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easy trail ... Beautiful waterfalls... when you reach creek cross over and pickup the trail to the right... follow it to Parker falls

Beginning at backpacking and used this trail as our very first one to hike. Kids had a blast with it and enjoyed the waterfalls. very easy hike but a good one to help ignite the hiking bug.

15 days ago

pictures can not describe this place.
You have to see it in person.

Good hike, my 2 year old survived it. Good trail, great scenery. Multiple waterfalls.

We hiked the 202 trail, but found no waterfall, made it down to the creek. We saw several campers along the creek. And passed several hikers as well. Several trees down along the trail. Over all a fun hike! :-)

Did this last year but it was in the dry part of the season. Trail was easy to hike and a great starter for kids. There was a waterfall at the end of it but just trickling due to lack of rainfall so suggest just after a good rain. Easy access trails from the campsite and close to other trail heads. Over all ‘ relaxing’.

Go during the winter! Seeing the waterfall frozen over is amazing

19 days ago

I loved our camping spot, I loved the hike...I am rating it a 2 because the cost of the tour was too expensive for what it was. I would go back for just the hike.

Gorgeous especially after a good rain! I thought we may never make it as fun as the kiddos were having playing in the creek on the way. Bluffs were gorgeous, too!

25 days ago

Nice trail. Not well marked, but still easy to follow.

27 days ago

First time to hike this trail. Carried our 6 year old grandson and had a blast. Falls were beautiful after all the rain. Made some great photos
and even better memories.

Well worth the short hike. The Falls are gorgeous. Make sure you pay attention and look for the sign on the side of the road or you will easily miss it. One of the prettiest Falls I've been too. And I have hiked several in east TN.

Gorgeous. Be careful under the first Falls. You can walk behind but it is very slippery. I've been here several times and it doesn't disappoint. Make sure you continue the moderate to difficult hike to get to the second Falls. Just a beautiful place.

Dismals Canyon is not open year around as stated on this ap. It’s closed from December through February

Beautiful scenery and waterfalls.
The trail is well maintained. I love the fact that they put in so many bridges, walkways and stairs with grippers on them so they're not slippery. I also love the fact that you can go to the top of the falls and look down and then go all the way down to the bottom of the falls. It's really not a hard hike just the hills get you coming back out.

1 month ago

Awesome Hike - This is a time lapse video of the trail. https://youtu.be/67d7TPIaW1Q

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall!

enjoyed this trail 2 old graveyards and waterfall at the bottom to the right of trail.... it was frozen when I went it was beautiful

Great little trail!

2 months ago

Great short hike.

We love this trail! Go visit during the winter and the waterfall freezes over creating a gorgeous scenic backdrop!

2 months ago

the trail itself is easy I would recommend if you have young children to key a good eye on them. the trail once it gets to the first falls is right next to a pretty good drop off but after that it's easy hiking to the big falls. the main trail itself going to the falls is a breeze and breathtaking once you get to the hemlocks. my only complaint is the directions from the app don't take you to the trail head so I would recommend going with someone that knows the area. if that's not a option the trail has a pull in spot on the right hand side and is about a quarter mile before you get to kinlock falls. hope this helps

Fun hike for the family!!! We did it with three little ones (4, 2, and 0).

I loved this trail!

A great little hike. A cool afternoon but wonderful to see the ice and the waterfall. This trail has been improved over the last few years. It is very well marked and two bridges providing easy access to the fall.

2 months ago

Well-worn path with just a few trees over the trail. This trail is unremarkable for the first half-mile or so, then the forest just explodes with hemlock as you descend a short distance to a small but impressive waterfall. Where the 2nd waterfall flows into a 2nd stream, follow that stream upstream a short distance to beautiful Parker Falls. There were a few photographers already at the falls this chilly morn when I arrived. The water was flowing great over the rocks.

The only thing that detracted from the hike was that it looked like the camping section at Wal-Mart had exploded very near the trail. A breadcrumb of straps, Ozark Trail camping gear packaging, cheap broken saws, water bottles, and even a full size grill littered the path to the falls. I will pack out as much as I can on the way out.

nature trips
3 months ago

My family and i went here for the night dismal viewing. The pictures on the website are not what you will see. -fair warning-. We were so disappointed in that. we did see some glow in the dark dismals. I would describe it as little pins of light on a dark cabe wall. Also we have 30 people looking at a 25 ft wall on a cave and see 4 pins of light and that was all. The guide (who was very knowledgeable and helpful) tells u all about these creatures and that this is a unique thing to see, but this website is very very misleading. We had to pay $10 each and it was ok for the money. I wouldnt recommend it unless u went during the day too. we walked along some nice caves but could enjoy the scenery because it was dark. If u go see it during the day and night so you can enjoy it both ways.

Took our pup on a mid afternoon Saturday hike and despite a little bit of traffic on the trail, we had a great time! Everything was easily accessible and our pup was able to go everywhere we went, including the trail that led behind the waterfall. We would definitely recommend it for anyone who is local to the area!

4 months ago

I wasn’t a big fan of this trail. It was not very well marked and if I didn’t have my gps on I most certainly wouldn’t have found my way back. The ticks were horrible here in the spring, the only trail in southern Illinois I ever had a problem with ticks. If you decide to hike this, be sure to protect yourself from ticks and pay attention to your surroundings to not get lost.

Trail need to be marked better and needs maintenance. Multiple time we questioned if we were still on the trail.

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