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19 hours ago

Hard climb today

Awesome trail. It levels out after about 20 minutes. Lots of shade for the majority of it. Opens up to a beautiful field with trees if you want to hammock. Ducks at the lake are super friendly

Left this morning later than I had wanted to - around 9. I clocked around 4 hours 45 min round trip with 10.4 miles. That’s with breaks (I didn’t stop much) including a visit to the lower falls. It was a nice day, very sunny and the leaves were changing. I’d say I was in the shade about half the time

The trail starts out with a moderate climb that gets pretty steep up to the waterfall trail fork. Continuing on the main trail it continues its steep pitch for about a mile or so. The trail then levels off for a bit and meanders through a quiet forest - my favorite part of the trail. After passing over a makeshift bridge over the river (running from the drainage you are shooting for), the trail goes south up a steep cliffy section by the river. You top out and you are in the drainage you want to be in. Follow the semi maintained trail for about a half mile. You’ll run into a boulder field here with almost no indication of where the trail starts up again. This is where I lost the trail. By lost, I mean I really lost the trail up until I got to the reservoir and bushwhacked through high shrubbery (in shorts) with the occasional class 3-4 climb. I was on the wrong ridge and wrong side of the river but it did get me to where I wanted to be. See my GPS track for what not to do. To stay on the trail, stay left in the boulder field but not too left. I hung too left. Also, be smart and backtrack if the trail doesn’t seem right and check your GPS. I assumed the trail was just poorly maintained but ended up finding the real trail (well maintained) on the way down. Anyways, I made it up in about 2 hours 30 min with getting off track.

The reservoir was low but awesome. I will be visiting the reservoir again soon via The Beatout and I’m looking forward to it.

The way down was rough of course with all the elevation gain. If you don’t have poles, get some.

Not an easy hike, but really fun. One of the most scenic areas I’ve ever been to. For the hike up (after the waterfall) I was in complete solitude. I only saw one group when I was on my way down. Not sure if they were planning on hiking up all the way.

Highly recommend

Love the trail. Steep at first but worth the climb. Smithing special about hiking through aspen forests. Ducks are very friendly at the lake. Only reason for the 4 rating is because it’s a busy trail.

on Willow Heights Trail

6 days ago

Really pretty and good trail

Pretty hike through aspen trees. The beginning is pretty steep, but the hike is so short it's really no big deal. The lake is pretty and if you sit there quietly you will see Moose! We saw 5!

This is a pretty fun trail! It's more exposed than other long hikes (for example, Timp), so it's not as beautiful vegetation-wise, but there are some trees and the leaves have started to change, and there are of course some great views. My favorite part was the rock scramble at the top. The overall hike wasn't as hard as I expected. Although it's steeper than Timp, it's a lot shorter, so that makes it a little bit easier. I drank the last of my 2 liters just as I got to the bottom. It took us 3.5 hours up and 3 down, which I'd say is on the slow side for someone in decent hiking shape.

Great hike for those who want superb valley views while getting a definite workout. The trail is steep and mostly sun exposed so it's best to hike earlier in the morning during late spring to early fall. Take plenty of fluids with you and pace yourself. The last mile is the steepest part of the trail. The views on top are really good if you complete the final rock scramble to the top. Be careful as you ascend this section. The views from the saddle below the summit are still really good so don't feel badly if you stop there. I hike Mt. Olympus a lot so I generally go to the saddle only. This is one of the perfect hikes for a great workout with valley views.

Incredible hike this morning. Plenty of parking on a Friday morning at 6:00 AM. Been wanting to conquer this peak for years now but kept getting intimidated by the scrambling at the top and the elevation gain. Being a person who fears heights I never felt like I was in any real danger today. I recommend coming down the steep boulder sections by doing a “Butt scoot/crab walk.” I got down really quick by doing it this way. Sounds crazy but it worked out well and felt safer. Be sure to read the inspiring and also very funny words of wisdom from the mailbox at the top.

Great hike to challenge yourself if you are looking for something a but harder than most of the hikes around the area. Even if you don't decide to make the scramble to the peak, the saddle just below it is well worth the hike, beautiful. The last part is a bit sketchy but the peak is epic (be careful up there lots of loose rock).

