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The first half mile of the trail was buggy but after that the breeze kept them at bay. The trail is very well maintained but very rocky. Walking sticks are very helpful. The view of Mount Rainier smacks you in the face. To see Paradise from this trail shows us how small we really are compared to the volcano. On a clear day, as you cross over the saddle supposedly you can see Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. I only saw a glimpse of Adams but we could see the town of Packwood. Below Adams and to the left. We didn't go beyond the saddle.

Solid trail; 9,11 & 13yr old were able to finish. Great views. Much better in the AM

Enjoyed the hike up Golden Gate Trail to connect back into Skyline loop and Panorama Point. The meadows were in bloom and we saw several marmots and squirrels on the way up. Remember to bring plenty of water while the sun is hot!

Go early enough you will beat all the crowds

I hiked this yesterday and it was definitely beautiful. I never got tired of the views. Also, it is a short hike. The whole thing took about an hour and a half with lots of breaks.
I feel like the elevation listed here might be inaccurate because we had to take a lot of breaks and it felt steep. The way there is a little steep. However, I am pretty out of shape and it only took us 50 minutes to reach the lake.
The other issue was BUGS. The flies are miserable. When you are moving they are just a minor problem but as soon as we stopped to take a break they swarmed us. I didn't actually get bit by any, but I had to constantly swat at them. The mosquitos were pretty bad by the shady part of the lake as well.

Beautiful hike. Would love to go back and swim and be more prepared for the bugs. :)

Loved this trail as a sunrise hike! We started at 3am in the dark, armed with our headlamps, and had no trouble staying on the trail. Follow the map or other people’s recordings and you can’t go wrong. It was an easy hike until the last half mile or so up the spine of Skyscraper which has quick elevation gain and some loose rock. No scrambling required though and no snow at the moment. Bring a layer if doing a sunrise hike! It’s chilly and windy at the top!

Epic views & a good trail. I loved the alpine meadows and wildflowers everywhere. It’s a beautiful hike.

I have been on a lot of pretty trails and this one was just plain hard. Lots of steps and tons of flys. The view was nice but you could not get to the lake like I thought you could. It was not long but took a while because of all the steps but if you stopped flys were all over you BAD. So if steps are hard for you this is not a good trail for you.

12 days ago

Awesome trail!! My family and I started at sunset, which is probably the best time to do it before the rush comes in. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and well worth it when you make it to the lookout. Incline is pretty gradual so not too bad. Will definitely be back!

I completed this hike on 08/04/2018. Sunrise is very popular, so get there early (especially on the weekend).

Started the hike at 9:30 and completed at 12:30. This included the time for a lunch break at the lookout.

The trail varies from mild-moderate, starting with a paved trail to a dusty trail for the most part. The last stretch takes you through rock scree to the lookout itself where you will enjoy majestic views and the company many Chipmunks!

Flying pests were not so bad today, likely do to a cooling reprieve as todays highs were in the mid sixties.

15 days ago

The best views of Rainier I’ve found, but in the heat of summer the bugs were out in force. You may need to reapply bug repellent and sunscreen. We met groups of all ages, but had plenty of trail time to ourselves as well. Definitely recommend trek poles for this hike, especially for people with bad knees.

Excellent hike. A lot of uphill on the way up but my kids did fine (8 and 10) and it was worth it for the views. Wildflowers all over and we saw a buck and marmot right off the trail. Go in the evening to see a beautiful sunset!

loved this hike. took me a while, outta shape and being senior, but I've done it.

Great adventure!! didn't quite make it check out the video i made along the way...


Be Safe Out There,

18 days ago

An absolutely beautiful and well-maintained trail. It's generally an easy and forgiving hike on the way up to Glacier Basin campground until the last .5 miles or so (where it becomes significantly steeper). We hiked it twice: once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon. I definitely recommend hiking it sometime in the morning, as the lighting on Rainier was perfect and not overexposed as it was in the afternoon.

We spotted lots of wildlife on this trail as well - if you walk a little ways past Glacier Basin campground toward the scree fields, you're in prime marmot territory (we spotted two scurrying around on the rocks there).

