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trail running
1 day ago

Nice run... nice and peaceful trail. Some of the parts were narrow and I had to wait for bicyclist to go through, but that is really not anything to complain about. My biggest complaint was that I heard many small caliber gunshots at the very beginning of the trail. I no longer heard any closer to the falls, just at the beginning of the trail. Based off of the name, I was expecting a nice run to a beautiful waterfall… But that’s not the case. The “falls“ were so small that it is possible to even miss it. I heard some running water hiked down a baby trail and saw it. If you are looking for a nice waterfall, the nicest in the area is Tumwater Falls. If you are looking for a nice hike or trail run, this is the place.

3 days ago

Very easy not for those with a sensitive bladder.no real sign that says trail over here.But tons of photo op gems.

I hiked up toward the Margaret McKenny Campground and loop back around to the Mima Falls. Not much of a visual hike. The day before, there were horse events, so the trial was riddled with horse poo. It was hot and nasty that morning and the water fall was terrible. The only good thing about the hike was at the top you had a clear look at Mt. Rainier.

5 days ago

Great trail with amazing fall view. Only 0.5 miles, so it’s a busy trail with lots of people taking this.

Coming from the perspective of an avid hiker this was nice walk in the park. That being said, there are some steep inclines but they're short, maybe 1/4 mile or less. Most of the hike is a very slight, 3-5% incline. Doable hike for all skill levels. However, during the steep parts there are a lot of steps so if you have bad knees it may be difficult.

Nice hike to a small waterfall. Also good for mountain biking.

Epic views & a good trail. I loved the alpine meadows and wildflowers everywhere. It’s a beautiful hike.

Fine hike, but the falls were tiny and not a worthwhile endpoint. The “day use area” by the falls is little more than a picnic bench.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Great trail, the lenght was great. Just be aware of other people.

12 days ago

The best views of Rainier I’ve found, but in the heat of summer the bugs were out in force. You may need to reapply bug repellent and sunscreen. We met groups of all ages, but had plenty of trail time to ourselves as well. Definitely recommend trek poles for this hike, especially for people with bad knees.

Great trail! Fun for the whole family and is stroller friendly.

Excellent hike. A lot of uphill on the way up but my kids did fine (8 and 10) and it was worth it for the views. Wildflowers all over and we saw a buck and marmot right off the trail. Go in the evening to see a beautiful sunset!

Love this trail. Signage could be better.

Hiked this with my 2 year old granddaughter. (There are a lot of stairs) Cute wooden bears up high in the trees and beautiful scenery ❤️

Easy. Great views and dog friendly. I highly recommend this for a leisurely stroll or beginners.

This has to be my favorite trail ever! This place is unmarked. The only way to find it is by seeing a large side dirt pull out. Leave your car there go through the brush until you see the train tracks. Follow the train tracks to the left. Cross the pass and you will encounter the falls. Super easy. You can climb down and find 2 other sets of falls!!!

16 days ago

We love this trail! Beautiful, and dog friendly which is a plus. The beach that it leads out to is gorgeous. Definitely would recommend this to a beginner. Not much elevation, so really it’s great just as a walk or run.

Good paved and gravel trail until the end. Views of the Puget Sound are great with many sea run coastal cutthroat trout active off the beach. This is an excellent local, evening hike for the family or a quick run.

trail running
17 days ago

Great run down to the water, with a rewarding view once you get there. If you’re running, it’s a little steep and challenging coming back up to the top! Overall a peaceful, beautiful trail perfect for families, couples or solo explorers

We did the hike yesterday, 7/27. We picked a sunny and clear day. We had hiking sticks, good shoes, and a bottle of, Off Deep Woods. It appears we survived the bugs without any bites. They were pretty annoying but could have been worse. I’m not an experienced hiker and I’m in average shape but I was able to do this hike. I am also scared of heights but managed as well. Nothing too scary. We did not encounter any snow on the actual trail. Lots of wildflowers along the trail. We also saw a marmots and ground squirrels at the top. The views are magnificent and worth every step to the top. We layed out a tarp and had lunch up there. On our way down we took a break and stuck our feet into the water trickling down one of the small waterfalls. It was harder going down. I highly recommend this hike.

Beautiful walk through the woods to the beach.

22 days ago

Easy path, stroller friendly for folks that have little ones. Great views, you walk through canopy most of the way until arriving at the beach.

Starts off hilly with a couple good declines and inclines. We took the outer loop and a couple off shoots to make it longer. It wasn't crowded even though we weren't on a Saturday morning. passed some runners and other casual hikers. Avid hikers wouldn't waste their time with it. But for us, it was a good way to get a reasonable hike in without going too far or taking too long. Well maintained trail. Good views of the water and the city.

The waterfall is incredible, but unfortunately the walk to it isn’t much of a hike — not to mention, the trails aren’t marked well at all (aside from signs someone wrote on printer paper at the beginning). We followed the directions on the Washington Trails website, which helped up until the turn to the falls. A rock that once had “FALLS” written on it is now covered in graffiti, leading us to miss the turn and walk an extra 2-3 miles on the same boring, relatively flat gravel road. I also ran into others who were lost and confused as to where to turn to the falls. Once you know the route, it’s not bad, but first-time visitors could have difficultly because of the lack of trail markings.

there are two ways to go one way is a long gravel road or the other is near rail road tracks up near the actual road.. (do your research) which is 100xs quicker I found out after walking the 3 miles of gravel road!! my fault. once you get to the actual trails and waterfalls they're amazing. wouldnt recommend doing it after it rains very very slippery near the river... obviously

Beautiful easy hike/ walk for all ages

Nice family walking spot.

Especially rewarding on a clear day. Views of Rainier are spectacular on way up (make sure to look behind you every so often and you'll see what I mean) and when you get to the saddle you can see Mt Adams, Mt Saint Helens and Mt Hood too. Avalanche Lilies we're in full bloom too!

25 days ago

longer than expected, not well marked, but beautiful and decent for hiking with a baby. maybe more resting places could make it better for kids, but otherwise good. the trail width made me feel safe, and there were not too many bees. falls were pretty, though a little anticlimactic. I went on this last year in late June. was thinking of going again, but have 2 kids now and should probably choose one with more benches.

Watch out for vandals! I had nothing in my BMW X5, but they broke out the rear driver side window. They bolted when the alarm went off. The experience ruined a great morning and I am out 400 bucks. I have been coming here for twenty years since high school and have never had a problem. It’s just so sad.

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