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Hiked in the spring with wild flowers blooming. Gorgeous and easy to navigate

Did it in 3min snow. Love It

Absolutely stunning. Climbed to the summit via DC route from July 15-17 (took a rest day at Camp Muir due to high winds on the upper mountain). Bluebird summit bid, with a few ladder crossings over some deep crevasses. Would love to climb it again! It's definitely a challenge, but if you study the route, are in great physical and mental shape, and are willing to push your limits, there's no doubt you will make it to Columbia Crest!

1 month ago

A pleasant enough walk with some nice views, perfect if you only have an hour or so. If you have more time, definitely head out onto one of the longer hikes though.

We did this hike starting from the Cougar Rock campground, following the Wonderland Trail up to the Reflection Lake and up to the Pinnacle Pass. On the way back, we followed the "Reflection Lake to Narada Falls" trail before taking the Wonderland trail back to the campground.
The views of Mt. Rainier from the Pass are absolutely gorgeous and on a bright day, one can nicely see Mt. Adams in the other direction. The hike itself was reasonably easy despite several large patches of snow (mid-July), which were not difficult to cross but some of them were in places where a fall could be dangerous if not fatal, so good hiking boots and poles come highly recommended. That said, we saw people hiking up in their running shoes, so there you go...
If you come to the Reflection Lake and have an hour or two to spare, this hike is a must. Definitely recommended!

Couldn’t make it up to the trailhead without 4 wheel drive and there was quite a bit of snow. Sure it’s beautiful though if you can make it up!

2 months ago

Simply beautiful!

Did this today, absolutely spectacular views! Totally clear day, could see all the mountains. Snow was good. Went straight up and it was definitely challenging but coming down was easy. Just be careful of sliding.

Beautiful hike. Made it to panorama point when the sun was beginning to set. Amazing photography light coming down off the mountain. Lots of trail erosion due to heavy traffic and hikers not using trail etiquette. Next time Camp Muir

Being from NY, with a little bit of hiking done in the upstate region, this trail was my introduction to Mount Rainier Park. It was perfect. Snow was covering the ground, so if you have micro spikes, it’s best if you bring them! The views of the mountain was breathtaking and it was good loop for beginners. Yay!

Terrific trail, based on a tip from a park ranger at Paradise Visitors Center! Plenty of snow but a sunny, warm day in mid-October. This trail starts in woods, then opens out to pretty glens with shrubs and big trees. Then you're back in wooded climbing, then more glens. There is quite a bit of climbing. Trail is never very wide, barely enough for two ppl side-by-side in parts. We passed high above a small lake that was partially frozen--probably prettier in warmer weather. Made it to Snow Lake and were the only ones there! Enjoyed a picnic overlooking the lake, seated on snow. Positively wonderful. Went down around some trees to a more narrow part of this lake, where it opened to a wide valley. But hard to tell in the snow where the lake ended and dry ground began! Carefully climbed on fallen trees across pristine snow-covered ground.

This is the same trail as the Burroughs Mountain Loop Trail, so I will repeat my review here: I combined this hike with Fremont Lookout Trail. The signage is good and the trails are easy to follow. The Frozen Lake wasn't a lake when I was there, so it confused me to thinking I was on the wrong trail, but the signs straightened me out :) I hiked to the first and second Burroughs to catch a view of the glacier at a wonderful overlook to eat lunch. The trail to get up the Burroughs is steadily steep and you're walking on shale rock that can easily slip beneath your feet. It's definitely a heart-pumper! From the visitor center most of the trail is in the sun and above tree line, so bring hat, sunscreen, and water. Totally doable if you are used to hiking distances.

The trail to the outlook is on the edge of the mountain that can seem kind of sketchy if you have an issue with heights, but I recommend it since it gives you a different viewpoint of Rainier and the surrounding mountains and valleys. The signage is good and the trails are easy to follow. The Frozen Lake wasn't a lake when I was there, so it confused me to thinking I was on the wrong trail, but the signs straightened me out :) I also hiked to the first and second Burroughs to catch a view of the glacier at a wonderful overlook to eat lunch. Most of the trail is in the sun and above tree line, so bring hat, sunscreen, and water. Totally doable by yourself if you are used to hiking distances.

A steeper trail than I had thought, but maybe it was only because I had just finished the Skyline Loop Trail on Rainier earlier that day. Rainier was completely covered by fog that day, so I lingered around the area as long as I could hoping to catch a glimpse of the mountain. This is why I hiked Pinnacle Saddle since it offers views of Rainier. But none came. It was just a foggy day that covered everything. The hike was steep, rocky, and it left the treeline fairly quickly. The top of the trail had beautiful views of Pinnacle Peak but the surrounding mountains were not to be seen. On a clearer day, I'd highly recommend this hike for great views, but do it before hiking Skyline! I was tired before I even began this hike.

5 months ago

The day and time I went though was a bit dangerous. It was really icey and i slid couple of times. A rock tumbled from a cliff out of nowhere and it barely missed me. Besides all that craziness, I saw a pika and a blacktail deer while I was on this trail. The hike is worth for its scenic views!

Really hard but really rewarding!! Grate view at the top!

5 months ago

We did this hike last year and it was amazing. Tons to see and the campgrounds were pretty nice. Not crowded at all.

I am planning to summit Mount Rainier, anybody interested in joining?

Started with this trail as the goal, had to change plans after reaching frozen lake! Excessive snow and clouds so low making visibility a real issue.

But did the Burroughs trail instead and loved it!

We actually picked this trail for a sunrise hike to take our engagement pictures. It was perfect - short enough that we didn't look an exhausted mess when we got there, but long enough that the pics definitely didn't look like they were taken anywhere easy to get to. We were on our way out by 9am and other hikers were just headed in. So I imagine mid day it would be crowded. But there was NO ONE on the trail of at the lake when we went!!

Nice hike, deep forest almost the entire way with great views at the top. Could use a little stewardship for the first 1/5 of the trail as it has really overgrown and there is a large bee hive right on the trail about 2/3 of the way up.

Great views, beautiful clear weather and friendly hikers.

Amazing views of Rainer and the valley along the whole hike! I couldn't help thinking that as I hiked higher "Oh man this view is better than the last!" Was not packed with people (like all of the Paradise trails) and ends with a stunning view of Mt. Adams off in the distance. The hike to the viewpoint has a fair amount of uphill, but nothing too strenuous, and then the way back down is a breeze. For me, it was the perfect amount of incline and distance, and was especially worth it for the views along this hike, so go all the way to the top. Highly reccomend!

Beautiful view

Nice hike although little Smokey on this day limited viewing and not the best for breathing the smoke rolled in on my way there.

Enjoyed it, beautiful scenery, great workout!

Keep going to Plummer mountain- you won't regret it.

The trail is short but moderately steep (in places) to bench and snow lakes. Being accessible from the main road means there's a ton of people that will be on the trail with you. Ultimately, the beautiful mountain/ lake views and wildflowers make it a great place to be.

6 months ago

great for beginners and kids. fantastic for family get away, views and swimming. definitely go when its hot for the swimming part lol

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