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I need to explore the new side trail going to a Thomas Creek.

good birding!

on Silver Willow Trail

27 days ago

Pretty walk. Wouldn’t really call it a hike since the whole trail is paved. It goes straight downhill and then straight back uphill. FYI, there was a sewage spill, or something,on the trail. You can walk around it. And I’m sure it’ll be cleaned up but just a heads up :)

Did this hike by myself with my dog. Very easy and enjoyable. Did it mid October and saw not one person. There were times where I thought I was off trail, so make sure to load the map to your phone beforehand as there is no service out there (Verizon). I did the loop counter clockwise. It met up with the PCT and I took a right where it eventually crossed over a bridge to a waterfall. Once you get to the dead end where it meets the gravel road, take a right and you will later meet back up at the campground. Highly recommend doing it in the fall with all the beautiful fall foliage.

Did this hike solo on Oct. 20. Not technically challenging but a rough go with no real trail. Easy to follow and the rock art is amazing. As to being private property it isn’t posted so I wouldn’t worry about it. The bulls were on the trail but they ran the other way when I startled them. Definitely a concern though. I wouldn’t wear any bright colors!

Paved the whole way to the falls lookout. Nice walk. Falls are dry right now but sure they’re blasting in the spring.

Just did this one with my kids and pup!!

Do not do this hike alone!

This is a very isolated, dry, and rough canyon trail. The only water on the trail is a few miles in. This is also open range land, so there are territorial bulls throughout the area. ZERO cell service. Hike smart.

The footing here is bad. Very easy to fall and hurt yourself. Be sure someone knows where you are going.

Parked in the pull off at the opening to the canyon. The first 1/4 mile has a sandy trail. But after that you are mostly just following the dry creek bed.

When you reach the water, it’s not always easy to tell what is water and what is solid land. Highly recommend some poles to test the ground with.

Canyon will get cold over night. Did this hike in early August and the night temp was down to the 30’s

This canyon is obviously used by gunman. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings and don’t be surprised at the number of shell casings at the beginning of the canyon.

Saw several nerds of mustangs. Even got within ten feet of one. Tons and tons of wildlife. You won’t be disappointed.

Lots of bugs on this trail. They do have educational placards along the way which is nice

Very little shade 90% of the way. The lower valley trail is so much nicer than the new upper loop. It’s easy to get lost on the way back as it’s not clearly marked- you can follow the trail one way and turn it into a 15 mile hike instead of turning around and going back to the trailhead. There are some neat features like an abandon movie set and a nice picnic area where the American River is. We saw a lot of people rafting which was entertaining. River much too fast to swim anywhere near there.

Nice walk. Best early in the year after the snow melts and the falls are raging.

Amazing! When the creek is running. Its currently not. So just a nice view. I was here in may and was very impressed my natures majesty that I wanted to bring my family. But no water this time...

We parked at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Free parking - Yaye!

We did the whole 12mi hike - it was definitely an intermediate hike. We started at the West Ridge Trail and took West Ravine Trail on the way back (easier path).

Beware: No shade!!! (We run out of water because it was just so hot today -9/1/18. I should’ve brought more water.) We was a lot of horse poop and a baby snake.

The West Ridge Trail leads you to the river where you can see Satan’s Cesspool. There’s no shade there too so it was difficult for my group to eat together.

Overall, it’s a decent hike. I think this is a great trail for spring time.

Beautiful small hike down to the waterfall. the trail isn't marked but the best directions was to park across the street at the PCT sign and walk across the street and the trail is right there. i hiked up the PCT trail a bit to make it a longer hike. the waterfall is worth seeing for sure and the water is an amazing emerald green..

3 months ago

***warning*** we were about halfway to the petroglyphs and ran into a herd of cattle with four bulls, one huge one. They split the big bull came at us we climbed up a steep shale runoff in retreat. We were pinned down for about ten minutes. When we were able to move again we skirted the edge staying about fifty feet up out of the creek bed. Til we saw the other part of the herd heading up the other side of the valley. Very nerve racking was not prepared for that. Will try again after I learn how to deal with that situation I wanna see the petroglyphs. As for the trail its pretty hard to follow, only good thing is you're always heading in a positive direction. A lot of litter at entrance.