Easy, scenic hike. First things first, parking is along the side of the road, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t know where it is. Although it’s a quick hike up, it’s really steep. Basically no switch backs and just straight up. Even so, only takes around 20 minutes. Once you get to the lake (which is small), the view is beautiful. Lots of aspens and a good view of Solitude. The ducks here are friendly, they swam right over to me, I assume because they expected food. I also saw 2 huge moose, and I went around 1. Good hike if you’re looking for something quick and scenic.

rock climbing
11 days ago

One of the hardest climbs I’ve done. The hike is long. The last half mile is a vertical climb up boulders to the summit. Amazing views and a mailbox with journals so you can add your name and an entry, to the collection of others who conquered the mountain.

12 days ago

Definitely a struggle, but the view is worth it. My group started really early, and it took us about 9 hours to finish. 5 hours up, 4 hours down is usually the time. At the top you can see the whole valley, and can't stress enough how nice the view is.

I didn’t make it all the way up, super intense.

13 days ago

This trail is the real deal. A friend and I hiked it Saturday and it was intense.

19 days ago

I couldn't walk for 2 weeks but the view was great!

19 days ago

My watch showed 5 Miles from Orson Smith trail head up to where Trail of Eagle connects with Cherry Canyon trail. About 3600 ft gain. There is 1.5-2 mile section where trail is mostly overgrown. Could definitely use maintenance. With that said you can find the trail fine, just wear pants and maybe long sleeve shirt. Ran into one person the whole hike. Great views of the valley and pretty hiking once you get up into the trees.

20 days ago

We took a 3 yr old and 5 yr old. They could make it. The three yr old needed some help getting up the steep trail if you stay right going up from the trail head. We came down the other path that ends up in the houses and it seemed easier. Not many people and we saw 5 moose, deer and ducks. We went at about 5pm and came back down with very little light so we caught all the animals coming down for water. It was amazing!

Great trail, but if you have bad knees don’t do it. Check it off the list once is enough.

if I could be in a steady relationship with a mountain...I would.

Yes this is a hard hike take at least 2lt water. You will be on the trail for around 5 hours

Nice hike through aspen groves to a small lake. Some moderate but not too difficult inclines that our 5 & 7 year-olds were able to handle fine. Trail head was easy to find and follow.

Nice & easy

27 days ago

Hardest run/ hike I ever did. I made it to the top after a very tough hike up. I ran out of water before I made it up and a thunderstorm came In out of no where. I lost day light and went down the wrong side of the mountain. I jump down cliff to cliff in the dark and stepped on a rattle snake I fell several times stumbling down before bunkering down for help. This mountain needs to be respected. It can be dangerous. But ultimately great and beautiful. Would do it again and plan on it. Just make sure you have like 5 hours minimum and plenty of water 2 liters is not enough. Really hard super tough incline.

28 days ago

Thought it was really pretty with all the aspens. Make sure you take the time to pause and look around from time to time, you may be surprised what you see.
Looking forward to experiencing this trail in the other seasons as well.

A great trail until you get passed the small stream, then whoever built the trail after that was probably high on drugs, it just goes straight up until the top, a bit of switchbacks would’ve been nice. Also don’t hike this in the summer during the middle of the day, the sun’ell getcha

29 days ago

Two thumbs up, although the uphill section may cause you to scream at times. I’m sure the views are stupefying but there was too much smoke in the valley so I couldn’t see jack squat. Just pump yourself up with some good tunes before your ascent and you’ll make it to the top.

30 days ago

Beautiful day, nice shady hike through aspen trees. Unfortunately no moose, but our kids loved the friendly ducks who are obviously used to being fed. Fairly steep at first, but flattens out for a nice walk around the lake.

Do not be intimidated by this mountain. I've been in salt lake for a month from chicago (where it's all flat believe it or not) after reading the reviews I decided to put this trail off day after day. this mountain has been staring at me through my living room window since I got here. i went up in 2:45 and down in 1:50 . the scramble is not that hard just take it step by step and look around for the best route. I have a pretty bad fear of heights but did not feel unstable for a moment on this trail. I didn't run into any rattle snakes most likely due to an early start (5:30), 50 degree weather and rainfall the day before. get out there and hike this mountain, it sure looks good from an apartment window but even better from the peak.

Always a humbling hike.

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