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Super easy family friendly hike. The narrow 5 mile road that you take there takes longer than the actual hike. A little bit of water at the falls now. The rocks up there are super slippery so watch your lils! Fun river area to explore as well. The bits of graffiti and trash we saw were a bummer! Oh, and lots of poison oak right now!

It's 6 dollars to pay or if you're okay walking further you can park in the neighborhood for free. Hike is pretty short, maybe 15-30 minutes, but mostly uphill to the waterfall. Just stay on the main path, there's a ton of side trails that don't really lead anywhere. Waterfall is super small and there's not enough water to swim in.
I went on a Saturday and there weren't a ton of people, but if you can go when no one is there its super quiet and peaceful.
Be safe, God bless.

very good hike. stars easy but if doing the whole loop it will be challenging...cool pictures spots n ocean view

Great hike! Lots of cool rocks for kids to climb on and under.

3 days ago

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This was a great little hike. More toward moderate at there where a lot of stairs but not to bad. The south part of the loop is a bit more strenuous then the north part of the loop. But manageable. The falls were beautiful. We arrived at 9am and there were only a few people. However one the way out, approximately 10am it was heavily trafficked. Definitely get there early.

Old dilapidated mansions, newts, swimming holes and rock climbing.

Beautiful scenery and a great easy hike. We truly enjoyed.

on Paradise Falls Trail

15 days ago

This is great for a quick hike/trail run. Especially if you take the longer trail.

Just Beautiful!!

16 days ago

Very nice trial, road getting there was a little scary but it was definitely worth it seeing the falls!

16 days ago

Loved it! Especially in the rain

Awesome hike! Beautiful trail with some good inclines. Parking is a struggle - get there early. TIP - the interagency pass (America the Beautiful) can be used for parking here so you don't have to pay for a single day pass

I imagine it may be nicer during the week, but very crowded on a Sunday morning, even in early February. We picked up lots of trash (wrappers and empty chip bags) near the base of the waterfall :(

most popular hike in Palm Springs. slightly touristic. bring money for admission ($12.50). very beautiful. easy. fine valley views. must read canyon history in old newspapers at visitor center.

20 days ago

We got so lucky to experience this majestic waterfall with lots of snow. Best part was that it was the easiest and shortest hike on a paved road for most of the trail.

Way too many people, easy hike, lots of mean dogs, rude teenagers, a lot of people playing shit music. Won’t be back unless I backpack to a cabin far away.

Great starter hike. Arrived 830a and found parking about half a mile away, trail was clear, nice cabins, pretty scenery, dont go in the toilets, enjoyed skipping across "river crossings" the water was flowing well at the falls. walked in a bit, the dog loved it.. but the incline on the way out could be an issue for some. lots of shade was a plus.

Quick hike with my dog. Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but there is some scrambling and crossing of streams. Overall, I enjoyed this hike in the middle of the week starting at about 11am and at the end of February! Not too hot!

good little workout on this hike. enjoyed the scenery and the waterfall at the end was nice. it was extremely crowded and we had to park about a half mile down the road. the parking lot was full and many people were parking on random pull outs down the road (we did too). you'll need an adventure pass. there was a large group (at least 60 people) when we went, so it was crowded. nice overall.

26 days ago

First time getting there last weekend love the drive and it was not difficult to get there saw the sign from the road. The trail is near the sky lifts., it’s mostly an incline the water fall is not far from where you started the water was very low for not much rain and snow yet. It is well maintain the trail is a little wide for cars to drive up it to the restaurant so be prepared for that sharing the road. . I did not finish the whole trail planning to go back this coming weekend. Love the great view

27 days ago

One of the most popular trails around the area. Expect large crowds! Come to the Chantry Flats EARLY if you don't want to hike to the trailhead, this place fills up faster than Mr. Krabs who saw someone touching his money. You will need a day/ annual adventure pass.

Check out some of photos from the hike! see the crowd for yourself :)

Great hike for the family! The small waterfall is perfect for little ones to play in. Some rocky paths so wear good shoes.

Can get very crowded. Get there early morning or late in the day to avoid the crowd.

I love this trail , also one of the best I’ve hiked in So Ca.. Very beautiful with so much vegetation. The creeks during the rain or right after is the best. It plays a great part for a more marvelously flowing waterfalls. Four tiers of it makes it magnificent.Watch out for cactuses though they’re everywhere. Trails are a bit narrow if you’re afraid of heights or falling stick to your left at all times. Parking is free! But unfortunately this trail has been CLOSED for nearly two years to be exact. I am totally waiting for it to reopen.

Nice hike and great for kids ... last stretch was a good work out and wish the waterfall had more water flowing down. Get there early to get parking or you may get blocked in like i saw today for some folks. Canyon was nice and cooled towards the middle but get great views and sun once on the ridge.

This is a very cool short easy hiking trail. It starts with a 1/2 mile paved fireroad with about 400 feet of decent right out of the gate, then drops you at a bridge and a creek with another bathroom. The trail then turns to dirt and narrows and continues along the creek the rest of the way. It is mostly covered by trees so lots of shade. There are a couple easy creek crossings required and then boom, 1.5 miles in and your at the falls. It is nice and pretty clean. Lots of rocks or areas to sit and eat at the falls. I'd say this hike is very easy other than, oh yeah remember that initial 1/2 mile with 400 feet of decent?? Yeah that is all uphill at the finish, which again, for almost any hiker is still easy; however, for small children that part could be challenging, and that part is basically the only part that is actually direct sun as well. All in all still an easy beautiful family trail. The only reason I dont give this 5 stars is the parking. There is a small parking lot at the trailhead and restrooms. However, we arrived at 8am and not only was that full, with several desperate people driving in circles hoping to catch someone leaving, but cars were parked all along the road down the mountain (on both sides) which is pretty much marked everywhere either "No parking" or "No stopping" signs or painted "No parking" on the pavement. Despite all the signage, people were parked all over the area, with their vehicles sticking out into traffic way too much, along an already narrown road, which then causes all those people from those cars to have to walk up the mountain to the trailhead completely in the roadway, as vehicles were blocking the shoulder all the way. Extremely dangerous, especially for kids, which this trail is covered with. We were forced to park exactly 1 mile down the mountain from the trailhead, which hey, we're hiking, so not a huge deal, but the circumstances are less than ideal if you show up at 8am. Prior to that, i cannot speak for, but still a cool trail I recommend.

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