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This could become my new favorite hike.

This hike is fun and easy and the view at the end after a short rock scramble was beautiful.

I agree I would not call this trail moderate. It should be easy. One hill with steps doesn’t qualify it as moderate for me. I like being “off road”


Great easy trail. make sure to find the hidden trail across the creak about halfway back, this will take you up a steep climb to an archway in the rock, and a great spot to relax for awhile. The views are great.

Nice hike but a lot of it was on asphalt which was a downer. I liked the woods portion.

Nice easy hike.

Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

A bit crowded on a Saturday morning but what else would you expect on such a beautiful easy hike trail!

Super easy & rewarding hike!

12 days ago

Great views.

12 days ago

Fun little hike! Easy :)

This is a nice moderate trail with a bit of an incline. Good for kids who are experienced hikers. Gorgeous views even at the start. We only passed 3 or 4 hikers on the way up. There have been reports of rabid foxes, but we didn't see any wildlife. The trail begins at the north end of the parking area.

Once again a great hike with absolutely beautiful destinations! Sadly there seem to be more people not taking their trash and other items out with them. Some people left behind an air mattress, shoes, dirty clothes, bottles, cans and other trash. if you hike it in, hike it out or don’t bother going. It is a disgrace that some humans ruin things for others. I would agree that if you were going to have your belongings packed into the canyon for you that you should use the helicopter. There are still several horses and mules along the route that had bleeding saddle sores and other injuries. That stuff aside, it’s a place worth checking out if you are lucky enough to get a permit.

This was the most fun I have ever had. climbing down a cave then realizing I have to climb down using chains and then there's a huge ladder thats wet from the mist of the most beautiful waterfall. I faced my fear of heights. then we take the trail and get to take off our shoes and socks and make our way across the water not once but 3 times on this hike (and 3 times on the way back) when it seemed to never end we got to those final ladders to get up top above Beaver Falls and that feeling you get is just so worth the hike. Amazing view. Amazing feels.
Not ok for kids, adults only

Great cool down after Bear Mountain hike. Be a good walk if it was really warm because the trail is situated in the trees. Had to piggyback my husband out at this point. Enjoy!

Nice trail easy to follow. No water fall this time:)

on Massacre Grounds Trail

17 days ago

Gorgeous trail. Fantastic views!!

Short easy hike. Paved about 1/2 way. Nice shallow incline. Waterfall at the end only works when it rains. Small shallow pool at the bottom is generally got some water in it. Petroglyphs on the southwest side are not obvious or overly impressive, but certainly a nice diversion.

Beautiful views at top.

19 days ago

Everything and more for a relatively short hike. Beautiful views and you can make some cattle friends as well! Also gives you an option to explore further and take multiple routes.

We loved this short and mostly easy Trail back into a gorgeous Canyon. We climbed up at the end of the trail for a gorgeous look back down the canyon.

Great time! Weather was beautiful, light traffic hike... Will definitely go back after some rain/snow melt!

My 5 and 6 year old loved it. Short, easy hike to the waterfall. It was beautiful!

First of all, be advised that this trail is not actually within the Lost Dutchman Park. You need to thrive about a quarter mile past Lost Dutchman, turn right, and drive about half a mile down the dirt road. You will see a parking lot with signs for this and one other trail.

This trail is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing views. I would rate it on the easy side of moderate, although there are some rather steep areas.

Easy trail, beautiful scenery. There was a rabies warning sign at the start of it. Be careful right now, said to have rabid foxes that are attacking hikers.

23 days ago

This is a great adventurous beautiful walk with multiple river crossings along the way, with the water coming to about your knees so dress/pack appropriately for this. The most challenging back of the walk is climbing down the cliff face to Mooney falls. There are craved out foot holes and chains to help you down but definitely not for those scared of heights. Apart from that it is a pretty easy walk and a lovely oasis. Took us about 5 hours from the lodge and back. There are no toilets after the campground though.

Amazingly beautiful! Life changing experience!
Too dangerous for kids!

Life changing experience!

27 days ago

Easy hike with great scenery along the way. Dog and kid friendly. Nice to have a waterfall hike in Arizona

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