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this is a very nice trail. climbed it yesterday and its got a great view.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. Went on October 19th which apparently was the perfect time between when all the last year's snow had melted and right before the next year's snow started to hit so I had minimal trouble making the scramble up to Trapper's Peak. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Two things I would recommend to any one looking to do this:

1) Bring a high clearance and/or 4-wheel drive vehicle. The road up is bumpy, gravel-y, somewhat narrow, and steep. I drove a low clearance compact car up it and had my tires spin a couple times going up some of the hills. I was also somewhat surprised I didn't pop any tires going up or down it. This was also when the road was in good condition and without any precipitation so again I would recommend caution with an every day city driver on this road

2) Bring a buddy. I went by myself and wish I brought someone else along. The common sense of this being a safe practice became obvious to me over the course of the hike as I saw only 1 other human on my way up. A fall or dangerous encounter with wildlife would have dire consequences here. Additionally, I feel this would have been good for the scramble up Trapper's Peak. The trail up there is not maintained and, as such, is easy to lose track of. I decided to call it before getting to what I believe was the top because I was afraid I would lose myself down a game trail and not be sure how to get back, especially considering my fatigue level at that point. Having another person to bounce ideas off of and try to identify where the trail was going next would have been very welcome.

Great trail, even after several days of heavy rain. Well maintained. Beautiful impressive old growth trees as the trail follows the river. Several small, but pretty stream crossings, didn’t get wet. Great for kids.

1 month ago

The first half of this hike was a 2-mile dirt path through the forest. It was a bit muddy at times, but not too bad. The second half was a comfortable 2.5-mile walk on a sandy beach to Point of the Arches. This stretch was breathtakingly beautiful.

1 month ago

The trail was beautiful at every turn, and the destination was even better. We backpacked to the beach and did the hike to Point of the Arches. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. At low tide we saw starfish and anemones in tidal pools and on the rocks that were exposed. Sea stacks are all around, of course.

Be prepared to maneuver a muddy trail; hiking poles helped us immensely. Finding the old rope leading to the beach has now been replaced by stairs was a pleasant surprise.

This is a great trail for autumn hikes. The trail isn’t overly difficult in any spot. The trees were changing colors with the river asa backdrop - very pretty. There is a stream crossing that, in springtime, will get your feet wet.
This IS a dog-friendly trail, just please leash your pooch.

2 months ago

Wonderful autumn outing to the second lake/cabin. Trail in good shape and perfect seasonal colors today.

Pretty decent and I crowded home at this time of year. You get some really great views of the mountains. The lakes are nothing special but there is a cool old forestry cabin up top. Worth the time but there are much better options around. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

We did it last week in 3 days. Be ready for rain always on this hike. If you are prepared, it’s awesome! We had a late start, 2:45, and ended at O’neil with plenty of light - bear wire is in-op here so don’t count on it or bring twine or the recommended canister. Tip - there is no privy at Pytrites. At least at O’Neil you have some cover and a place to go without digging or being rained on. Enchanted Valley is great, we were mid-week so it was not crowded. No wild life presented itself besides the slug eating beetles. But, the waterfalls are going off! Take time to explore here. We explored, opting to hike out in one day. It’s 13-14 miles to punch out but easy ups/downs make it not too bad. I do train outside of hiking to do this. I am well over 50 and got my but kicked in the past trying to hike when out of shape. Stay strong!

Awesome hike!!! Beautiful scenic hike through the forest until you arrive at the gorgeous secluded beach. So glad we made the drive out to it. Really fabulous!

September 2018. We split the hike into four days to take it easy. First night we camped at O’Neil Creek but I wish we had pushed on to Pyrites. Second night we walked right past the Enchanted Valley and camped about another mile up the trail. The valley floor itself was just crowded and brushy and not very pretty. The views there were nice but all the camping spots were far from the river or wet and grassy with little cover. Overall it was a nice hike and my first time in a temperate rainforest. I wasn’t lucky enough to see any bears or elk. Any problem addressed in older reviews about downed trees blocking the trail are no longer valid. The trail is free of obstacles and well maintained.

Hike is about 2 miles each way, starts on a boardwalk and then goes into beautiful trees running parallel to the ocean. Well-marked trail, gets muddy at some points but wasn’t too bad when we went in early September. There’s a very steep descent at the end of the trail down to the beach but it’s fairly short. Beautiful pristine beaches make it well worth it!

3 months ago

Nice hike. Most of the hike is flat with the exception of the first mile.

Great hike, rocky in areas but in all well worth the climb! This is not an easy hike but it is doable! Put your head down look up now and then and you will soon find the summit of CB!

For some reason I bought a ticket to a 1pm movie, but didn't want to skip out on getting this hike done today. Got to the trailhead at 7:30am and tried to keep my pace brisk the whole way, minimizing any side adventures. I did go out to the riverside to enjoy the panorama.

