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We finished the trail this afternoon with a 3 year old as one of the tags says kid friendly. It is certainly NOT kid friendly. A couple things, there was a lot of icy patches which is to be expected this time of year. We planned to take a 3 mile loop hike which was marked on the sign at the trail head but it was damn near impossible to figure out which way to go once on the trail and we ended up on a gruesome 5 mile hike. The hike down Chaves Trail was pretty mellow, no problem. At the bottom is along a creek which you have to cross several times. Kind of nice assuming you don’t have a child with you. The hike up Beaver Brook was along the face of a mountain. Not only is it scary high and tight, it’s exhausting. A lot of the passages were very narrow and literally along the face of the mountain with hundreds of feet down to the bottom. I’m talking high enough to be dead if you misstep and some of the rock passages were only a foot or two wide. Again, probably a cool trail for a couple adventurous adults in decent shape, which my wife and I️ are, but DO NOT BRING CHILDREN. We made it in under 3 hours and exhausted considering I️ carried a 35 pound child the majority of the trail.

8 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail so close to home! Nice elevation gain for the mileage and nice small techy sections made more enjoyable. One thing I didn't enjoy were the amount of dogs off leash! I had one come flying up behind me as we were in a narrow section of the trail and knocked my camera out of my hand. Why is it that dog owners seem to think they are above the law...seeing this more and more on trails, and the poop bags being left on the trail...unacceptable!!!

We took our 6 year old grandson today there were a couple of icy patches but enjoyed the hike. Not much water flowing from the Falls.

Okay...I didn't like this and I see the positive reviews. Maybe it is best in summertime, as there were some pretty steep areas and some very small walk ways that were near the edge of the path. If you made a wrong move, you could fall. I went in November...there was snow in some spots....enough to make me nervous. I didn't want to spend most of my hike working on my fear of heights, and not thinking of me plunging down to the bottom. Just FYI for you fear of heights friends. The stream was lovely. I can see this being better in summer, but as it stands now for fall/winter...there is not enough clearance in some areas to feel comfortable walking. Too narrow and close to the edge. My friend and I had to turn back at one area because the way across the river was icy, rocky and slick.

8 days ago

Fantastic trail