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This hike was pretty disappointing once you get to the end, I probably should have read more reviews before we went. You get little glimpses of the beautiful lake. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not a fan of hiking to see a Dam and power lines. The trail was nice though and we did see some little snakes. By the trailhead you can go swimming in the lake and it is beautiful (better than my hiking views

Nice, easy, short trail. Lots of interesting trees and a cool bridge. Be sure to take the short detour to see Big Cedar Tree. It’s no longer standing but still awesome. Don’t forget to climb in the roots for a cool pic!

You can add four miles to hike and start at the bottom where the road is closed. Don’t waste your time. Most is through burned area. Much better options around.

mountain biking
4 days ago

By far one of my favorites descents in the area, nothing to technical just straight down the ridge, but a ton of exposure. Off camber trail for the majority of the descent, buttery smooth and knife blade thin, no room for error whatsoever, barely any roots or rocks, but it’s as fast as you can handle. Literally will burn a whole pair of brake pads on this descent. Moment you point down your pinned out to the bottom with barely any pedaling, I would not recommend riding this if your not comfortable at high speeds and don’t have surgical steering precision. One slight error could really f**k you on this one! Epic Adrenaline pumping descent for those willing!

mountain biking
4 days ago

I rode from camp shepherd down white river trail up palisades to the ranger creek trail and back to camp shepherd. The first mile of switchbacks on 1198 you gotta hike a bike and it’s pretty grueling, but once you get onto the ridge it’s amazing single track climbing all the way up to the top where it meets ranger creek. Was an amazing descent, 14 miles and 5000ft of vertical. I think next time I’ll take the Dalles trail up, cut the climbing time down to get straight to the fun! Also if your taking pallisades down it’s amazing till the hike a bike section and could be pretty annoying after a long climb and descent to than have to hike a bike. If you wanna ride pallisades down id recommend shuttling it.

It does not have a stunning scenery but it was very peaceful easy walking along the pathway and sitting on the big rocks and looking down the lake from it and it was the most peaceful moment ever and also so good for meditation :) It’s the best part of this hiking! It’s probably good for fall and easy hiking!

7 days ago

This is an ambitious day hike but better than colchuck after 5 miles in. Also don’t need to drive that dreaded dirt road. Must dedicate all day. Two lakes and in between had stunning beauty. Also saw a deer, goats, and even a brown bear all right along trail.

Nice little hike, water is a clear blue, pretty area

9 days ago

We went 2 days in a row and were unable to cross the river to hike to the hole in the wall. The water was slower the second day and we may have crossed through if we had brought sandals, but it's a wide crossing and we decided to skip it rather than go barefoot.

It was breathtaking.

10 days ago

We attended to reach Camp Muir, Mt Rainier on August 26th, 2018 from from the base at Paradise at 5400’. We started on the Skyline trail around 9:00 am and went via Panorama Point and all the way to Pebble Creek Trail. The views of the mountain are just amazing. The hike was snow free until we reached above 7200’. On the way we met one of the volunteer rangers who un warned that thunderstorms may be coming in late afternoon. We continue our hike on the snow a little late in the day and we made it all the way to above 8500’. At this point was already passed 3:00pm and we decided to turn back. It’s a considered a strenuous hike, but doing it is way harder than that. I’ll be back to finish this hike soon! Manny

11 days ago

Beautiful hike on a pleasant September Sunday. The first 1/3 of the hike is considered easy with little elevation gain on a mostly wide and well-maintained trail. The 2nd 1/3 is a little steeper and you hike through various granite plateaus, but still easy to walk on. I would classify that section “moderate”. Make sure you follow the rock cairns carefully as it is easy to get lost on the trail! At the end of that 2nd 1/3, you will have a gorgeous view onto chimney rock and the valley you just climbed through. You can easily call it quits there and forgo the last strenuous and a little dangerous part of the hike as it is stunning right then and there. The last section gets a little tricky and is only for experienced hikers: you literally have to climb through a field of gigantic boulders and you have to make sure you don’t slip and fall through the cracks. I do not recommend bringing your dog up to that section! And don’t forget to bring your hiking poles! Once at the top, you get rewarded with even more beautiful views over the front and also the back valley. And if you are brave enough, you can even climb along the back edge of the rock and find the view over Priest Lake; however, we chickened out after about 100 feet as it got too steep and we didn’t want to risk falling off the cliff and having to be rescued….it’s not for weak nerves!
The length of the trail is closer to 12 miles overall per our tracking device. 4 hours up (including lots of breaks for pictures and some snacks) and 2.5 hours down.

12 days ago

Beautiful hike. Stayed one night at marmot and went up to jade as a day hike. Heading up to jade is definitely worth it!

