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Hiked to Mystic lake via Carbon glacier via Moraine park from the Carbon river trail head.
This hike is about 31 miles. Only about 5k ft of elevation climbing, but mostly on the 2nd half of the outward hike.

Some amazing views, even with all the clouds. You get to see a lot of marmots on the meadows, tiny toads no bigger than your thumb nail, frogs, bats, birds. A lot of different types of wildlife.

Crossing the Carbon river on the log bridge, with the fast moving water flowing beneath you is amazing I feel. Crossing it coming back in the pitch black darkness just with a head light, I felt slightly different, I was sure to keep a steady footing.

A very long day for me, I'm not the fastest hiker but I can go for a long time.

What a day. The best.

This is the first real hike for me. I did the hike clockwise starting at White River campground. I took 7 hours to complete it. The Glacier Basin portion was serene. I saw a few hikers in this portion. There weren’t that many bugs. The next portion on the Skyline Trail was more “interesting”. The first part involved switchbacks through different types of vegetation. This part needs bug spray and is steep. Once one crosses the timber line, one gets to the part described by another poster as “sketchy”. The trail is narrow, rocky, steep and exposed. The views are phenomenal. The peak of Mount Rainier was covered in mist when I walked up here, but it was still great. I did not pass a single person in either direction on the Skyline Trail. It took an hour and a half to do it with breaks. This part isn’t trafficked heavily and most hikers avoid it. The exposed parts with loose stones were certainly scary for a beginner like me. Once I got to about 6900 feet, it got a lot less scary and the walk to Burroughs Mountain 2nd peak was steep at parts, but reasonable. I even saw trail runners running between Burroughs Mountain 3rd peak and 2nd peak. I saw a lot of climbers without trekking poles on Burroughs Mountain. I can’t imagine that on the Sunrise Trail in either direction. I assume one can do that if one starts from Sunrise, which is already at fairly high altitude. The views from the frozen lake through the Sourdough Trail were great. There were wild flowers in bloom along the Sunrise Rim Trail. The climb down through the Wonderland trail is hard on the knees.

I don't know who wrote the trail summary. "Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash." NO don't even think of taking your dogs, kids or elderly grandparents up Red Mountain. Red Mountain is a scramble from Red Lake to the summit.

Loved this trail as a sunrise hike! We started at 3am in the dark, armed with our headlamps, and had no trouble staying on the trail. Follow the map or other people’s recordings and you can’t go wrong. It was an easy hike until the last half mile or so up the spine of Skyscraper which has quick elevation gain and some loose rock. No scrambling required though and no snow at the moment. Bring a layer if doing a sunrise hike! It’s chilly and windy at the top!

Tried to make a loop from PCT-N and back via PCT and back on Commonwealth.....couldn’t find the trail after the river

Great adventure!! didn't quite make it check out the video i made along the way...


Be Safe Out There,

July 29- Started around 7:00am from Sunrise parking lot. Did this loop counterclockwise following the Burroughs Mountain Trail. The views all around are incredible at the second Burroughs though the terrain is rocky and bare in most places. We did see a bunch of mountain goats nearby, however. From there we stayed left, heading down the mountain of sketchy trail to steeper terrain of switchbacks and increasing forest. Here the bugs started getting bad. After a couple miles, we reached the Glacier Basin trail and headed towards the White River Campground. This part was great, being there were lots of trees, waterfalls, flowers, views and little streams to cross. (The Glacier Basin Trail is excellent by itself. Quite popular. Beware of lots of annoying bugs, though.) At the campground we got to rest and recuperate before the last stretch of our hike. Following a part of the Wonderland trail, we headed up the steep switchbacks through the forest to the Shadow Lake Trail and finally back to the parking lot. Whew! In all we went approximately 11 miles.

If you up close and personal views of Mt Rainier then this is the hike for you. From the top of each one of the Burroughs you are rewarded with fantastic views. The Second Burroughs is the jumping off point for the vast majority of tourist/hikers (not a bad place to turn around). Looking at the trail drop down into the saddle and up, up, up the other side to the Third Burroughs can be most intimidating but believe me when I say your efforts will be rewarded. If you go extra early you have a decent chance of up close encounters with the marmots and the mountain goats.

20 days ago

A sunset hike, started from the car park about 5pm.
Skies were hazy from the recent fires near Greenwater, which made for a red sunset.
Easy to get to the peak.
Still dozens of burned trees across the trail.
Back to the car via headlamps. About 11 miles.


Challenging and very rewarding hike with breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier.

