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The hike up is nothing special but the view from the top with all the paragliders taking off is amazing. Absolutely worth the effort to see. Met some guys that work for the paragliding company so the next time I'm back I'll be with them taking the more scenic way back down the mountain.

4/23/18- a beautiful sunny day. The mountain was out so there were great views. There are 2 different major view points. About 2.5 miles up, there is a great view of Mount Rainer. Another mile and there is the top viewpoint where the paraglyders take off. It was a great late morning hike. On a Monday morning, we arrived around 930am and we got the last parking spot. The parking is limited and the port a potties are not maintained well-a mess and no toilet paper. It's a very dog friendly trail. Our dog had a blast. There were quite a few people with dogs, which was great. Not great if you don't like dogs. Overall, a great hike and more uphill than I anticipated.

20 hours ago

My friend and I roughed it all the way up to Elk Lake in the early Spring, but decided to turn back once we got up past our knees in snow. Parts of the trail were underwater, but we were prepared for that. Its just the snow we were not prepared for. Beautiful trail though with lots of life.... and rain.

Try not to run down the hill. It can be disastrous.

trail running
1 day ago

Great trail to run! I went up sunrise and I didn’t see a single other person. Looks like a great trail to mountain bike as well

1 day ago

A wonderful forest hike along the bank of the Hoh River. Parts of the trail are muddy. There is a beautiful little waterfall along the way. There are several camp sites; you register at the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center but you do not reserve camp spots, except for the farthest ones. Hoh Rainforest gets 14 feet of rain a year; the most in November and the least in July and August.

Good, steady, upward trail! Great view at the top and we saw a paraglider attempting to take off.

Great workout! Ascending can be tough but the reward is outstanding! descending was easier but steep.

nice short hike

Beautiful well maintained trail.. Took it from Issaquah High school.. Totally worth every sweat drop going up..

Enjoyed this trail and the beach at the end.

3 days ago

So much snow and only made it just over half the way. Unfortunately we were not prepared for how much snow and how deep it was! Or we would have continued on if we had some snow shoes. Definitely going to hike again at some point.

Trail itself was nice, but terribly marked. My wife and I took a wrong turn (poorly marked directions) and 17 miles later we were able to get back to the car before dark. Trail is worth doing, but make sure to bring a map!!!

More of an easy trail out the water. Very peaceful walk but can be pretty busy depending when you go - the walk out to the water is mostly downhill but going back to your car is a slight incline. Otherwise this is my favorite hike!

Long steady climb. Sunday was very rainy and muddy. We loved it but almost no view. The descent was very easy on the knees, which made me happy.

15 days ago

I hiked this 4/08/2018 and it was a beautiful trail a little more than half way up we hit ice and snow and it was hard to walk I was just in hiking boots but I was determined when I made it to the lake it was frozen over with about 3 feet of snow but beautiful.

15 days ago

We checked this trail out after doing the Hall of Moss loop. We went about half way to Tom Creek Trail. It was pouring rain! Trail was very muddy so def need some good hiking shoes if you plan on going soon. This trail was nice you get more moss, big trees and a view of the river.

15 days ago

Nice walk along the beach! We crossed the little river and went to the rocks which was cool because no one else was there. Very beautiful view of the ocean and there was a bald eagle so that was a plus.

There is lots of snow on the trail still so be prepared. We had to hike on the road for about 1.5 mile before actually getting to the trail head. Most people had snowshoes but we went without so you could do both. It was a pretty hike with all the snow but views were minimal since it was all whited out (reason for 4 stars). Definitely will try again!

Beautiful trail with a stunning view of the Sound. Pretty easy hike.

Actually counts as both hiking and biking as we rode the outer loop (but I had to hike some of the hills

25th March. Nice walk. Beautiful views.

trail running
17 days ago

This is a great trail for trail running. As a hike, I find it somewhat boring but you can access other trails very easily. I suggest being familiar with the area or having a map.

Love this place!

Great trail. Kid and dog friendly. Pretty easy hike with great views.

My kids loved it, my husband and I loved it, it was beautiful!

You may get winded on your way up, but take your time! The views are spectacular and you may see some mountain goats. Just don't get too close!

Went here on 3/31/17. Was slightly cloudy and sunny 60°F. Starts out fairly simple, then gets super steep. Makes you sweat, pack lunch for the top and a good view of paragliders. Caution for people running down or up. Was very enjoyable. Parking is scarce, parked at the church.

Ran this yesterday and had a great time! Beautiful views and the waterfall was in full force. Loved this Loop!

23 days ago

Make sure u down load the trail to know exactly where u are. We got lost and didn’t realize until we were over 6 miles in. Long story short yes I would do it again with the trail guide downloaded. The markers are not clear as to where u are as some mile markers hike wise. The water fall was beautiful.

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