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2 days ago

tons of people, even more dogs. fall color coming to an end. trail was great. not easy but not hard. nice workout indeed...any vehicle can make it to the trailhead if you drive slow enough

Perfect weather for a hike. Absolutely loved the trail and the view.

We got there around 10.30 am and the parking was bit tight. (I'd recommend either early morning or later when people start leaving). The dirt road leading to the trail head was bit off-roady (recommend a high clearance vehicle)

Trail traffic was not bad at all and trail was mostly shaded. We were not used to the high altitude, so had to take small rests frequently on the way. It took us a little more than 4 hours totally (including half an hour break at the lake for a snack). We logged about 6 miles totally!!!

Great day hike, it took me about an hour and half in and an hour back, walking at a casual pace.

I got there at 10am on a Saturday and there were still a few parking spots...and plenty of spots open in the afternoon if you're ok with waiting for an afternoon hike.

Definitely some people but not overly crowded at all, there were several moments along the trail when we were alone without anyone in sight ahead or behind us.

Close to the city. Short distance.

amazing views of the flatlands and mountains. gorgeous hike for so close to Denver. loved the history!

The historical ruins are very cool! Took a visiting family member from out of state and it seemed like a good fit for her while still adjusting to the altitude. Pretty crowded with lots of familes and dogs. No amazing vistas, but some decent overlooks and views to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's nice how all the little side trails connect so you can add or minus mileage as you like. Found the historical information and ruins to be the coolest part of the day.

Well paved paths make this more of a casual walk than anything. still cool scenery.

Incredible views at the lake! We logged 7.75 miles round trip with a short walk by the lake and parking close to the trail head.

Spectacular hike for Lake Dillon and Aspen tree views

Lots of variety.

10 days ago

Fall colors, incredible, next week they will be popping even more than they were on this hike.
beautiful Lake on top wasn't too busy on a Friday.

An enchanted forest! Evergreens, lots of shade simply beautiful and good workout.

Beautiful trail especially the aspen grove. The views of Dillon Lake are unmatched .

Great place to view leaves and the lake. Easy enough to bring kids 6months to 2 years old( in a pack).

Very nice hike.

16 days ago

A bit crowded on a Saturday, and most of the trail is totally exposed so got pretty hot even in the mid-morning. No incredible vistas but decent views throughout. Ruins were neat.

Trailhead comes up quick when you're driving up 6 in the canyon but plenty of parking. Weekend days alternate between allowing only mountain bikers and only hikers so when in doubt check beforehand so you know who's allowed there on what day. Easy switchbacks to get higher into the foothills with nice views of the canyon. Juniper loop up top is really easy and some nice mountain views on the back side.

20 days ago

Nice historical hike.

If your vehicle does well off road, you'll probably still be able to get a spot up top right by the trail head. Lots of panic parking on the road up there, so don't give up hope if you see cars everywhere. The trail was busy this weekend, but the weather was amazing.

on Diamond Lake Trail

22 days ago

Great trail. Wonderful views of 13teeners, massive amounts of wildflowers (in spring and summer), fantastic waterfalls, water-crossings and streams all along the way. We saw a moose - bull (great rack!), a female and her baby). The waterfall from Diamond Lake can be heard and seen (most of the time) tumbling down the opposite ridge along the first half of the trail. We hiked with out 10 and 7 year old all the way to the lake - upper end of moderate rating due to altitude and elevation gain would be more of an appropriate rating for this trail. Very enjoyable. LOTS of people with limited parking. I would go again on a weekday NOT a weekend. The road in is fun to drive if you have a vehicle with clearance. You are driving on dirt road for about 7 miles after you go through the town of Eldora. The dirt road into the main parking has some serious ditches and obstacles. I would suggest parking off the side of the road if you don't feel like four-wheeling.

24 days ago

Labor Day weekend and showed up to the TH @ 9am and was still able to get a spot to park. Road to the TH is rough so keep that in mind. Hiked to Diamond Lake with my 9yr old son and logged 6.1mi total. The trail had a lot of little creeks and one of the most picturesque waterfalls I have seen here in CO. I thought the hike was relatively easy with plenty of mild portions to counter any ascents. Diamond lake is a beautiful lake and loaded with trout. We fly fished for about 90 minutes and caught feisty brookies left and right. The lake also has rainbows and cutties but we didnt catch any. Plenty of room at the lake to enjoy some lunch or peace and quiet. We will definitely be back to hike the upper lakes as well.

Decent hike. The first two miles stick pretty close to the highway, so you have a lot of noise pollution for 4 miles of the hike. It’s a popular mountain biking trail, narrow path so you’re constantly stepping out of the way. If you’re hiking I’d recommend going on an odd weekend day (like September 1st) when mountain biking is not allowed. On even weekend days hiking is not allowed. Even during the week it’s busy!
No real viewpoints, still some pretty spots. No shade coverage until you get to the Loop.

Wonderful trail :) Hiked here this morning (Monday). Got to the trail head a bit before 8 am, wandered around the lake for about 20 min then headed back down. Finished in about 2.5 hrs. Because it’s a weekday and I got to the TH relatively early, I had the entire trail to myself on the way up. Passed a dozen or so people heading up on my way back down. The forest is lovely and green right now and the lake is spectacular. Perfect day hike for most levels. Indian peaks wilderness, and especially the Fourth of July TH can be very busy on summer weekends. Try to avoid weekend hiking here if you’re looking for wilderness solitude.

Great exercise- The incline was a bit difficult for a beginner like myself. We followed castle Trail the entire hike. During the incline of the trail rocky walkways, the remainder paths were pretty wide.

This is a beautiful but hard-moderate with intense elevation. Lots of waterfalls and the lake is peaceful and serene. While we passed a few other hikes here there, overall it wasn't too trafficked on a Friday morning. By the time we left however, the parking lot was full. Take lots of breaks and power through the hills for a great pay off.

Hi all, lost my phone on the Arapaho Pass portion of this trail (likely close to the 4th of July Trailhead. If anyone recovered it, please email me at kristin.herrmann@gmail.com. Thank you!

The trail is beautiful and easy. When reaching the top it can be quite windy. Stay to the right on the trail the other fork takes you to a service road.

Did a little over half of the trail as part of what I hiked today. the Western trailhead is definitely the easier place to start if going all the way through, but I hiked from the Western trailhead to the Walker homestead ruins and then over to the Summer White House for a great scenic hike. I didn't get there until about 1000 so it was beginning to get hot. make sure you bring lots of water as much of the hike on the Western side headed east towards the meadow is exposed.

Great views, would definitely hike it again.

I love this hike. It’s close to Denver so it’s easy to get to quickly. The views are spectacular! Just wish there was some water.

1 month ago


is the fishing good?

How are the camping sites there?

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