This hike is stunning. While it is a decent elevation gain, I found it much more gradual than a lot of hikes in the cascades. But most of all, the views are amazing.

If you up close and personal views of Mt Rainier then this is the hike for you. From the top of each one of the Burroughs you are rewarded with fantastic views. The Second Burroughs is the jumping off point for the vast majority of tourist/hikers (not a bad place to turn around). Looking at the trail drop down into the saddle and up, up, up the other side to the Third Burroughs can be most intimidating but believe me when I say your efforts will be rewarded. If you go extra early you have a decent chance of up close encounters with the marmots and the mountain goats.

19 days ago

Great hike, went early, nice breeze on the trail,

We did the hike yesterday, 7/27. We picked a sunny and clear day. We had hiking sticks, good shoes, and a bottle of, Off Deep Woods. It appears we survived the bugs without any bites. They were pretty annoying but could have been worse. I’m not an experienced hiker and I’m in average shape but I was able to do this hike. I am also scared of heights but managed as well. Nothing too scary. We did not encounter any snow on the actual trail. Lots of wildflowers along the trail. We also saw a marmots and ground squirrels at the top. The views are magnificent and worth every step to the top. We layed out a tarp and had lunch up there. On our way down we took a break and stuck our feet into the water trickling down one of the small waterfalls. It was harder going down. I highly recommend this hike.

Mt. Rainier rates this as moderate, I would say it is moderate short hike, with a lot of steep stairs and descending. If you have weak knees , trekking poles are a must. The lake views are amazing, lots of flys! I mean lots, the whole trail. We sprayed off deep woods 3 times and it really didn’t help.

Bring bug spray!!!!


Did this trail on Saturday July 21st. starting late in the afternoon and we were not disappointed. trail is in great shape. the lookout was amazing. I have done the Burroughs hike but I like this trail just a little more. the views are more than worth the trip. beware that if the wind kicks up it cools off fast. parking lot was almost 70 and the lookout was in the lower 50s so come prepared!

If you want to see an excellent and unobstructed view of Mt. Rainier this is an excellent hike for you. It's 90% uphill and pretty long, but I would call it a moderate hike as the footing for most the hike is solid and it's gradual enough it never gets too steep. Once you get to the lookout it's an amazing view of both Mt. Rainier plus looking to the north and east gives a wonderful panorama of the surrounding park and wilderness. We started the hike from Sunrise at 6:30 am and were at the lookout by 8:30. This was on a Monday morning so we only encountered a couple hikers along the way. Once there the views were spectacular. Even saw some mountain goats in the distance. The bugs were present but not as bad as they were on Burroughs (which we did afterwards). Once we got back to frozen lake the crowds started to get pretty heavy so I would highly recommend this hike early in the day.

Expectations were exceeded, and my mind was blown. How can a trail have such beautiful views all the way through, in and out? Me and 4 others arrived at the Sunrise parking lot at around 5:15am, and after going to the bathroom and making preparations, set off for the trail at 5:30. The beginning of the hike was beautiful to begin with, but it was even better as the sun rose. We took multiple stops for pictures on the way. We arrived at the lookout at around 8:00am, ate some food, and departed at 9. Definitely bring bug spray or some sort of repellent; I left the lookout with 3 bug bites, all on my face. After coming back to the lot at around 11:30, I had a total of eight bites. Our group also noticed the massive amounts of people that start to arrive during this time; I cannot stress enough that you have to come to this trail early, or else you'll be bombarded by tour groups and such. Overall, a wonderful experience, and I'll definitely do this hike again.

July 21, 2018

You cannot ask for a more diverse and beautiful hike. AMAZING

Especially rewarding on a clear day. Views of Rainier are spectacular on way up (make sure to look behind you every so often and you'll see what I mean) and when you get to the saddle you can see Mt Adams, Mt Saint Helens and Mt Hood too. Avalanche Lilies we're in full bloom too!

Fun Hike. Views of Mt. Rainier keep getting better and better, hike to third Burroughs if you can. No matter the temp in the valley bring a jacket and or a sweater, pretty chilly at top especially with the wind. Highly recommend.

Love this hike!

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