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So beautiful. Not a lot of traffic we saw only 1 other person on our way out! Be prepared to cross a river!!

7 days ago

Amazing reward at the end of the hike.

Hiked on New Year's Day. A little muddy but overall in good condition. Falls were flowing beautifully. A great short hike.

Be sure to check if certain parts of the trail are closed due to weather or trees down. Certainly a gorgeous hike anytime of the year. Less traveled in winter it seems.

14 days ago

Easy to access trail ending with a beautiful waterfall with lots of areas to hammock and enjoy the upper and lower falls. Usually fairly crowded given the easy access but lots of lesser traveled spur trails to access from all sides of the trail. Sandy pines to rhododendron - beautiful!

15 days ago

Pretty easy trail with nominal elevation gain. Although, this is more of a summer trail, as there are 2 creek crossings. Winter weather and cold water don't mix well. But, was a nice hike none the less. The valley that it's in can be a little cool but it's not bad at all.

I couldn't find the longer trail due to flooding. Some parts of the downtown trail seemed to be not very safe.

25 days ago

I prefer this to the Maryville Greenway! It is so beautiful and clean (we also pick up any trash we find along the way) and we always meet the nicest folks along the way. The mile-markers are a nice touch too!

Nice greenway, the park is beautiful and has a lot to offer kids. Being able to go far on the greenway is a perk, but sometimes there are some interesting people on it the further you get as well.

26 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of difficulty crossing the river with all extra rain we've had. we didn't want to get wet considering the temps were in the forties when we visited.

Amazing view

29 days ago

One of my favorite places to go hiking, there’s so many places to stop for views and photos on the way to the trails. The trails are fun to hike and not too difficult, there are many different trails so there are plenty of reasons to revisit, not to mention the waterfall on the Benton Falls trail. There is also a swimming area with a beach, a picnic area, camping, etc.

Nice trail. Lots of rain the night before and raining while we ran it, and the trail did not hold water. Plus, the view is beautiful!

nice little trail with a pleasant reward at the falls

awesome trail with amazing views. steep start going down some rugged stairs but otherwise perfect trail to get your heart pumping and falling in love with the overlooks around the Tennessee river

awesome trail with amazing views. a must do hike for anyone visiting or living in Chatt-town

My family and I have done this trail many times. We like to park at Sugarlands and walk it to Gatlinburg to eat breakfast then walk it back. Makes for a good morning

road biking
1 month ago

Short and easy bike greenway going along a creek. On december Monday it was not crowded at all.

easy trail

1 month ago

Pretty fun walk. My recommendation would be park at the visitor center and walk right towards the river across the street. There are signs posted that say Gatlinburg trail. It runs right next the road for a while, with the river on the other side. There are some great photo opportunities on this trail where you can get right next to the river. One of the only trails in the park that allows dogs, so it was definitely worth it to be able to walk my corgi.

1 month ago

Advice from a Local: Go on a day where there are many vehicles in the lot, don't leave valuables in your car (in sight or hidden) and park very close to the entrance if possible. On Thanksgiving Day while my man and I were on a hike for about 45 minutes, the passenger window of his truck was smashed with a nearby rock from an unknown party as they looted his vehicle.
Also, Wear Sport Sandals - you will need to cross 2-3 medium size streams, that range from 4 inches to 2 feet in depth, to get to the falls and while at the falls there is a large pool at the first base of the falls that you can go swimming in, so wear/bring your swimming suit.

My wife and I along with 6 friends took this hike today. We had a great time, good trail and beautiful falls!

Beautiful and scenic walk in the woods, very gradual incline. Nice wide trail good for in-shape people, the length makes this a moderate hike, not the elevation changes.

Parts of the loop were closed today. Signs warn you at the start of the loop. You can still do an up and back if you go left at the sign. Lots of easy creek crossings. Great way to spend Black Friday this morning.

First - directions from coordinates take you to an apparent complex (alexadra way). Do not turn in there - go past about 50 yards and it’s a parking lot on left.
Hike- great, not too hard nor too easy. The view at the top is incredible. We went when minimal leaves were on trees which made the over looks along the way more enjoyable. At the top, have great view at river and area. Swing bridge was cool and there’s a waterfall that also is nice. If you wanted just to go to the waterfall and bridge it’s not even half way. The other is very clear and easy to traverse.
Once cross the bridge it gets more technical but easy to do without anything to carry (no water or food; unless you just want to).
I hiked w my daughter and we had a great time. Started about 1:30 and finished about 5. Took our time and took a lot of pictures. Great time to talk & be w nature.
Will do this again.

2 months ago

Nice trail that runs along the river. Has some beautiful spots along the river and in the trees. Obviously there are better hikes available within the park, but this one is one of two that allow dogs. If you have dogs, this is a great trail.
It does go along road to start and hen near park maintenance, but once beyond that then you are along the river.

trail running
2 months ago

Clean, safe and excellently maintained. Nice to see the community provide desirable places for people to safely maintain a healthy lifestyle

This very easy trail was a pleasure, just a stroll really. There is a beautiful drive to get to the trail head. The facilities include a rest room and picnic area. The out and back walk is a little uneven with roots and rocks, so be a little extra careful in the fall when the path is covered with leaves. The last section down to the falls is a tad tricky but so worth it.

Fantastic! Last part a little tricky but not bad. Wonderful!!!

This trail it's self is nothing to talk about, but the falls are decent.

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