I started at 8.30am at the parking lot and by the time I got to the snow section at 10am, it was still firm. On my way down at 11am-ish it had soften quite a bit. I wore micro spikes up, but when I was coming down I saw some people successful walk up with out micro spikes. Though if you have it, might as well bring it.

The views on this trail are amazing! There is a variety of scenic views and trails. I accidentally took the boulder path to the tower. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It was a test of my skills for sure. The view from the tower is incredible. Took the trail back down which was 10x easier than the boulders. Love this trail. Took me a few hours but it was so beautiful I keep stopping and soaking up the scenery. IG: @markobreezy

Nice hike that loops around the river. Cool bridge everyone takes pictures on. Worth the hike for a nice outdoor walk.

Super easy and short looped hike with options to keep going. Beautiful moss covered trees and crystal clear water!

13 days ago

This hike have great and amazing views of the lakes but it’s very rocky all the way up to Gem Lake. I do recommend to go early in the morning to get a good parking and also to avoid a lot of the day hikers. I started at 08:30am and there’s not many people at that time. Once I passed Snow Lake, I’ve only seen a few people on my way to Gem Lake. And most of them are coming back from camping. Once I got to Gem Lake, there’s only a few people there (I counted 5 to include myself). I stayed for half an hour and enjoyed the quietness of the nature. I completed the hike with a moving time right under 5 hours. I could’ve finish it earlier but there were a lot of people going the other direction :( So, yeah. My recommendations: Early start, good hiking shoes, and drinking water

Gorgeous along the way to the top! Snow got really soft so hard to glissade, but still a lot of snow!

on Pratt Lake Trail

trail running
14 days ago

Nice trail with decent elevation. Not much in the way of scenery but a few small creeks here and there. Lightly traveled, saw fresh bear scat on the trail this morning so take your bear bells / bear spray because the berries are out and the bears are eating them to prepare for the winter / hibernation. Close to the road, so you will hear cars until you're about 1/2 way up. Granite mountain is better for scenery, scrambling but this is good if you want to get some miles in on a nicely maintained trail. Parking is tough, you'll need to park on the road if you come after 9am.

Amazing view and hike! Last 2 miles are very brutal even for an experienced hiker like me. There isn’t much snow up there and that’s why it’s more steep.

15 days ago

Wonderful hike. Some bugs but not unbearable. We arrived early and didn’t see many other hikers until we were close to the car. There was a nice little stream that we ate lunch at and soaked out feet in at the very top of the hike.

What an epic journey. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Brought the right gear, pretty much poles and crampons. It’s sure is a butt kicker but so much fun and the views were breathtaking.

17 days ago

Huckleberries everywhere near Pratt Lake! We picked some and had enough for two pies. Bring a few bags to carry huckleberries back :)

17 days ago

We had so much fun on this trail! We did the harder upper cave with my partner and four kids ranging in age of 6 to 19, they all did really great! Tips: bring a jacket, sturdy shoes, long pants, and a GOOD headlamp. You want your hands for climbing. Being an extra flashlight too. I took us almost an hour and a half to get through just the upper cave portion, not including the trail back. Enjoy!!

17 days ago

Only hiked to the part where the trail splits, about 3.5 miles in, so I can only speak for that part of the trail.

There aren’t any incredible views on the way up, but the sound of the creek is lovely and stays with you almost the whole time. There are a few places where you can stop by it and put your feet in the cold water. There were a few wildflowers still, but you can tell it must be absolutely stunning when it is peak wildflower season as there are fields of them all over lining the trail.

The issues with this hike on the day I went was that the trail was super dusty. If someone had been right behind me I would have been kicking up dust at them the whole time. There were also lots and lots of hornets/yellow-jackets/wasps that tried to bother me every time I took a rest. I did pass someone on the way down who had gotten stung by one only a few hundred yards into the trail. No other annoying bugs seemed to be around though!

Overall it was very pretty. It is not very steep, but the incline is constant which makes for a good workout if you keep up the pace. I hope to come back with enough time to reach the top someday!

Camped at Labor day. Train in good condition, no bugs. hiked Alta mountains as a bonus.

18 days ago

Such an amazing hike! We took the ferry which left at 3:00 P.M. to the other side of the trail. My group and I are fast walkers so we finished the hike in about 2.5-3 hours but we did wander quite a bit off the trail. It’s up hill to start but has moments of flat and downhill. I do have to say the views are absolutely breathtaking from this hike. However if you are afraid of heights do note this has thin parts right next to the edge. The water bellow is so blue green that it’s worth every second!

18 days ago

Loved it!!

18 days ago

Easy to access, an easy, flat trail, scenery will drop your jaw... There's a short video about how the Coulee was formed that I watched before going out there. It made the excursion that much more interesting

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