got whiney from being tired. Tons of places to stop and rest. One of my fav hikes ever!

Fun, short hike.

Definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive

We started really late so we only went to the overlook. The Ranger was awesome and super informative about time and distance. Loved the trail and rain. Apparently it rains often there. The trail is rated as hard, but up to the overlook it’s not difficult. The ascent up I guess is why it’s rated that way. Going to take another trip and go to the falls next time.

wish some of it was open but floods and age have made part of the trail un accessible. But all in all it was a pretty hike and fairly easy todo.

18 days ago

Please take their advice and wear appropriate shoes! Flip flops aren’t going to cut it. Very short trail to the falls then about 1/4-1/2 mile back upstream to the falls and swimming. You will be scrambling over rocks and some are slippery. We were a group of 5 with varying levels of comfort but everyone enjoyed the swimming and the scenery.

18 days ago

The falls are truly beautiful, and the trail is clear and well marked. But it is rocky, wet, and steep in some areas - so definitely bring appropriate footwear. Unfortunately, the park is too crowded, and the heavy foot traffic made some parts of the trail (mostly the descent/ascent to/from the stream) really unsafe. Moreover, the trail leading down to the stream as well as the banks of it were full of trash. I’m fairly disappointed with the management of this natural resource. If you’re looking for a pristine hike, this is not it.

Made a day hike out of this loop. Took clockwise route beginning with big creek gulf trail out of stone door. Views around the cliffs at stone door are some of the best around. Descent into the gulf was fairly technical at times with some large boulder scrambling, not too difficult though due to the short length. Added ranger falls trail at the base, nice lunch spot and good water source (worth it). Ascent out of the gulf up to the rim was a steady climb with a few steeper switchbacks and had fair share of lose rock, but again like the descent it is a fairly short run to the top. Made quick time of the flat and easy rim trail. Several nice lookout pointe along the way similar to those around stone door with similar views. Did this trail in 5 hours, plenty of time spent taking pics at bluffs and hanging by the waterfall. Water sources were available throughout most of gulf trail. Could see making this an overnight trip if adding greater falls or connector to Collins section. My fitbit clocked this trail a little over 11 miles, park map has it at around 10 (including ranger falls trail)Happy Trails

Great time. Short walk to overlook. Hike down to falls was fine, some areas slippery but water felt cool. It is worth the trip to the falls!

19 days ago

The way down and back up was fairly difficult because the trail was very narrow and had excessively too much foot traffic. And as soon as you reach the bottom to the river bed, walking along the river is not easy because at certain points you have to cross the river on very slippery rock, so MAKE SURE TO WEAR SHOES WITH GOOD TRACTION! After walking about half a mile you reach the falls, which are gorgeous, there’s plenty of room to sit and relax along with a deep swimming hole. Climbing to the higher rocks in the falls and jumping off was a huge rush!! So if you don’t mind the heavy population of people, large rock climbing, the view and water is 100% worth it!

on Cummins Falls Trail

19 days ago

Great hike with the kids. Once we were arrived to the water fall it was Amazing. I love coming here!

20 days ago

Unspoiled, rugged beauty. This trail is hard, but I guess it doesn’t help when it thunderstorms all the way back to the trailhead! GPS clocked 8.6 miles round trip to just go to Virgin Falls and back. Took me 5.5 hours but I was really slowed down by the torrential rain. Trails are well blazed and maintained with good signage. Passed several other hikers but it was still a very secluded and quiet hike. The streams and waterfalls are absolutely stunning. Be prepared with hiking boots and plenty of water or a way to filter water. Lots of exposed roots and rocks along the trails and some boulder scrambling. Be sure to stop at the station at the trailhead and speak to the ranger and get a map if you need one. He was a big help!

The waterfall is well worth the visit. Go early to beat the crowds. I was at the waterfall by 9 am then hiked some of the trails and on my way back it was busy, unless you like screaming kids and crowds then go for it. $5 park entrance fee. The trail is short but there are other trails in the park so if you can certainly hit those and spend several hours here. If you get the chance to go do so!

Beautiful area and trail. Shorter trail at a little less than 2 miles. We made a day of it by starting at Rutledge Falls a few miles away then to Machine Falls. The hike is relatively easy. My parents are in their mid-60s and did just fine. There are some steep steps near the falls but no biggie. The falls is beautiful and has some of the clearest water I’ve seen here in Tennessee. Just beautiful. Look for the big water tower and the trailhead is across the street.

This was my third hike and my first one in August. The area looks completely different in the summer and not nearly as pretty as winter or fall. The spring was just a trickle. According to my tracker which is Wickiloc it was right at 14 miles, which when you are dead tired at 12.6 that extra mile or so is a killer. Do this COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Get the really bad boulder field out of the way at the beginning. This is really more suited as an overnight hike that a day hike. Just take plenty of water and give yourself way more time than you think you will need. The difficulty is up there with the Fiery Gizzard (maybe even more difficult). You are gonna feel it for a few days afterwards.

The waterfalls are so awesome. Worth the drive out to see them!

24 days ago

Favorite hike in Tennessee! My first time here we did a big day hike and covered 8.5 miles round trip. We stopped for lunch and took our time taking pictures of the mushrooms along the trail and 2 snakes that we saw, so in total our round trip was about 5 hours.

All of the waterfalls were raging like crazy, which I did not expect as many waterfall hikes in August are barely flowing. It wasn't so hot that I felt like jumping in but there were definitely nice areas that you could take a dip. The trail isn't too difficult but heading back to the trail head was mostly uphill which is where the "hard" rating comes in. It was really interesting to see the river and falls come out from underground cave areas. We hiked by the Sheep's Cave but didn't venture in.

We didn't see any campers but I think this would be a great place to backpack and explore the area more. The sites near the Virgin Falls seemed like the best.

I definitely recommend stopping by Welch's Point afterward -- the view is a great payoff that is only a short walk from the parking!

24 days ago

Great place. Not to hard. Also presents a smaller waterfall/cave 2 miles in that would be a good turning around point for those worried about it being too hard.

When you get to too bigger waterfall make sure you take to spur trail to top. Real easy. It has an awesome cave where water comes from.

If you do go up there, the trail will continue to “lost creek”. This is a whole other site. I went 3.25 miles up this old atv trail before turning around. From the map, I was almost to lost Creek but ran out of time. It exhausted me. Had to run a lot of it to try to make it back to pick up kids from after school care.

It would be a cool hike to see both Virgin and Lost Creek. It would be a hard full day or two cars placed so you didn’t have to backtrack. Or overnight. There were some cool campsites by cave entrances and by creeks. Signs say the must be reserved. No one was there when I went Aug 27.

Took the boys 9&11 they loved playing in the creek all the way to the falls. it can get busy crowded but didn't affect our fun. seen many people from all different cultures.

Nice hike. Amazing views of the water. plenty of places to go for a dip.

Was great day for this out and back. All down hill to falls. Haha. Guess you know what that means??? Water was just trickling with week of past rain so not best time of year “summer’s end” but still well worth the 4 hour round trip.

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