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in 8 months

This hike has a pretty moderate incline and as a medium level hiker it wasn't too much of a challenge. I thought because of the mileage it might be a bit of a process for me but surprisingly it went smoothly. There are so many beautiful places to take breaks along the trail. There are many creeks, small waterfalls and beautiful trees and greenery along the trail. Honestly, this hike is so worth it. When you finally get to the top its just incredible. The color of Colchuck is hypnotizing. It is a tranquil teal blue and the ice caps and glaciers nearby on Asgard are pretty cool to check out as well. It is such a great place for photographs. An amazing hike for anyone in my opinion!

1 hour ago

We did the hike today and loved it. It was our first snowshoeing experience. Although people had their regular hiking shoes on, I think it is best to wear snowshoes. It was an easy hike even for beginners such as us. However, we couldn’t reach the lake because it got super steep after we completed 2/3 of the hike. It got crowded after 1pm or so. I will definitely come again for dry season.

10 hours ago

Tons of snow, avalanches risk only for advanced hikers.

This is a nice trail with beautiful waterfalls!

4 days ago

I did this hike in August 2018. I would recommend starting on this trail in the morning. During the summer there are lots of insects, so bring some repellent. Trail starts out easy, relatively flat, and becomes more difficult as you go. You’ll come across two beautiful bridges, go over some boulders, and climb vertically near the end. The views along the hike are beautiful, and lots of water to be seen. Once you reach the top - the blue alpine water view will take your breath away. Sat and soaked my feet for a bit and enjoyed the view. Some went swimming, although not for long. I clocked about 9.5 miles round trip, rather than the 7.7 listed. I wish I had brought a hiking stick, though!

Several small creeks to cross, and beautiful vistas as you climb to the top. The frozen lakes are amazing. The view at the top was incredible! This time of year, a lifted vehicle with chains highly recommended.

I hiked this in late fall 2018. Hit an awesome weather window and had above normal temps which made it feel I was hiking in the summer! The trail is marked clearly and attendance was low. Beautiful terrain and the views are incredible. The last mile to the 3rd Burrough was quite the push but well worth it! Once you get to the top you have an up close and personal view of the glacier, breath taking. It was making glacier music, moaning and cracking in the mid day sun. The loop back to Sunrise was just as spectacular, deep valley view with beautiful green lakes while hiking along the rim. Perfect ending to an incredible summer!

on Snow Lake Trail

8 days ago

I hiked on Friday. This was my first time doing a snow hiking so it’s little bit difficult for me. Just made 2/3 of the trail because the snow was deeper in the last 1/3 and the trail was so narrow. I def. hike again with a better preparation to complete the trail. The scenery was very beautiful tho.

8 days ago

Hiked as far as we could today- a recent avvy slide completely demolished the rest of the trail right before reaching the lake. Multiple hikers that got there before us said they tried going around it right, then left, and ultimately couldn’t make it to the lake. Some of them had GPS and still didn’t make it to the lake.
Otherwise a beautiful hike! There was a decent amount of snow, although we didn’t need snowshoes. We just had microspikes and we were absolutely fine. The snow on the trail was decently padded down when we went and it was warm enough that there was no ice- the microspikes just gave us good grip on compact snow.
Didn’t see any extreme signs of imminent avvy danger, besides the recent slide that ended up stopping our hike early. There is water running through the trail area and one stream was noticeably running underneath a small snowfield, but it wasn’t too steep of a grade and didn’t concern me.

9 days ago

Went up today! Beautiful hike. With snow plows, needed to jump up to trail head. Hiked with spikes for 1.75 miles then lost trail. You could see the divots but didn’t bring snowshoes so decided to turn back. Saw a few hikers, snowshoers & cross country skiers. Maybe they good blaze the trail. A few slides in open fields. Fun streams to cross

off road driving
13 days ago

this is more of a road rating went up there just to drive more snow on the ground than expected but still had loads of fun highly recomend a lifted vehicle to get through all the way and dont go alone

14 days ago

Took us 2 hours up, 1.5hr down. The whole trail has snow on it, but the first half of the trail was packed down snow. We had spikes on the whole time, but snow shoes would be good for the last half of the trail since we started blazing the trail. There was only one area that was a difficult to get up. Definitely need poles! There was one other group in front of us making a trail since you can't see it eventually. Once we started hiking down we saw a lot more groups hiking up.

17 days ago

The hike wasn’t too bad for someone who isn’t very athletic like myself. It was just very long so prepare for that! My boyfriend and I went out today for my birthday and we wore many layers but ended up getting drenched in rain water, river water (you have to cross many, some can get up to mid calf in depth) and ended up turning around before we actually reached Goat Lake because we were worried we wouldn’t make it back before sundown. We hiked Lower Elliot on the way to the lake and Upper Elliot on the way back.. which we recommend because taking Upper Elliot back allows you to descend most of the time. Our advice: wear rain boots in the rainy seasons, dress in layers, maybe bring food because of how long the hike is (took us 4+ hours and remember we didn’t even make it to the lake), and start out early so you can take your time!

Love hiking in the winter as a rainy day or break alt from skiing. Multiple stream crossings are my son’s (5) favorite. Watch out for streams filling up. Need grippy shoes (we turned the hike back into a slip and slide due to my son’s Bogs). We only have done the first mile. Definitely coming back in the summer for some backpacking.

