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This was a really easy loop with a steady incline/decline. While there are no breathtaking views, the valley is rich with wildlife and flora, a small stream and fragrant air. It’s very peaceful. Great for brining a dog. Recommended!

Agree with earlier reviews that trail is not marked well. Could easily end up doing the 8 mile hike by accident. Would not recommend the higher rockier part of hike for children or if you are afraid of heights! The trail is at an angled slant most of the 5 Miles.

Made for a great morning hike. Definitely better to start on Beaver Brook and finish on Chavez, since Chavez is rockier. The water was low enough that all the crossings were easy.

Good for dogs, lots of water. Starts down hill, stay on brooks for less rocks on decent and come up chaves which is rockier.

Really pretty trail. Not the most difficult, but a nice workout.

Fun trail that’s not too challenging.

Nice, shaded trail. Good hike.

We hiked here for Mother's day. Beautiful trails; both lower and upper trails are moderate. I love the upper tail for the view at the top! One sad thing... Dog poop bags everywhere at the beginning of the lower trail:( If you're going to bring your dog be respectful and TAKE YOUR DOGS POOP WITH YOU when you leave.

75% of the trail is at an angle and the signs are a bit confusing but decent hike!

Good intensity. Not extreme but down hill all the way going out and uphill on the way back. Has some beautiful rocks and streams at the bottom. Would be fun to relax and have lunch on or even “swim” in later months of summer.

Loved this trail for the scenery and length. Be aware that there are 2 different parking lots also when you connect from the Chavez trail back to the Beaver Brook there is a sign showing beaver brook going both ways. Left takes you to a parking lot. Sign wasn’t marked as such and causes confusion.

Great Father’s Day Hike! Great scenery and great hike with our dog because much of the trail is near water. We completed this hike in about 2.5 hours.

Beautiful hike and pretty close to the city. We got there around 7 am and there were barely any cars in the lot. Lots of shade throughout the hike, love the stream running parallel to the path as well. Will be coming back to do this one!

7 days ago

This is a great hike with lots of shade because of the HUGE trees. The falls are nice but nothing spectacular. Very busy on the weekend. Would give 5 stars but the trail is littered with bags of dog poop. We saw at least 30 on the first 2 miles.

Great hike! So many beautiful views. Good leg workout, lots of shade throughout. Will definitely be back!

Absolutely beautiful with challenging areas that require balancing / walking across boulders and streams. Great workout on the “natural stairs”.

Awesome trail! Shaded with streams!

Great trail that is easy to get done in a few hours. Parking is fairly limited and almost everyone hiking brings a dog. the waterfall is worth the drive from Denver!

Great hike— scenic with water and tree coverage for some shade. It also has buffalo viewing off exit before hike.

Beautiful streams throughout the hike.
Excellent waterfalls.
Very shaded and cool

What a neat surprise. Good amount of shade, water for dog, great intense incline (leg workout) and decent decline.. it took about 2 hours.

This trail has tons of people on the weekend. We passed ~30 dogs, dozens of families with children, and over a hundred hikers in the 4.2 miles. This is not a wild experience by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, the hike was cool (in temperature) so it made for a good way to escape the Denver heat. I enjoyed that getting to the actual fall was a bit of a scramble as opposed to a path. The falls were tiny, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Definitely a decent challenge.. not very scenic though. Cool streams at the bottom of the canyon, and a few cool bridges to cross. Be prepared because you hike a decent descent, which means you obviously have to climb the same on the return.

Also, this is listed as kid friendly. We brought our four and six year old with us, and it was a stretch. There were a few spots where a fall could be serious.. so had us nervous. Not many, but a few.

It was too much for the four year old (who has no problem with the “easy” 3 or so mile hikes, hence us taking it up a notch). I had to carry her on my shoulders for > 1/2 the hike..

Fun hike and cooler because it's shaded. Busy lots of hikers with dogs.

Easy hike. Our gps calculated about 3.1 miles round trip via Maxwell Falls trail. We got their early-ish (8am) and parked in the lot and had perfect temps. Was getting hot on the return at 10 (we sat and ate and took pics for about 20 mins).

The trail map was confusing. From the lower lot we went straight up. At the first sign (“Trail” with an arrow and lots of marking towards the falls) we thought that was the first junction. It’s not. Trust the sign and go straight. The footbridge everyone refers to is a man made footbridge and the Maxwell Falls Trail/Loop option is immediately after the bridge.

We followed the Maxwell Falls Trail. We paid attention to other reviews and followed the sound. Where the trail starts to spread out, it gets a little confusing as to which way to go. Stay left and follow the creek. Keep staying left and following the creek. You’ll probably get to a point and think “Is this it?” It’s not. Keep going. There’s some awesome big rocks to sit and eat and scramble your way up past the green bushes. You’ll come around the bushes and say, “THAT’S it!” Nice and refreshing and beautiful. Not a lot of water but still worth it.

This was a great starter hike. Up and then flat for awhile to catch your breath. It’s the first in a training series for our group and a good intro for new hikers. One ask... please pack out what you bring. Super disappointing to see poop bags, used toilet paper (for real) and granola bar wrappers in the creek and on the trail. Pack out what you pack in.

I got to the trailhead around 9:30 and the parking lots were completely filled, but with plenty of parking along the road. The trail was moderately busy, but people are pretty polite about letting faster moving groups pass by.

The first half of the trail is well shaded, which was pretty nice, but the last half was during the time of day where I’d wished I had shade.

The falls is kind of hidden a bit. Strictly following the trail will take you to the top of it, but if you stay along the small path along the creek, it will take you straight to the waterfall. There’s some large rocks to climb over to get to the base of the falls, but I found it pretty easy with a puppy in tow.

Great shaded loop. Not too strenuous- just the right length. Like the babbling brook that runs along most of it. Lovely mt flowers blooming in June. More than usual, luscious vegetation in the forrest area. Cool rock formations to climb over and check out. We’d do this one again.

Nice and shaded trail. We climb thru the rocks to get to the waterfall, the kids love it and called it an adventure. Is not a huge waterfall but where in Denver you will see something like this nature? I love it

My boys and I did this hike today... it was beautiful. It is a great workout! The scenery was gorgeous. Not to many people on the trail. Definitely want to do it again and hope the rest of the trail is open.

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