This is a very convenient trail that has no road noise, which is high on my hope list. Wasn't the first one on the trail by any means, but was able to see a couple of coyotes. Biggest drawback of the trail is the dog owners assuming that everyone enjoys strange animals running at them full speed.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of variations in terrain and options for trails. A beautiful breeze coming off the river almost the whole hike. It gets really hot and a lot of the trail is not shaded - so even if you get an early start it is probably better for a fall/winter hike. Bring plenty of water. Lots of poison oak in parts. Trail is also used by horses and mountain bikers so you need to be on the lookout.

4 months ago

My mom has mobility challenges, and was able to successfully hike this trail. The view from the top isn’t too great in late summer, as most or all of the snow has melted in particularly hot summer seasons. However, for someone unable to hike the other trails in the area, Frazier Falls provided my mom with an opportunity to take in the sights while also feeling safe and successful along the way. Huge kudos to the folks who designed and built this trail. We will be going back every year!

Nice and really shaded. Really close to waterfall but can go further.

5 months ago

Nice quick trail. The falls and the creek are quite nice. Totally worth the half hour.

Continue on trail to Upper Thomas Creek for a much extended hike!

not really a defined trail. had a few wild horses block part of the path and there were lots of birds around but overall wasn't what I expected from reviews here :/ meh

This is my becoming my new favorite. If you're in for adventure and solitude, this trail is for you. Much of the trail winds back and forth across an active creek (probably seasonal) with you choosing your own route and frequently crossing the creek. It took until my way back on my first trip to effectively navigate the canyon grounds without getting bogged down in the muddy waters and thick branches of the creek. And even then, it wasn't until my second trip that I got more proficient and began to find a trail more often (hint: pay attention to the canyon walls and the creek side trees). There were lots of wild critters, and on both trips I saw a wild horse. This trail links up with a four-wheel trial just before the petroglyph site (which is incredible in its own right). Throughout this hike, you are constantly walking on difficult terrain. From rock to rock, up dry creek beds, it's few and far between when you can just comfortably let your foot fall in front of you without planning each step. On top of that, the consequences for failing to cross at the right time can entail jumping from muddy platforms and crawling beneath branches until you clear the muck. For these reasons I would classify this trail as hard. It may not be too tough later in the summer if the creek disappears. I'm excited to return every season to see how this area changes.

6 months ago

Lovely scenery and paved trail. It's downhill out and uphill back, so be prepared for the elevation gain to be all on the back half. On our way back we ran into a bobcat on the middle of the trail, but they just moved along on their way, as did we.

The middle part of the trail kinda had the sulfurous smell of sewage, which wasn't great when you were breathing heavily uphill.

6 months ago

very easy and beautiful, saw a deer, and multiple wild flowers.

6 months ago

Nice trail, well maintained. Loved the stream, and yes, it is all downhill on the way in, and uphill on the way back. I am not in shape and I handled this just fine. I saw a deer on the mountain and heard coyotes in the rocky hills above about 2/3 the way in. Very cool.

6 months ago

nice paved path. All down hill until the end, and then be prepared for the climb back up! Did this with my one year old and he did great. Found a golf ball and he threw it to the bottom of the trail so there was motivation for him. Very nicely maintained. Lots of lizards on the rock wall. And we saw one snake slithering in there for a nap or a snack too.

We had a great time on this hike. The most animals we have ever seen on a hike. The trail is hard to follow because it disappears, but as long as you follow the creek you’ll be good. Took our 8 year old son and only made it in about 1.5 miles. We stopped a lot to look around, catch tadpoles, frogs and check everything out.

mountain biking
6 months ago

I’d definitely do this trail again. I’m a novice at mountain biking so some of the climbs were difficult for me - ended up hiking up some climbs. I’d definitely go back! Maybe during rattlesnake hibernation season.

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