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Waterfall Hiked Easy Map

Had a great time, took my dog who was absolutely pooped afterwards, will definitely be back

Easy trail! A little bit harder, but manageable, if you go all the way up and around to the falls. Make sure to hike along the right side of the first waterfall you come to and keep going. The second waterfall is the 50ft one about an 1/8 of a mile further.

I shot a bunch of video on this trail and compiled it into a vlog, called trail mix. This is episode 3!
You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/-5Acb-3FSm8

PS: Here's a playlist to bring with you, inspired by this trail: http://sptfy.com/1US5

Happy hiking!

Eric eyelove

Went here with my 9month old and husband. I carried our baby in a kangaroo pack. We had never been here before and thought we’d give it a try. There are trail maps for those looking for a bit more adventure. I went on a Wednesday at about 3pm and there was a moderate amount of people. Along our trail to paradise falls there was plenty of beautiful scenery to look out at. We ended up walking down to the waterfall and made our way back the same way we went in.

It was a great day. The trail was gorgeous. The falls were fun. Loved it all

Easy hike, great trails

Easy hike , good for kids and nice waterfall at the end. Can climb the hill next to falls if you are up to it. Be careful of loose rocks.

Very buggy this time of year. Was swating bugs out of my face the entire way. Extremely shaded. Expect to pass through many rocks for the last .5 mile to the waterfall. Isn't a waterfall you can soak your feet in. Not many rocks to sit on. It was nice to touch the green moss along the waterfall. Overall not my favorite in LA county.

Easy trail. My 10 and 5 year old kids and my dog loved the water and all the opportunities to get wet! Nicely shaded.

Always a really fun hike although the waterfall is normally pretty dry

Awesome place to hike, a little bit a challenge when you past the paved area and crossing thru streams but lots of fun

13 days ago

Beautiful forest trail. There are several shallow stream crossings, so waterproof hiking shoes would be best. Also some spots along high ledges. As an experienced day hiker, I found this to be on the easier side of moderate.

Awesome hike, great trails, spend 3 hours Great directions and signs to follow lots of wildlife rabbits , birds, a must hike for every levels, during the spring and summer bring lots of water,

best part was the serenity along trail..so quiet and peaceful..short easy hike..had to walk over a few logs on the trail overall good trip

Nice time out doors, lots of greenery. Don’t expect a waterfall, there was only murky dirty water. I would assume it’d be beautiful after it rains. Had lots of fun stepping over stones and climbing a few.

18 days ago

Go early enough in the day. The hike is back in a canyon and losing light during the hike or the drive back down is not a good idea. With a 15 minute picnic at the waterfall, we were in and out in 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Take a proper car that can make it around many corners and up many hills. It's a long but beautiful drive to the trail. There are lots of scenic pull offs/views. We drove by the "trailhead" several times before we found the entrance. There is no signage about it's existence and starting point. I did see one sign that indicated something about the use of propane on-site. Make sure you have an CA Adventure Pass.

Don't count on getting any service. I lost Verizon connection several times and had no service during the hike.

Wear good, multi-terrain shoes, you'll traverse several surface areas: dirt, rocks, wood, boulders, water. I wish I brought my hiking poles. Bug spray if you are into that.

Poison oak, water lines, and abandoned/dilapidated housing structures along the path.

I love this hike AND I would not say it is easy. In my family there are kids and grandparents and we seek 'Easy' trails. Remember this is an elevation gain of 374 feet. I would not say this trail is easy based on the elevation gain and obstacles in the path. Definitely not disability-friendly.

Water was still flowing Easter weekend.

Fun, fairly easy hike! There's great shade for most of the trail, and a few creek crossings. If you have decent balance you can just hop between rocks to logs and easily cross without getting wet. Pretty decent water flow at the falls once you arrive also. I climbed up to the mini upper falls and explored that area some too. No bugs yet!

I enjoyed this hike. I went with a group of friends and we had an amazing time. Just make sure to take tennis because there are a lot of rocks and you have to jump over the river a few times. It was a very intense hike, sad part is that one of my friends lost his phone in the waterfall :( we couldn’t find it and the water was super cold..
p.s. if you find a black Samsung s8 phone please contact my account or email me at paulinatita@yahoo.com THANK YOU!!

Great hike, going towards the falls was harder than coming back from the falls. Part of it you have to cross rocks and the stream, the other part is when the sun hits you and it’s all rocks. Overall great hike.

Neat little hike, with the chance for some decent rock climbing if you’re up for it. The falls were a little underwhelming (dry).

Kind of a boring hike until the ravine at the end, and some trickling water if you're lucky! Might be a better hike after some heavy rains.
I'd recommend just staying on the path to Eagle rock though, and not detouring to this waterfall.

Parking limited. Crowded in some spots. Crossing at little creeks along the way. Nice under 5 hike in and out but can get crowded.

Packed with kids due to the easy pace of the hike but a nice payoff at the falls.

28 days ago

Loved it. Perfect for a little workout. Great scenery. Saw a couple of squirrels.

Fun quick hike with climbing

Excellent little hike. I little chilly in morning but excellent scenery, a good flowing waterfall today too!

Super fun hike! Prepare to jump the stream many many times till you get to the falls. I recommend waterproof shoes for sure on this trail. Lots of jumping from rocks and branches. Enjoyed it very much.

This is really a local hike. I wouldn't drive out of the way to see it. There hasn't been very much water in many years. When there was, there was a running creek, and it was much harder to get there. The trail has zero bathroom/water facilities and I often find hikers allover the area (sometimes miles away) who either can't find their way to the nonexistent waterfall or can't find their way back from it! There's also a lot of poison oak, so good to have pants and sleeves if you go anyway. Rangers have been known to write tickets to people with dogs.

Beautiful after a rainy day! Will definitely come back.

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