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Nice easy trail, relaxing with great views.

23 hours ago

Nice easy trail for beginners. The trail can get narrow in spots which make it frustrating when multiple people try to pass. The trail is open to horses so you may need to step off the trail for the horses to pass.

Ended up way off course due to very little markings, even with a paper map both myself and a ranger ended up taking a four mile detour to find the falls, very pretty end result, muddy so stabilize yourself!

Beautiful trail. Not very well marked... It was quite the fun adventure though. One tip would be to go back out the same way you come in... We made the mistake of going a different way out. Oops

6 days ago

Great trail. It was a little muddy but not bad. Good trail for dogs. Some up and downs, but over all not too difficult

Wouldn’t rate as moderate. Very easy walk. 3 miles round trip. Pretty cool scenery. Nice little beach area.

Great hike today.

nature trips
7 days ago

It’s a decent trail. Mainly creeksode walking. Random sitting benches. One recommendation would be to put a honey bucket or some sort of restroom somewhere along the trail for those of us who like being hydrated... but at the end of the trail is a great view of sea life and the water. Sunset is beautiful on a nice day.

nature trips
7 days ago

This is the best place to go during the salmon run. You can see these incredible animals jump up the falls trying so hard. It’s a moderate hike but kids can definitely do it as well while experiencing this amazing event. At some spots it can be slippery. At the top of the falls is a small education center, park benches and playground.

Cool little place to visit. Not marked very well though.

8 days ago

Great hike. Went 38 weeks pregnant and with a toddler in a carrier. Very doable. Pretty waterfall at the end!
Doesn’t take too long at all.

Not very well marked. We walked way more than we should have and everybody on the trail we met was there for the first time. But we found the falls eventually. it was a long hike overall but worth it.

A nice trail for a short outing. About 3 miles round trip and not difficult. There are even a couple of benches along the way if you wanted to rest. It ends right on the Sound with beautiful views. It's definitely one we will do again. Great for families. We plan on going back in the summer.

8 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike! The trails were in pretty good condition considering the time of year. Nice easy 6 mile loop.

nature trips
9 days ago

Such a peaceful and family friendly place to set ones Internal reset button. Worth the experience.

great trail with plenty of elevation changes!

One of my favorite waterfall hikes so far !! Seriuosly breathtaking . Very few hikers today, made it even more peaceful & beautiful . Little muddy & slippery in spots . Totally worth it though . Recommend wearing hiking boots until it dries out .

Loved walking this trail with my pup!

Visited this park about a week back. Surprised by the length of the trail & the size of the falls! Worth a visit for a quick little walk.

15 days ago

Nice easy hike. Lots of kids and dogs :). The shooting range nearby is unnerving. Don’t let it affect you. This is a safe area even for women. It’s just not too scenic but it’s a great workout if you have a few hours.

19 days ago

I was impressed with the size of this trail, it seems like a tiny park for the homeless to chill at but I saw no homeless and it was a large park. the trails are easy on the way in, a hill on the way out that's bad on the lower back, but you'll survive. i recommend this park to anyone over the age of 1.

Nice wide trail beautiful trees , best part was getting to the water

We must not have read the description fully before taking this hike, because we were shocked when we got to the end. The falls are much larger than we thought and so beautiful. We even missed the biggest one of the three, Little Mashel Falls, by accident. We saw Lower Little Mashel and the upper falls. We spent most of our time at the lower falls, which I believe is the one further into the canyon. The way the falls cascade down a series of boulders is just awesome, and makes for great photography. We saw a handful of people in sneakers and regular clothing. I would suggest you wear a good pair of hiking boots for the mud and slippery conditions closer to the falls, and a few layers of hiking clothes for the cold. Most of the trail we took was a dirt road that ascends just slightly. Eventually, you'll end up taking a regular trail down into the canyon which is where you will get the most elevation gain on the way back. Use the app to follow along as there are a few unmarked turnoffs. It's super easy to get here...no crazy forest roads with potholes or anything... have fun!

Amazing hike we hiked to the upper falls, middle falls and lower falls. The trail was a bit confusing to follow but we used the all trails app to try to stay on path. The middle falls was by far my favorite it’s a trail that splits to the left of the sign of the upper falls. There was a bit of snow on the ground and icy in some spots so use caution. Saw plenty of dogs as well. Such a great hike!

Very pretty and easy stroll to take an out of town friend that doesn’t really hike. Beautiful on a rainy morning I’m sure we will be back for a picnic on a drier afternoon!

Nice walk today a cool 42 out but still a nice walk

Easy hike, however obviously due to the season very muddy and slippery in areas so use caution! I love bringing my dogs here as it’s usually not too crowded on weekdays and we can play fetch as we venture down to the falls.

It's an easy trail and kid friendly. when it opened up to the Sound at the end, we parked our strollers and let the kids find crabs on the beach and follow the old railroad tracks. There are some steep hillsides that made me nervous with my toddlers running, but beautiful scenery.

Was very beautiful walk. Not hard and my 8 year old was able to run down and back up. Very clean and a lot of good photo ops!

I wouldn’t call this trail moderate. It’s easy enough to jog with a stroller. It’s beautiful and nice to spend some time at the end just watching the water and all the wildlife.

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