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One of my favorite places to go for great bird watching year-round.

Not overly impressed by this easy hike. For a “popular” trail it was pretty poorly marked and it’s really just a short loop through the forest (the 2nd half is paved). The bridge is kind of cool from my engineering standpoint, but otherwise there are much better trails that offer better views in the area so I wouldn’t really recommend this one.

Nice easy trail - need good crosswalk to connect to Ralph Muro trail

It’s a very nice paved trail. Yes you get road noise from the highway but it didn’t phase us. It can be a loop if you don’t do the full trail and just turn left when you get to the road which was just enough of a walk for my 2 year old. We love that the kids from the elementary school get to plant bulbs and plants on the trail every year too. We’ll definitely be back.

Beautiful place to both hunt and just walk/run around. It's very easy-going to maneuver through for both experienced and inexperienced folk and a place I always enjoy visiting.

Great short hike with the dogs. gorgeous old growth and vegetat.

Part of the trail was closed. But I will delve going back. My 7 & 6 year old boys loved it. They were amazed by a wood pecker and they didn’t want to leave. Great if you want to look for animals. Bring your binoculars

Awesome hike, and well marked, with great signage

1 month ago

I came here yesterday with my 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son and we loved it. We actually just began our hiking every weekend family tradition about 3 weeks ago and this is by far my favorite. The start of the trail itself was a little hard to find seeing as you can come into the trail from different points but where all trails shows the starting is located was confusing. Once we parked at the park parking lot and walked on the Main Street we saw the Ellis Cove sign.
The trail itself had about 5 brides and steep stairways so make sure you watch your step! But the views of the lake and the city of Olymipia is beautiful. And they had a few hidden bear sculptures that my kids loved trying to find. I would definitely recommend this trail for anyone.

1 month ago

This is easily my favorite hike in the Olympia area. It’s short and slightly challenging but easy enough for my kids age 7 and 3 to do it with me. It’s beautiful, heavily forested with a creek, bridges and it leads you out to the rocky bay. I have hiked here in the spring time when little buds are forming on the trees, in the hot summer the trees provide some cool shade and in the fall with the contrasting color of the changing trees with the evergreens.

1 month ago

We almost didn't go on this hike based in all the reports about tweakers- but if you know the area, it is what it is.

That said, we didn't see any tweakers on our entire hike... There was however broken glass Everywhere throughout the trails (do not take little kids or dogs!!). There are also multiple spots where kids have drawn (fake) satanic symbols on trees and saw a couple trees burned (with these symbols). Again- you could tell it was just teenagers, but still, not all the pleasant nature views you want.

There was a young woman and her dog leaving as we arrived that warned us about a drunk guy by the river spouting stuff off that made her uncomfortable & leave, but we never crossed his path thankfully.

Overall it was a decent hike- but don't go alone & I doubt I will do it again.

Lovely, short, easy. Next to a river. Lush.

Nice, easy hike with great views and wildlife. My dog loves it and it’s always a good trip.

trail running
1 month ago

Spectacular views. Easy run. Not crowded early in the morning and Lots of wildlife. I definitely recommend.

Beautiful park. The trails are great for running with some short, steep grades and lots of root hopping as well as great views with lots of shade and some sunny spots. Perfect place for a moderate trail run.

Great for kids! Just the right length and easy. Just North of the Lake Cushman campgrounds.

Nice, easy, short trail. Lots of interesting trees and a cool bridge. Be sure to take the short detour to see Big Cedar Tree. It’s no longer standing but still awesome. Don’t forget to climb in the roots for a cool pic!

1 month ago

We hiked this trail the day after Mt Ellinor and greatly preferred the length and trail conditions. If you like long hikes with gentle grades, combined with doable ascents this is a highly recommended hike. The views at Flapjack Lakes did not disappoint, but it made us wonder if we should have left earlier and tried Gladys Pass. Total length is 15 miles, which we completed in a fairly casual 6.5 hours.

1 month ago

What a gorgeous trail tucked away in Olympia! It was lush and rich. The bridges and staircases were visually appealing and we were able to pop down onto the beach for a stroll there before finishing the loop. We loved the carved bears hiding here and there and also the wonderful views of the Capitol building across the water.

2 months ago

Great trail along the creek. Some pretty good inclined but manageable. Didn’t have time to do the whole thing but will hike again.

Nice little hike, water is a clear blue, pretty area

It was breathtaking.

I really enjoyed doing this trail definitely empty your bladders before heading out and there is a portable potty out the as well as facilities to use the restroom. so much beauty surrounding you

Nice hike that loops around the river. Cool bridge everyone takes pictures on. Worth the hike for a nice outdoor walk.

Super easy and short looped hike with options to keep going. Beautiful moss covered trees and crystal clear water!

2 months ago

Nice little trail following the river! Scetchy parking lot, but that is just part of Tacoma! Once you get passed that it is a fun adventure! Could have been a quiet relaxing walk enjoying the soothing sound of the river, except that I had 6 and 8 year old boys narrating their adventure! It was sad to see so much trash about, but otherwise well maintained walk ways.

Nice hike with easy access to many beautiful & refreshing swimming holes close to the trailhead very convenient for summer hikes with little ones.

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