Great day on a beautiful trail. Got an early start , only 1 other hiker/photographer at the lookout . Clouds came and went the whole time we were at the top. Flowers just starting and NO bugs. By the time we were back at car all clouds were gone and it was very clear !! Still a perfect day in the PNW ❤️...(no snow ... no water)

Fun Hike. Views of Mt. Rainier keep getting better and better, hike to third Burroughs if you can. No matter the temp in the valley bring a jacket and or a sweater, pretty chilly at top especially with the wind. Highly recommend.

trail washout, adds about 1.5 mile detor

Think of this trail as a trail with multiple options. The first part, up to Frozen Lake, was an easy hike, as long as you don't fear heights. From there, there are multiple options including Burroughs Mt. and a return loop to Sunrise. Then there are 3 peaks to Burroughs Mt. At the first peak you have an option to take another loop back to Sunrise, continue to peak 2 or turn around and return to Sunrise. The hike from Frozen Lake to Peak 1 is fairly steep and had some snow but nothing to worry about. Then you go down hill and back up to peak 2. The most difficult part of the hike was between peak 2 and 3. It was fairly steep and a couple of large snow fields. But the view at the top was worth the hike. Overall, I'm glad I did this hike and recommend it. But you should be in good shape. Some of the inclines are steep and challenging.

1 month ago

Wonderful afternoon hike on July 7th. Unfortunately we had to cut it short due to dinner plans so we turned around about half a mile past Frozen Lake. I intend to go back for the full course. What we did cover it was beautiful even though it was a bit overcast. It was moderately crowded with serious and tennis shoe hikers alike. Get there early to find parking. It gets full quickly on weekends.

Hiked to Burroughs II today. Had a few spots on the way up between Frozen Lake and the top of Burroughs 1 that you had to cross some snow but fairly easily handled with hiking boots and poles. Others were crossing in tennis shoes with little difficulty.

There was 2 places with snow between Burroughs 1 and 2. The second of those was wider and more difficult. We were able to navigate it but my 8 year old got nervous and said that he didn't want to do it again with snow like that.

Overall had a great time and you can't beat the views!

1 month ago

I wanted to hike this trail last year but it caught fire so this year i had the opportunity to hike through the burn. Sad is may seem that all of the pristine forest has been reduced to black burnt-out standing timber, there is an eerie beauty tone seen up. And it’s amazing even after only a few months the forest is starting to regenerate! So glad I took the time to hike this trail!

Took the trail up the commonwealth basin to Red Pass. From there I split off and climbed up the boot path to the top of Lower Lundin Peak instead. I had the entire summit to myself. If solitude and a solid hike are what you are looking for then this is the hike for you!

We walked about 5 miles to Isput Campground and had lunch. (A lot of camp sites with picnic tables and clean restroom) We set out from Isput hoping to see the suspension bridge (map says about 1.7 miles), but after a few miles found there was a detour, due to the trail being washed out. We hadn't planned for detour (passerby estimated probably an additional hour to bridge from where we were), so we decided to head back to ensure a daylight return. Still a very pretty hike and beautiful scenery.

Summited when I was 15 years old and plan to go back and do it all in one day!

Loved it! Went on a hot Sunday and got roasted, but it was very quiet and peaceful. The contrast between the burnt forest and new life is wonderful, and the summit is well worth the trek

Awesome route, climbed in July of 2017 and was gorgeous. Exhausting, 15hr summit day, but so worth it. Already planning my next trip back for the Kautz Glacier Route.

2 months ago

A good hike. Pretty busy on the trail. The bridge is in, so the trail is open the whole way.

I wouldn’t go up until late July or the beginning of August. The last mile is snow and steep, leaving it very dangerous. The melting snow has left points where snow bridges have formed over the small run-offs. Beautiful views at the top, I’m just lucky I didn’t break a leg or slide down some steep faces.

2 months ago

Only a little bit of snow on the trail, lots of fallen/burned trees to cross.
Getting to the peak is a little tricky on the snow and mud. Use a pole.
Snow storm near the top. Enjoyed it.

Saw goats and snow....

Summited Mt Rainier using Ingraham Direct route, instead of going around Disappointment Cleaver. A few crevasses were open near Ingraham flats. Otherwise, snow conditions were ideal. Camped at Muir for a few hours in both directions. Great hike that can be done overnight instead of three days. Time from car to car: 33 hrs. Be prepared for changing conditions in vis, wind, temp. Easy to get lost in poor vis. Many places where a slip could be very troublesome. A serious hike above Muir. Have fun!

2 months ago

Awesome hike! Ended up at 9.2 miles round trip. You can definitely see life teeming through the burned wreckage! Great views at the top make it so amazing! Partly cloudy for us and did get socked in at the top at the end of our lunch and it dropped in temperature sooooo fast! We were prepared with layers but wow, it got so cold! Our hands were ice! We quickly headed down and it warmed up quickly in lower elevation. I’d love to see it on a full sun day! No water on the trail. Passed three hikers total. Nothing experty or necessarily difficult. Brought spikes and poles and used them for one really good snow patch at the top that was super steep. Other than that, snow isn’t a big deal but not sure if you could make it without the spikes - it would definitely make it challenging and slippery! We relied heavily on our GPS on this app, as the trail can be hard to follow. Got chatting at one point and went out of the way and off the trail so watch the GPS!

Parked and walked to the Islup campground. The signs say 4 miles but more like 5 miles. Very flat and easy. once past the campground, the trail was great and nice views. About 2.5 miles in, the trail was washed out. we did quite a bit of scrambling but after a quarter of a mile, decided it wasn't getting any better. It appears that the trail was completely destroyed by a lot of different slides. I was bummed. I had done this hike 25 years ago and I remember it being fantastic. Hope that the trail can be repaired some day.

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