I did this back in October. What an absolutely incredible hike. However, I throughly suggest doing this is two days. We were insane and did it in 1 day and it absolutely kicked our butt. The beginning is a little slow and repetitive as far as scenery goes but the second half really takes you uphill quite a bit. There is a solid stretch on the uphill to the top where the trail is hardly marked at all (only Little Rock stacks) and it is a very loose rockface you have to scramble up. Be prepared for rocks to fall and take your time going up it. It’s a little longer than this app says, too. My Fitbit clocked us at about 23 miles by the time it was said and done.

19 days ago

It is beautiful for sure for a bit too crowded for my liking.

This is probably my all time favorite hike I’ve ever done. Make sure to go all the way to the third Burrough and overlook the glacial features. It’s the most stunning view I’ve ever seen. Trail is very doable up until that last push up the hill which feels like that scene where Sam has to carry Frodo up the mountain except it’s me pushing my partner up as they slowly melt into death. No complaints once we made it to the top though. Hike back in a loop and you can see an incredible array of diverse ecosystems. Everything from Rocky Mountain passes to gorgeous pondside flower gardens. Just incredible. Even caught a herd of mountain goats doin their thing.

This is one of my absolute favorite hikes I’ve ever been on in my life. It’s challenging but absurdly beautiful, and when you reach the top you’ll just be blown away. It’s one of the best trails Washington has to offer. Go early so you can continue further to the next water feature, I didn’t get to go that far but it’s supposedly amazing.

22 days ago

Snow lake did not disappoint. I made it to the top of the lake and didn’t press my luck traversing down to the actual lake. Gorgeous scenery. Tons of snow. A bit wet. But nothing too bad!

22 days ago

Did the hike today but only made it about one third or half way due to rain and the trail being washed out a bit. With the rain we thought it was better to be safe so we turned back about halfway. We didn't use snow shoes but we used crampons. Snow shoes are not necessary due to compact snow but if you don't have crampons I would suggest snowshoes. We actually saw a group of 3 guys not dressed for the trail and one of them had on cowboy boots!! The views were beautiful. Next time we plan to get to Snow Lake!

23 days ago

Went up this morning with high hopes. Trailhead was a little hidden (it’s between the 2 upper parking lots at Alpental and requires a little climb up a snow bank from the snow plows). Brought spikes and snow shoes and used both. Some sections were a bit narrow for shoes though. Spikes would have sufficed for most of the way up. The trail was easy to follow and walk on with packed snow though some sections were soft and did some postholing in spikes.
Unfortunately, once the trail spilts and the switch backs starts, most of the trail was washed out but small slides and avalanches. Going the other direction towards the rim had the same result. I wasn’t comfortable blazing a new route on my own given the rainy weather and the threat of more slides. Disappointed I got as close as 3/4 mi from the lake but it was still a fun hike. Still clocked in 5 1/2 miles RT.
*I used GAIA to make sure I stayed on the trail in the washes out areas but it got a bit too deep for me and my dog.

Completed 11-19
Hardest hike I’ve done yet, but the lake was incredible. We tried to do Aasgard but ended up going up the glacier.

24 days ago

Only went about one-third of the way because the family pooped out, but still beautiful and not too much traffic. We brought snowshoes but didn't need them because the snow was already hard-packed from other hikers.

Backpacked this on November 7th, 2018.. And wow. This was my second time on the lake, but the first in the winter months! It was amazing. There was an average depth of six inches of snow at the time it seemed. We attempted Aasgard Pass but were conquered by it, as conditions got a little too hairy and technical for us.

For more information on this hike and trail, check out the video I made on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5viPNT-bk7A

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Subscribe to the channel if you’d like as well. This video should give you a great idea of the hike up to Colchuck Lake.

24 days ago

Lots of snow, trail gets a little harder near the switch backs. Bring gloves and a beanie, and poles would help. waterproof gear. Trail is narrow, I wouldn’t wear snow shoes

25 days ago

I completed this hike in late October and it was beautiful! We started a little too late in the day and ended up being still on the trail at nightfall. It was a little chilly after dark but overall the temperatures were comfortable. It was a little too foggy to see the lake completely but the views were definitely still worth it. The trail gets narrow and rocky (and wet!) in several spots so I wouldn't recommend this hike for young children. The full loop is actually 7.2 miles. Great hike!

we did this overnight 12/19/18. we got up about a mile before we had to put on snowshoes as it was clear no one has use the trail in a while. the trail is only fairly marked but even with the snow it was fairly easy to follow. hopefully we made it easier for people to follow after we trailblazed it lol. other than that beautiful hike!

Clean trail, met nice hikers (some thru) on the way up. Very fun, worth every step. We had a bit of a walk from our car to the trailhead as the parking lot filled up early; this trail is extremely popular, especially in the summer months. Hard on your knees coming down- I highly reccomend poles and bug spray. The trail is very worn in some areas, with lots of rock and root. We saw a few mountain goats going up that were quite easily startled away. Sweeping views surprise you in spots on the way up. Flurries at the lake on a clear day in June, bring layers and snacks!

30 days ago

trail is quite narrow for snowshoes ended up taking them off and just wearing yaktrax. beautiful views but definitly pay attention. we totally missed the fork for snow lake.

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