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11 hours ago

Great trail, amazing views! We used snowshoes to the lower lake but they weren’t necessary (1/21).

Super easy and quiet hike. Beautiful views despite the dead forestation and burned down trees. Went around 12pm on a Monday and I was the only one. Saw some deer. Pain in the butt drive to get here though. Cheesman Reservoir is gorgeous and I’d love to come back in the summer.

20 hours ago

A little slick in some spots, we just had on boots and were okay, but spikes would ve good too.

Road to trail is closed roughly 3 miles from trailhead.

Nice trail if not crowded. Fun to do with a little snow. Amazing view of the reservoir.

Absolutely perfect trail for having dogs off leash. Very dog friendly. It was a really windy day out but the trees blocked the wind for the most part. It’s a little confusing to find the trail head as it’s across the street from the main parking lot and separate from many of the trails. I would probably rate this as easy not moderate but would definitely do it again.

by far the easiest trail I've ever done

12 days ago

Snow packed, great trail to upper lake. Traction was ideal, snowshoes not necessary at all. Clocked 9.9m, 2100’.

The trail wasn’t difficult, I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. The view at the top isn’t great, it mainly blocked by trees. It was a good way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

This is my favorite close by hike ❤️

Beautiful views by the reservoir

Want to test your new microspikes out? This is a great hike. Hard because it ends with an incline. Strava mapping wasn't as great at calculating the distance/elevation gain- was more than 2 miles off (said we hike 11.2 versus the listed 8.7). Enjoy!

15 days ago

Lovely conditions on 1/5/19 - snow covering 95% of trail to upper Chicago lake. Most of trail has packed snow, due to heavy use, but adequate to snowshoe, which we did for part, but using micro spikes was ideal due to rocky trail (particularly, the type that have crampons - I use Hillsound, rather than little yaktracks). I snowshoed on the lower reservoir lake surface, which looked to be solid ice. However, use caution...

17 days ago

Used the trail to the Wilderness Boundary then looped back along the road. Traction helpful, but snowshoes required above the falls. Good hike, nice day. Great views of Sawtooth and Buchannan Pass.


Hiked to Lake Dorothy up the Arapahoe pass on Sept 17, 2018. A beautiful day, we arrived at the trail head at 8:30 AM and were able to find a legal parking space just down the hill from the camping area. We only saw 5 other hikers the entire trip; one woman coming down, two college men who passed us on the way up and three people going up on our way down.
Very windy at the lake, The "shelter" at the the lake is little more than an organized pile of rocks that is too short to protect you from the wind. The Arapahoe trail was protected from the wind, and the sunny south exposure was very pleasant. Completed the 7.6 mile round trip in a little less than 4 hours with a lunch break at the lake.

Great hike overall. Brought snowshoes in anticipation of a lot of snow but micro spikes worked well since the trail was packed snow. Definitely coming back this summer.

20 days ago

Beautiful "gotta do" hike.

Easy hike! Only some patches of ice but I was fine without crampons. Super clean trail & easy trail to follow thats offleash for the pups!

23 days ago

Did this one with my parents today (in their early 60s), who are out-of-towners, and they really enjoyed it. They thought it was a nice change of pace from a normal trail, considering it was snow-packed for nearly the entire trail.

Still a nice, easy jaunt for my wife and I. The incline was on the easy side and it was nice walking through all the pine trees. Sweeping views from 2 or 3 spots towards the top of the trail (one of which being the Scenic View viewpoint).

Loved it. Great hike from beginning to end. Some icy patches, glad I had crampons on my bag. Next time, I’ll pack a lunch to enjoy along with the view from the top.

Awesome trail for hiking running or nature walking with your dog. Yesterday was very cold, came back with freezing hands and face. hand warmer and a scarf would it helped. Beautiful views specially when you get to the dam.

Great place to hike with the dog off leash. Crampons would have been useful today (mid December) at the higher elevation but we were okay without them. Recommend to dog owners.

Beautiful Packed snow trails. Micro spikes came in handy. Chicago lake was amazing

Great view at the top!

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Started a little too late and made it nearly a mile from the end and it was getting too late and we were too tired to go any faster. Right now only need mircospikes, snowshoes don't seem necessary if you stay on the hard packed trail. Trees blocked most of the wind. Definitely will be going again!

Chilly day up the trail. A mix of packed snow and sandy snow. Traction not needed.

1 month ago

I love this place

Awesome hike with stunning mountain views, wildflowers, and a beautiful lake. Perfect for a single day hike. Get there early for parking when the weather is nice.

Beautiful and secluded. Need spikes for the upper loop part.

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