As many have said, you'll be climbing then descending a bit dramatically right at the start, while the rest is fairly flat with some spurts of ups and downs. Nice mix of experiences: completely silent old growth, dense fern ground cover, river sounds, a variety of bridges, very small water crossings (more like step overs) and a mess of sizable logs and tree roots. It feels like a quintessential pacific northwest hike.

Next time I'll give myself a whole day to explore more of the side paths and maybe even get wet in the river.

And I JUST made it to the theater as the trailers were ending. Whew! It was quite a workout.

Absolutely beautiful hike, stunning views, difficult at times, even saw a black bear in the valley!

Did the lower part of the trail, at the east shore of the lake. It was a very secluded trail in the forest. On a very sunny weekday in August there was nobody else on the trail. The trail was shaded all the way. You can get glimpses of the lake here and there, but most of that part of the trail is in the dense forest. It was a very nice workout, because the trail keeps going up and down the whole time, and yet it is not too steep. There is a boat launch on each side of the lake, for boating and kayaking. The west shore also has a very convenient and quite big drive-in campground with three loops and several flush toilets. Loop A of the campground operates on a first come first served basis, loop B takes prior reservations, and loop C offers a parking lot, walk-in camp sites as well as lakeview yurts. The campground offers good shade under the trees. In August there were quite a few mosquitoes. There is fishing at the lake, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of fish. There is a panoramic overlook across from the dam, with pictures and explanations of the dam construction process. There is also a designated swimming area near the dam. A little further up the road from the dam, past the lake, there are two waterfalls. The Wynoochee Lake trailhead starts 32 miles from the town of Montesano, driving on the Wynoochee Valley Rd the entire way. The road is windy, but easy to follow, paved, and not busy at all.

3 months ago

It was my first backpacking and it was very pleasant! Overnight parking is easily found on the route to the trail head. Everything was clearly marked on the trail. On the second mile however we did encounter a lot of mud. Not much of a problem. At the end there was a huge descent down to the beach, stairs and railings to help. We camped on the beach out of range of high tide. With sights and wild life that amazed me, I would say 5/5!

Loved hiking this trail with my rock scrambling mountain goat of a dog even though wildfire smoke disrupted the views. The trail is washed out in parts but with some looking ahead or looking for rock clusters/cairns left by others, you’ll quickly find your way.

I only saw one other group of hikers out there all day.

The trail is very rocky - I was thankful for thick socks and my sturdiest boots, but even so my toes are sore.

The last stretch is very steep and some scrambling, but very rewarding.

Took me about 3 hours to get to the peak because of the elevation (and lots of stopping for photos/snacks/to take it all in).

Nearby dispersed camping at Campbell Tree Grove was ultra convenient.

Hot and Smokey.........Canadian forest fires ruined my pictures............Steep overgrown 8.2 miles.......of fun and rewarding trail.

3 months ago

Was a great trip! We got lucky with dry weather and temps in the 50-60 range. Low tide opened up a lot of tide pools. I’m definitely hoping to make the long drive to come back over sometime.

Great early morning hike. It’s rated as Hard but I would only rate it as such if you push to the summit in under 60 minutes, otherwise it’s a moderate hike. Less crowed trail than others in the area and the path is well maintained. The view at the top is absolutely spectacular. Highly recommend.

I loved this hike. It was intermediate...not hard. The view was amazing and worth it.

The view is worth it! The trail is overgrown in many areas and a few downed trees to navigate but completely worth the view!

Good trail gets progressively steeper as you go. a few nice views along the way but probably the best 4500 foot viewpoint in the state on top. may be best selection of berries too. a definite "must do" in spite of its low elevation.

Great views, fantastic river and amazing location to camp! With unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy and be safe.

4 months ago

Yeah- the trail there is a little muddy right now but not that bad- enjoyed the beach. It wasn't as busy as Rialto but a bit longer to get to some of the rock formations. Still well worth it- And you will need a permit from the Makkahs

So much fun! We camped at Flapjack Lakes, and day-hiked up to Gladys Divide and Mount Gladys. We took a few off-trail explorations and found ourselves in the rocky valley on the northwest side of Mount Gladys. VERY COOL in the late afternoon light. We could see the interior Olympics to the north and west, and I believe even Mt. Olympus. Had a blast. Rocky in parts, and lots of flies by the lakes. But awesome!

We clocked 7 miles and 1200’ of gain. The hike in was more note worthy than the lakes. Don’t get me wrong the lakes were nice but the views of the craggy mountains hiking in were amazing. The trail gets a little over grown once you get closer to the lakes but not to bad. Yea there were pockets of mosquitoes along the way but that should be expected at this time. We did this on a Sunday and we didn’t see a soul on the way up or down.

The trail to the beach is a bit muddy, but well marked and easy to follow. Getting down to the beach is a bit of a climb, but easily manageable if you take your time. There were plenty of families with small children hiking without difficulty.

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